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The holiday high was dieing down, and it was time for normal activities to resume. Some were sad that it was back to the same old routine, but others were quite joyful for the holidays to be over. Zack had insisted that they get back to practicing on a more regular basis seeing as how a tournament was just around the corner. Mac and Kaori spent practically every waking moment together, with the exception of Zoe and Elise stealing her away for some 'girl time'.

In the week since New Years the Peak had accumulated vast amounts of snow and all of the boarders were in their element, riding the slopes and exploring new short cuts. Mac, Kaori, Zoe and Elise were having mini races between themselves to see who was competition for each other. Zoe had talked a reluctant Moby and Psymon into keeping time at the bottom of Peak 1. Though this might not have been a wise idea for the two friends were ignoring their 'duty' and instead wrestling in the snow.

As Zoe came down in the lead followed closely by Mac, then Kaori and shortly after Elise; she paused and then commenced yelling at her friends.

"Hey! You guys! You were supposed to be keeping time! That was my best run dammit!"

The two men were oblivious to her shouts of disapproval however as they were trying to determine who was stronger. Zoe threw her hands up in frustration.

"For crying out loud." Elise muttered under her breath.

"We'll just have to find someone else to be the timer." Kaori put in.

They looked around for a likely candidate and spotted a lonesome blond not too far away undoing his board.

"Hey Viggo!" Zoe shouted to get his attention. The Swede looked over and waved, then came over.

"What's up dude?" he asked. Mac snickered under his breath, and Kaori nudged him in the side.

"Would you mind clocking our times? Our other, ahem, 'volunteers' decided to quit." Zoe asked him politely.

"Uh, well I was wanting to practice myself..." Viggo said uncertainly.

"Well, we can switch out every once in a while so everyone gets a chance." Kaori said. Viggo smiled.

"Okay sure."

This became routine for the five boarders over the following two weeks leading up to the tournament. It seemed that Viggo and Zoe were tied for being the fastest, while Kaori and Mac were even in the tricks department. Elise was their medium for both.

"So, tell me again who has the fastest time for Peak 1?" Zoe asked as their group sat around in the lobby after boarding all day. They were all jittery with pre-tournament nerves, for it was the eve of the big day.

"Hmm... let's see." Elise said, who was the record keeper because she was the most organized. "Down Peak 1, Zoe has the fastest at 10:32 from the Backcountry to Metro-City. For Freestyle down Peak 1, Mac has the record score of 548,923 from the Backcountry to 'R&B'. For Peak 2 Race, Viggo has the fastest time at 6:54 from 'Ruthless' down through 'Intimidator'. For Freestyle down Peak 2 Mac has the best score at 425,796. And for Peak 3," here a very smug smile crept over Elise's features "I have the fastest from 'The Throne' through 'Gravitude' at 6:37. Kaori has the best score for Freestyle from 'The Throne' through 'Kick Doubt' at 459,372." Elise finished off with a flourish, feeling proud at the impressed looks on her friends' faces.

"Okay then." Mac said lamely.

"I think those are impressive records, don't you?" Kaori said and added the last part to their scorekeeper. Elise gave a firm nod.

"Definitely, we'll give the rest of the tour a run for their money." Kaori looked got a crestfallen look suddenly.

"But we have to compete against each other too." The others shook their heads in agreement.

"It's okay, it'll be fun kicking each other's ass." Zoe announced with gusto. Elise and Mac smirked.

"Sure will." they agreed. Viggo yawned.

"I'm packing it in dudes. Need my beauty sleep." he added the last part in all seriousness. Elise threw a pillow at him.

"Get out of here." she said with humor. As the blond disappeared up the stairs the other four followed his lead and headed up to their rooms.

"Mac?" Kaori got his attention as they made their way upstairs. Mac squeezed her hand that was in his to show he was listening. "Um...will you- I mean...would you mind, um..." Mac stopped and looked at her questioningly.

"Yes, my precious?" Mac had taken to calling her that ever since he read the part in Lord of the Rings with Gollum. Kaori blushed.

"It's just that, well... would you... stay with me?" she asked in a small voice. Mac' eyes widened in shock. Then an inner turmoil started. "Not like that!" Kaori added hastily and shook her head back and forth for affect. "I don't sleep well when there's something really big and exciting happening the next day, and I need to get some rest you know? And well, you um... help me relax enough to sleep." Kaori kicked herself mentally for sounding much like a scared child. 'I must sound so stupid!' she berated herself.

However, Mac didn't seem to think so; as his eyes softened and cupped her cheek with his free hand.

"Sure Kitty."

Kaori smiled in appreciation and kissed him softly.

Luckily for them no one was out and about when they stopped in front of Kaori's door and went into her room. They didn't want to answer any awkward questions or false accusations.

"Thanks." Kaori said quietly, later when they were both on the verge of sleep claiming them for the night.

"Of course, my precious." her boyfriend said the well-known name in a guttural voice, doing a nice job of a Gollum impression. Kaori giggled and snuggled into him closer. Then she fell off the mental abyss into the quiet realm of slumber.

Saturday morning dawned with a sun so bright, you had to squint to adjust your eyes. The races started at eleven o'clock followed by the freestyle events. By ten-thirty the stands were already crowded with screaming fans, waiting to root for their favorite boarder.

Every snowboarder was by DJ Atomika's announcer box waiting for Zack to show up and tell them who was in which competition event and their times. Finally Zack showed up holding a long piece of paper.

"Okay, the boarders in the first race are: Zoe, Psymon, Allegra, Mac, and Viggo. After that the rest of you will go, then the top three winners from those races will race each other. We do the same thing on all three Peaks and the three top placers for each Peak will race each other to see who the winner is of the whole mountain. It's quite simple and not too drawn out as you all well know. They're about to call the first competitors, so you five go ahead to the starting gate." Zack finished his speech.

"See ya at the next race Kitty." Mac said and gave his girlfriend a kiss before heading to the ski lift. Kaori and Elise went to go find a better place to sit to watch the action. The other three followed suit.

Mac won the first race, with Zoe in second and Psymon in third. Elise won the second group's race with Nate in second and Kaori in third. Of the combined races Zoe won first, Elise in second, and Moby in third.

Kaori and Mac weren't upset though because they knew they were better at Freestyle, so they went to congratulate Zoe on being the best of Peak 1.

On Peak 2, Nate won the first race, with Griff in second and Psymon in third. Of the second group Allegra won first with Elise in second and Zoe in third. Out of the combined races Nate won first, Viggo won second and Psymon won third.

No one was that surprised when Nate won on Peak 2, for he was quite good. They were just sad that no one had knocked him off his 'high horse' for claiming he was "master of Peak 2". Oh well, there's still the championship race.

Psymon won first on the first race on Peak 3, with Kaori in second and Zoe in third. Elise won her group's race with Viggo in second and Griff in third. Of the combined races Psymon and Elise were neck and neck the whole time while the audience was on its toes. Psymon won by a hair though and Elise took second with dignity.

"The three competitors for the Final Peak Race are: Zoe, Nate and Psymon!" DJ Atomika yelled over the speakers.

Mac, Kaori, Elise, and Viggo were ready to cheer for Zoe. Moby was torn between his two best friends, one of which was his girlfriend and decided on just yelling out "Go mate!" as loud as he could.

It was a very close race between all three, but anyone could see it was Zoe and Psymon that it was all gonna come down to. Moby was screaming his British head off for the last minute as they came closer to the finish line. Down on the track Zoe and Psymon were bantering at each other trying to get the other to slip up.

"I need that money Zoe!" Psymon whined attempting to catch her off guard and shove her in the snow. He made a wild flail with his left arm but she swerved out of the way.

"Nice try!" she shouted to him.

As they shot around the last corner and saw the finish line at the bottom of the drop they both bent low over their boards and went for it, no longer trying to hit each other.

"COME ON!!" Moby bellowed. No one knew which he was really rooting for, probably not even him.

In the end Zoe won by a hair's length. She started jumping around as soon as her feet were off her board. If it were anyone else but his best female friend Psymon probably would have ended up in jail for showing he was not a good loser, but he willed the violence back and grabbed Zoe in a bear hug.

"Just remember to loan me money alright?" he told her as he released a very surprised and happy Zoe.

"The winner of the All Peak Race is Zoe Payne! She will receive 100,000 dollars! Second place goes to Psymon Stark! Who will receive 50,000 dollars!"

"See now I don't need to lend you money." Zoe said and stuck her tongue out at her friend. Psymon shrugged.

"And third place!" DJ Atomika continued, "Is Nate Logan! He will receive 25,000 dollars! Thank you to the other competitors! And now we will begin the Freestyle event!"

The crowd slowly made it's way back down to Peak 1 for the Freestyle event, while the boarders waited until they were called.

"Great job Zoe!" Kaori congratulated her friend and gave her a hug.

"Yeah! Good going." Mac said. Zoe gave him a one-armed hug.

"Thanks guys."

"Way to go love." Moby said as he came up and gave her a big hug, picking her up in the process.

"Oh I see how it is. Cheer for her, your girlfriend instead of your best friend. Go ahead then." Psymon said sarcastically. Moby guffawed.

"You heard me Psy, I was cheering for both of ya." Psymon laughed.

"Yeah sure man."

Down at Peak 1, a short while later, they were ready to hear Zack's speech as they impatiently waited for the Freestyle tournament to begin.

"Alright people! This competition will go faster, everyone will compete at each slopestyle and the person with the highest score is the winner of that Peak. Then the three winners will compete against each other at the slopestyle for Peak 1 and the person with the highest trick score of that competition will be the Freestyle winner of the whole Peak."

The tour all shook their heads in understanding and went to the top of R&B.

Mac got the highest score on Peak 1, Allegra got the highest score on Peak 2 and Kaori was the winner on Peak 3. Mac and Kaori were standing with their arms around each other as they waited for Allegra to finish her run.

"Don't go easy on Mac." Kaori told him seriously. Mac smirked.

"My precious," Mac purred and nuzzled her neck. "I won't."

Kaori smiled. Mac released his hold on her as DJ Atomika called his name over the intercom.

Mac ended up with a score of 478,925. Kaori went right after him and got a score of 492,085.

Kaori didn't even feel guilty as she stood on the layered podium and accepted the gold medal and the $100,000. Mac came up and embraced her sweetly and the camera got an eyeful of the adorable couple making out.

"Our two winners of the mountain tournament competition are Zoe and Kaori!

The crowd went wild while to two women's friends congratulated them on boarding so well.

"Party at the lodge!" Psymon shouted suddenly causing the tour to cheer while Zack watched amusedly.

Mac and Kaori walked back to the lodge with their teammates. Contentedly, holding hands and grateful they had chosen this lifestyle.



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