The silence within my waiting, the screaming in my head, I call out to you, but you ignore me.

But it doesn't matter anyway. You were born to break, as I was born to lose.

Slayers don't live long lives, and aren't meant to have relationships. Buffy was lucky. She has everything. A family, friends, and now followers, ready to do her bidding. Before you, I had nothing. My watcher had chickenshit for empathy, and couldn't have cared less what happened to me, except that it might reflect badly on her.

Before Sunnydale, I hated all people. Because of what I am to what I was, because I am expected to give my life so the rest of the world can live in ignorance. And mostly, I hated them just because. That night, when I faked being ill, I never expected you to go along with the whole 'secret mission' thing. I hoped, but hope was something I'd almost given up on, too.

I always assumed that I'd die at the hands of some nest of vamps that had more then I could handle. Whether as a Slayer or Potential, it never mattered one way or the other to me.

But as I die now, as some nameless Uber-Vamp wraps it's bastard ugly hands around my head, instead of bitterness toward mankind, all I can think about is you.

And as another nightmare passes with the knowledge that it's the last, all I feel is love towards you, my Willow.