Just one pill to end it all, just a tab to erase the pain. She has no idea and never will know what it was like to live in that cage, live like a rat.

The pills glitter and sparkle, shimmer and scream, swear promises of escape where I can be gone from here, away from a friend's betrayal, an angel's clipped wings, a fallen tree with HER name carved into it. I always loved her, as a human and a rat, a girl and a witch, a messenger of good then evil.

This choice I will make to keep me sane, it's all I have left, after she's gone. After I've left her, crying when she can't see, knowing she won't come back to me, and after she's sworn that if I dare to see her, I'll never see again.

It takes just one pill to end my life, only one and I'm done with this fight.