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"Oh. Why can't we just kill him or snap his Millennium Rod in half or something?" Duke asked.

Everyone stared at him. "It's not that simple, Duke." Yami told him.

"Why not?" Duke asked, sounding dumb.

"Because, you try catching him to kill him, plus Items are indestructible." Yami said, but then turned to Sola and whispered, "right?"

"I'm pretty sure you can't destroy them without using Millennium Magic." Sola whispered back. They were all kinda ignoring Marik, but he got their attention when he jumped down from the building he was standing on and the Millennium Eye glowed on his forehead.

"What's he doing, big brother?" Mokuba asked, getting frightened.

"I'm not too sure." Seto said and pulled Mokuba close. Marik, who saw the gesture, grinned with an evil glint in his eye and they all heard a rumbling coming towards them.

"LOOK!" Mai yelled and pointed to where Obelisk the Tormentor was coming towards them. It stopped in front of Marik and Bakura – who was coming out of the door of the building that Marik had jumped from – and started using it's attacks on the group. Everyone dived to one side, but Sola realized something the others didn't…

"They're trying to separate us from Naid!" she shouted, pointing. The attack had caused a crack in the land between them and Naid. Actually, the crack was spreading to UNDER her as well. The crack widened even further with the next attack from Obelisk and the ground under Naid crumbled, sending her falling into the dark abyss that was the crack.

"NO!" Yami and Seto yelled at the same time and glared at each other when they realized that fact.

"Stop it!" Tea snapped. The two stared at her and she gestured to Obelisk, "We've got bigger things to worry about than you two arguing."

"Besides, I can't sense Naid anymore." Sola whispered.

"Is she…" Yami asked, but he couldn't bring himself to finish that question.

"No. I would sense that. It's like she never existed or something." Sola sounded as if the words were coming hard.

"LOOK OUT!" Tristan yelled as Obelisk attacked again. About half the group dived to one side and the other to the other side. The crack caused by that attack was a good seven feet across and separated the group.

"We need to stay together." Joey said from one side.

"Here, Kaiba and I can help the others over here to your side. Right, Kaiba?" Yami asked and Kaiba nodded. The others on their side consisted of Yugi, Tea, Mokuba, and Duke. Yami and Kaiba helped the others jump the gap from their side of it and Tristan and Joey caught them and helped steady them. Yami was about to jump over when Obelisk attacked again, this time using his punching attack. Seto and Yami had to move to get out of the way, but Obelisk moved as well. They managed not to get directly hit, but the shockwave still got them. The shockwave sent rocks hurtling towards them. Yami got a rock lodged in his shoulder and a smaller rock hit Seto in the head. They were both knocked unconscious and fell, one on top of the other. A light drizzle started, though it quickly grew worse and worse.

Naid fell and fell and fell. Finally she hit the bottom, the shock of it bringing her out of the coma-like state she'd been in. she was surprised she wasn't dead. She felt like she should be, though. She ached all over and felt very cold, still wearing the outfit that she'd received from the Magicians. It was warm enough, on the surface. But the fabric was thin and the cave, as she assumed she was in because it was so dark she couldn't see a thing, was cold enough as it was. She stood and felt around, but a sharp pain in her hand stopped her train of thought. She had the intention of blasting the stupid little creature off the face of the earth, but remembered she was in a cave and couldn't see. But that was soon fixed, for in the instant she'd had the idea to destroy the creature, the Symbol had alighted on her forehead, glowing in all its brilliance. She kept vaguely concentrating on her Millennium Magic and the Symbol kept glowing.

She looked around and saw a cave snake near her now bleeding hand, hissing at her. Thankfully, it wasn't a poisonous variety. She moved away from it and looked around her. She seemed to be in a huge crevice, newly created. She closed her eyes and tried to sense her friends, but she couldn't. She did sense another huge presence. "Obelisk!" she shouted, frightening the snake, her eyes flying open. She looked around, found suitable hand and foot holds, and started climbing; hoping desperately that her friends would be okay.

What seemed to be quite a while later, she could finally sense the others. She was relieved when she realized that no one was dead… no one she could sense anyways. She climbed out of the crevice only a few minutes later and, upon discovering that the sharp rocks had practically sliced them to ribbons, bandaged her hands using a bit of her cloak. After she did that she looked around to see Obelisk wreaking havoc upon her friends. They were all on the other side of the crevice. She studied them for injures before she said anything because they were busy enough trying to dodge Obelisk's attacks, the wet ground and rain only making it worse, for her to bother them. That was when she noticed that Yami and Seto weren't with the others. She frantically looked around and saw them behind her, lying unconscious on top of each other.

She ran to them and bandaged their wounds, all three's blood getting in each other's wounds because she had to take the bandages off her cloak. She nodded to herself and flicked a wet bang out of her eyes when she heard a scream. She turned to see Yugi fall, unconscious.

"I've had enough of this!" Naid growled and ran closer to Obelisk, Marik, and Bakura. "OBLITERATE!" she shouted. Marik and Bakura disappeared. Obelisk was left and was most confused. He decided to kill Naid, seeing as she just banished the two who were telling it what to do. He attacked her and she was so exhausted that she couldn't dodge and it hit her almost full on, sending her flying over everyone's heads. Sola immediately banished Obelisk to the shadow realm and everyone ran over to see if Naid was all right. Thankfully, all the injuries she sustained were a few cuts and bruises and one large bump on the head from where she had hit the ground and had gotten knocked unconscious.

"I think she's coming to." She heard a voice say.

"Good. None of you can figure out how to get us back, maybe she can." A second one said.

"You're supposed to be some sort of genius, you figure it out." The first voice snapped. That was Yami and the second was Seto.

"I don't do magic. How am I supposed to know what would work and what wouldn't?" Seto demanded.

"You're the genius. You figure it out." Yami growled. Naid chose that time to open her eyes.

"Naid!" both Yami and Seto said at the same time, which set them glaring at each other again.

"Stop it!" Naid snapped.

"Hey! She's awake!" she heard Yugi yell and she looked around. They were still at that place, but Yami Seto and Naid were on one side of the crevice and the others were all on the other side. There was a large, thick plank of wood set up for them to walk over the crevice. They ran over and gathered around the trio, smiling.

"How long have I been out?" Naid asked, sitting up.

"Only since last night." Sola said. "Are you alright, little warrior?"

"Fine. A little sore and my hands are killing me, but otherwise perfectly fine." Naid shrugged.

"Why do your hands hurt?" Duke asked.

"The rocks in that crevice were sharp. I got a little cut up." Naid shrugged and Sola grabbed her hands. Naid winced as Sola looked over her hands and scowled at Naid.

"A little?! These are torn to shreds! Why aren't they bandaged?" Sola demanded.

"They were." Naid said, sounding like a kid being scolded by her mom, "but I had to use the bandages – which was actually bits of that cloak – to bandage Seto and Yami."

"Okay." Sola said.

"Okay, this is all nice and good, but we need to get back. I have a company to run, if you recall." Seto snapped at them, sounding more like his old self than he had since they got to that strange world.

"You're stuck up, rich boy." Joey snapped.

"I think I know how we can get back!" Naid said before the argument could escalate.

"How?" Ryou asked.

"We do the opposite of what we did to get here. We got here because Bakura took us to the shadow realm and I yanked us out, not knowing where we went. We get back by going to the shadow realm and trying to get to our own world from there." Naid said. She knew there was a good chance that they wouldn't be able to get back, but it was worth a shot.

"Okay. Who'll try it?" Yami asked. All of the Item holders were silent until Naid spoke up.

"My plan, so I'll try." She said with a shrug and quickly pulled them to the shadow realm and into the real world. Their own world.

"So… now what?"

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