IBelieve me, it's not easy /
And I can feel the pain /
It hurts so much to leave /
But not enough to stay/I

As much as Cordelia hated to admit it, she knew she had to. Throwing her cloths into a backpack, the ex-May- Queen slammed the drawer shut and put one her bag with all her possessions, and headed for the bedroom door. When she reached the kitchen, the young woman grabbed her purse off the counter, removed the photo of her still beloved Oz, and tore it into tiny bits of paper while hot, salty tears spilt down her face, streaking her makeup. She had said she loved him for the thousandth time, and as always, he just nodded.

Cordelia told him that if he didn't show any sort of emotion towards her that night, she would be gone by the time he got home from band practice the next night. Her lover for going on six years just nodded again and spent the night on the couch.

Cordelia looked at the torn picture, kicked the bits, picked up her purse again and left the house without a single glance backwards. Crying quietly, Cordy considered taking up Buffy's offer and move back to Sunnydale. It wasn't as if she had anything or anyone holding her back, and it certainly wasn't as if she had anywhere else to be.