When Two Nurseries Collide

Author's note: What happens when two nurseries collide? Lots of fun, that's what! This is my first and probably last attempt at a crossover. The Care Bear Cousin Cubs are brought down to Earth to spend a day with the Muppet Babies.

Chapter 1: Bathtime Arguments

Noble Heart was away on an emergency caring mission, so it was up to Take Care Bear to watch the Cousin Cubs. Take Care was young, about the human equivalent of fourteen, but Noble Heart had every confidence in her cub-sitting abilities. This night, though, Take Care wasn't so sure. The cubs had been in a foul mood since Noble Heart had left, and they were arguing more than usual.

Take Care was in the bathroom with the door open, so that she could see and hear the other cubs while she bathed Loyal Heart Dog, Swift Heart Rabbit, Bright Heart Raccoon, and Brave Heart Lion. The others had already had their baths, and were supposed to be getting ready for bed. Take Care looked over at the sound of footsteps, and Treat Heart Pig came in, with her paw to her backside.

"Um, um, Take Care? Playful popped me on the behind with a towel, so I said 'I'm 'onna tell Take Care on youuuuu.'" said Treat Heart.

Swift Heart giggled, and Brave Heart splashed him. "Gotcha in the eye!" crowed the lion cub.

Take Care sighed. "Well, tell him I said not to do it again, and to get his PJs on."

Treat Heart went back out, mumbling, "Okay, but I jus' know he's gonna pop me onna behind again, 'cause he's always popping people on the behind…"

"Big enough target…" muttered Brave Heart.

"Stop that!" said Take Care, tipping his head back so that she could wash the suds out of his mane. A minute later a thump was heard, and Gentle Heart Lamb ran into the bathroom, crying. Take Care scooped her up, and called out, "Okay, you guys! Everyone in the bathroom!"

Treat Heart Pig, Lotsa Heart Elephant, Cozy Heart Penguin, Proud Heart Cat, and Playful Heart Monkey filed in, looking guilty. Gentle Heart sniffled, and cried, "I fell doooown!"

"Playful Heart shoved her." said Proud Heart, giving the monkey a dirty look. Take Care turned to him, shocked, and waited for him to explain. He folded his arms and looked sullenly back at her.

"You made Gentle Hawt cwy!" scolded Loyal Heart.

Brave Heart pointed gleefully, saying, "Yeah, you're a bad boy!"

Playful's stubborn act immediately crumbled, and he brought his paws to his face and began to bawl. "I didn't mean to!" he wailed, and Take Care took him into her lap as well.

"It's okay, Playful, just tell her you're sorry." she told him, and the two cubs hugged as Playful Heart mumbled his apology.

Meanwhile, Brave Heart was still chanting, "Playful is a bad boy! Playful is a bad boy! Playful is a…a…uh-oh." He trailed off when Take Care fixed him with a stern look.

"And do you think you're being a good boy right now?" she asked him.

"Um…yes?" he gave her a disarming grin.

"Aanh!" Take Care made a buzzing sound, "Wrongo. Okay munchkins, tubby time's over."

"Yay!" cried Brave Heart and Swift Heart, holding up their arms so that Take Care could lift them out.

"Aww…" groaned Bright Heart and Loyal Heart, looking disappointed.

Noble Heart got back late that night, after the cubs were already asleep, and he got a brief report from Take Care that they had been having little spats all day.

Noble Heart nodded thoughtfully, and said, "You know, I found a similar group of youngsters on Earth, only they're not human…it's the strangest thing! I've never seen anything like them. I'll go phone their Nanny right now…Maybe it would help both groups if they met up."

Author's note: These are going to be short chapters, because it's going to be a short story. The outline's already done, and it's going to be five chapters long. The other chapters will be longer; this was mostly the intro.