When Two Nurseries Collide

Epilogue: Gooo Bye-Bye!

Animal, Brave Heart, and Gonzo were exploring the closet on their own this time; the mushroom floor was still there, but there was something else…

"I don't remember this…" said Brave Heart, pointing to a wooden platform in the middle of the pink mushroom floor. "Is it a dance floor, or something?"

"I dunno…" shrugged Gonzo, and the two climbed onto the strange structure for a better look, while Animal poked around nearby.

"This is weird." Brave Heart declared, shaking his head.

"Well, weird is my specialty, hehehehehe…" replied Gonzo, who noticed that Animal seemed to have found something. "What's that, Animal?"

"Aneemall find lever!"

"Huh? No! Don't pull that!" Gonzo waved his blue hands in negation.

Too late. Animal pulled the lever and the platform shot up on a spring, throwing cub and weirdo out of the closet.

"Whoaaa!" yelled Brave.

"Whoo-oohoo-hoo-hoo-hoo…" squealed Gonzo.

"Gooo bye-bye!" crowed Animal, "Yayayayayayaya!"


Author's note: This was the typical Muppet Babies ending with my favorite Care Bear Cousin thrown into the mix! I hope you guys had as much fun as I did. Ta-ta!