By AzureTemplar

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Authors Rants:

My writing is not up to par with a lot of fanfiction writer but this the best you'll get from me. I not a wannabe writer or have any desire to perfect my writing. I'm just sharing some of my idea to the fanfiction community out there.

" " = speaking

' ' = Thoughts


The Fateful Trip

- Some where on the street of Nerima -

'I can't believe he engage me to someone without even asking me' thought a red hair girl with a pigtail.

She is standing in the middle of the rain and is now considering what to do with her life. A few feet away from her laid a large panda. One can tell from the large bump on top of its head that someone one very strong had knocked the animal out.

As the red head went over to pick up her traveling gear, she felt an electric charge building up all around her. She is so caught up by what is happening that she failed to notice her amulet give off a soft white glow. Nor did she notice the panda has woken up and is now Sneaking up behind her with an up rooted street sign in its hand.

As she broke out of her trance, she notices that her amulet is giving off a glow. This is the same amulet that she bought at a pawn shop while she was traveling through China.

As she was about to touch her amulet something hard slam into the back of her head and everything went black. When the panda had hit her with the street sign, it also broke the magical potion vile that she had weaved into the base of her pigtail. The already charge electrical energy started to go critical as the magical energy from the amulet started to mix with the magic energy from the potion. The Nerima ward chaotic energy field is also pull into the already unstable mixture of energy.

Then there is a burst of bright light as the amulet went beyond its limit and exploded. When the light faded, we can see the red head lying face down on the ground and a pool of blood that started to form around her. The rain is still pounding hard on the pavement as the panda stood there frozen in wide eye shock.

'Dammit there go my meal ticket! I just kill my only son, now how am I going to uphold my agreement to Soun and have the two schools unite. Ranma! You Worthless boy! Now my retirement plan is gone' thought the panda. 'Oh crap! What will Nodoka say when she find out about this.' thought the now near panic panda. 'Wait I know I'll go the Tendo Dojo. Soun will come up with something' thought the panda as he ran toward the Tendo's residence.

Somewhere in between dimension of existence and nowhere, a young man with black pigtail hair started to wake up from the bliss of being knock out.

"Ahhh! What the hell happen! Why is my heard hurting" said the young man to no one in particular.

'Let see, first my amulet started glowing which mean that there was a high concentration of chaotic magic near by. Oh crap! I heard a breaking of glass and felt something oozing from the back of my head.' Though the young man as he reach behind is head and confirm that the vile that was containing the magic potion is broken.

'So that mean the magical water of twin separation had been broken.' Then it clicks in the young man mind what must have happen.

'Now it makes sense! I was wondering why pop was holding that street sign and why my curse form is lying face down in the ground.' He couldn't help but shiver at the thought of witnessing his own death, well one of him anyway.

He had briefly witness the event as he was being lifted up by the bright light and then lapse back into unconsciousness.

'Man oh man! I guess the shop owner wasn't lying about the magical water of twin separation potion.' Thought the young man as he tried to remember more detail about what the shop keeper had told him.

From what he could remember the magical water is suppose to split a normal person in two or split a Jusenkyo curse victim into two separate being. One would have the uncurse form and the other would be stuck with the curse form.

'Man! I'm glad it wasn't me that was stuck with the curse form. Let see the amulet that the shop keeper gave to me is for detecting chaos magic in the surrounding area. I forgot why that was important again, oh well I guess it really doesn't matter now. At least my counter part didn't have to live long in the curse form. I don't know how long I would last being stuck in a girl body. Pop, if I every see you again you are so dead and I will live through this for Ranma Saotome never give up.' Thought Ranma as he lapse back into unconsciousness again, while his body is being drag to an unknown destination.

- In another dimension -

"Shyia we have a problem!" yell a young girl with brown hair.

"What is it Mimsee, can't you see that I'm in the middle of coordinating this recovery operation." said Shyia.

"But, I really think you should see these reading. The temporal sensor are going off the scale." said Minsee as she went over the reading again and started to type up the information on to the viewing screen.

"Oh No!! It's a forming dimensional rift. Minsee have all Amon personnel return to the Glowmar on the double and have the crew prepare for an incoming shock wave!" yell Shyia.

Outside of the Glowmar a distortion in the air could be seen along with energy crackling around the forming dimension rift. AS the rift started to grow in strength, the Glowmar is being toss around in the air like a toy boat.

A quick burst of energy from the forming portal and an air pressure shock wave is sent out in all direction. Then a bright blue vortex form and a white sphere exited the vortex and crash into the dense forest. Then as quickly as the vortex form it was gone and the white sphere fade, leaving a crater where it tough down.

"Slay what is the status on our crew and what is the damage on the Glowmar?" ask Shyia.

"Shyia we just have a few injure crew member from being jolted around from the dimensional shock wave but no death. The Glowmar also is in good shape, with only the front shield plating being damage. I said we got off easy with being this close to a rift!" said a slender young man with long blue hair.

Slay is still tying furiously when he heard what Mimsee said "Shyia we have visual on what came through the rift. I'll put it on the screen."

On the viewing screen we see the crater that was form when the sphere had crash into the forest below. Then it zooms into the center of the crater, where a nude young man with a pigtail was lying face down into the ground.

"It's a Chirom, I wonder if he has anything to do with the Idio-Blast. I want a recovery team to pick up the Chirom and continue with the operation to get the Idio-Blast. Also have a repair crew fix the front shield plating. I'll be in medical bay if anyone needs me. You're coming Mimsee?" said Shyia as she turn her head toward Mimsee.

Mimsee just shrug her shoulder and reply "sure why not."

Before the two women left the bridge Slay ask to come along and guard them from the Chirom that they were bring on board.

"Slay he just a child and is injure I'm sure we'll be fine. Just stay here and man your post." said Shyia.

"Stupid Slay..." mumble Mimsee.

To be continued..

Authors notes:

While most this story will be taking place in the Orgus universe I decided it will be an alternative Orgus universe. I just never really like the way the story flow from the original Orgus series (No Offense to all the Orgus fan out there).