Prinsu: This next fic will be about... you guess. *If you can't guess, you are majorly

weird.(I hope I'm not insulting anyone.) READ THE TITLE! So now that the Battle City Finals

are over and the Sailor Stars adventures are over as well, the yamis have been seperated

and everyone now needs to survive something harder than ever, HIGH SCHOOL. There are new

beginnings. (I hope everyone survives.) REVIEW!! please, I beg of you, give me IDEAS!

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This is 4 years later...



All Yamis:18 (or 5018 if you count that)














Teachers are...

Inner Scouts:19





Principal:Ishizu(what a surprise!) she's 23

Secretary:Queen Beryl(mwhaaaaaa) age:you would like to know that, wouldn't you?

Administrator:Pegasus(YGO Gang in trouble)age:around 30ish


New Beginnings:

"HOTARU!!! WAKE UP LAZY!!!!!!!" Rini shouted to wake up Hotaru.

"What!"Hotaru said sleepily.

"It's time for school, remember? The first day of High School?"


Hotaru quickly got dressed and ate breakfast and waited for the bus to come

so that they could go to Domino High.

At Yugi's house...

"YAMI!!!!!!! IT'S SCHOOL!!!!"Yugi exclaimed.

"Alright already."

When Yami was finished with his morning routine, they also waited for the bus to come.

At school....

Everyone was very tired.

"Had fun sleeping, Yami?" Malik asked.

"Yeah, I kinda overslept..."

"So did I.."

"That's strange, I didn't feel it was that hard to get up." Yugi said.

"Well, you for one have already gone to this school before, so I wouldn't be

talking," Ryou Bakura said.

*Hotaru walked in*

"Hi," Hotaru said to the YGO gang. "You people seem nice to hang around with.

"Yeah," Rini jumped in.^_^

"May we have a seat?" Hotaru asked politely.

"Sure," Joey said.

"So, uh.... we just moved here from Tokyo." Hotaru and Rini said in unison.

"Oh, we just moved here from Egypt." the yamis lied.

"Wow, there are three pairs of look'a'likes."Rini said pointing to Yugi and Yami,

and you know the rest laughing.

"Maybe it was just a coincidence." Bakura chimed in, half lying.

"So, I guessing we'll be introduced to this school."

"Yup, you girls and them(pointing to yamis) are to be introduced this morning."Yugi said.

Tea corrected,"No, Yugi, we have a new principal and new teachers, we won't have to."

"Oh yeah, that's right."


Prinsu: The next chap you will meet the so called "teachers". (the sailor scouts! yay!)

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