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Chapter 3: Next Session, Even Worst

'Eek!!!!!!! We've landed ourselves into detention with Rei!!!! Watch her kill us later for making us late for the meeting.....let's just hope we can stay out of trouble' ,borh Hotaru and Rini thought.
They both walked down the hallway to their next class, with the friends they made. "Hey, you two. Is your next class PE???" Marik asked all of a sudden.
"Yea. Don't you pay attention? The principal said that we would all have the same classes together..." Hotaru explained.
"Oh...." was all the came out of his mouth.
For those moments, all they did as talk and then finally reach the gym. Hotaru was obviously worried as she didn't like PE.The others on the other hand were happy to know that this lesson weren't going to have written lessons.
"Good morning class! Welcome to a fresh day of PE!!!!!!!" exclaimed a very cheery voices.
Hotaru and Rini turned to see 2 people, whom, were even more surprising than Rei. 'I can understand Mina being PE teacher, but Serena????' Hotaru thought midly to herself.
"Now I'm Ms. Aino, and this is my assistant Ms. Tsukino. Our first unit will be combat, as that is what Ms. Ishtar requires."
Tristan turned again to face the two girls(Hotaru and Rini.
"What is with all these hot teachers???" he asked bluntly.
"Well....erm...we dunno...."
"Is there a problem here???"
All three turned to see Ms. Tsukino, the teacher asst, whose probably been looking after the students while Ms. Aino was talking.
"No..erm...I accidently....erm...I mean...we accidently dropped thingys..." said Rini holding up her transformation brooch and Hotaru's transformation device as that was all they found.
"Yea, and...erm, I found it on the floor, and.....erm, asked if it was theirs........yea...,"Tristan finished.
"Yes, but, if you find something on the floor that is not yours, please give it to one of us," Serena continued, "I'll keep thingys 'till after class." she concluded, holding out her hand to recieve the two items.
Rini and Hotaru obediently gave the two things to Ms. Tsukino, and watched her walk away.
"Man, that close, another minute there, and I'd've thought we'd get detention for sure. Good thing you girls have those items." Tristan nearly exclaimed in a whisper.
They nodded their heads and turned their attention back to Ms. Aino, who finally concluded her instructions. That left all three of them dumbfounded as they did not listen to any of it.
"Now, take a soft ball and take turns throwing it to one another. The other person must dodge it, this is an important part of combat."
All the students went to go get a ball and found a partner. Rini and Hotaru were one, of course. They found the rest of the YGO gang partnered up with eachother. Most of them did pretty well.....Rini turned to face Hotaru with the ball, and then stopped.
"Hotaru, you know, if you don't feel comfortable with this, you can always tell the teachers, I'm sure they'd understand."
"That's alright Rini. I think I can handle this. I'm not as weak as I was before I was ...reborn, so that's oaky. Besides, if I were really a senshi, this'll be easy right?"
"I guess your right...."
With that, Rini threw the ball, and Hotaru dodged each one easily. That is, until she sensed something strange. It came from the YGO cast, and straight from their millenium items. Rini stopped. She too sensed it. Hotaru started losing control, and on her forehead was the sign of Saturn. Rini, even with better control showed the mark of the moon. They glowed brightly and people started to stare. The YGO cast sensed something different from them, and kept away from the time being. Mina and Serena were hit the strongest when they saw this. Mina started in.
"Okay class, you keep working while I take these two down." She took Rini and Hotaru by the hand to their office. "So...what happened back there?" Mina started.
Rini saw Hotaru faint as she said that.
"Hotaru!" Rini shouted as the light of the mark became stronger, "Hotaru! Wake up!"
They waited for moments, and Rini started explaining about the items. Hotaru slowly regained conscious and finally awoke. She too started explaining.
"I dunno, and then I started losing myself to the alter ego, and that ended there." Hotaru finished.
"I see...well...I don't think they're evil in any sort of way, but they are strange. But there's no proof they're on our side," Serena jumped in, "here, you two, take these back."
She handed them the items she took earlier in the class, and they soon headed back to the gym.
"Well, class, that's all the time we have today. Since today's a half day, you will go home and eat lunch, and stay there until tomorrow. If anyone has detention or anything of the sort, please report to that classroom immedietly."
All the students went out of the gym and headed out. Rini, Hotaru, Marik, and Yami Marik went to their homeroom. Rei was waiting for them. Marik followed his Yami in saying to keep away form them, and Marik didn't quite understand why.
"Okay, you four, seperate for the next hour. There's not much to do. I will hand out the wkshts and you will complete them all or it's homework."
They worked on that for hte next hour.

At the temple for the scout meeting.
"What's keeping those three??"

Back at school.
"Alright, you are dismissed."
Yami Marik and Marik headed out leaving Rini, Hotaru and Rei together.
"You two have to really learn to behave yourselves. We can't have a one hour delay everyday."
They headed to the temple to find everyone else.
"What kept you???!!!" Amara asked.

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