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We Are One

Sweet Reunion

"Brother, do you remember what today is?" asked Rumil bouncing on his heels. Even though he was many centuries old, his face shone with boyish excitement. "Nay, tell me," replied Haldir, the beautiful March Warden of Lorien. His usual cold and emotionless tone had a hint of curiosity in it. He didn't understand what would make Rumil so happy. Not that he hated being a sentry, Haldir was *honored* to be the March Warden of the Galadhrim. It's just that it gets really boring because there were never any orc attacks anymore.

He leapt to another tree, enjoying the feeling of the wind playing with his silky hair. Rumil followed and stumble on the landing. Haldir chuckled. Rumil scowled and made a face. "Rumil, you're as clumsy as an ox! Elves are known for their stealth but you don't appear to have any," Haldir exclaimed playfully and laughed as he dodged a punch aimed at his face thrown by Rumil. "And your aim could not be any worse," he added. Rumil scowled deeper and a low growl started deep in his throat. "So what's so important about today?"

Rumil's face immediately brightened and his eyes sparkled. "Don't you remember? Your short-term memory doesn't remember that today is the annual visiting party from Mirkwood and Imladris."

Haldir frowned. "You mean that bratty Legolas and the twins are going to be here?"

Rumil nodded happily. "Yes, my dear brother," he answered mockingly. His grin was growing even wider. "So that's what's making you so happy! I should've known. Only Prince Legolas could make you so happy!" Rumil nodded again, his eye going dreamy-like at the sound of Legolas's name. 'Oh, how I wish I could just run my tongue up your long legs, Legolas. You have no idea how you make me feel. Oh, Legolas, I love you so much I don't know how much longer I can hide it.' Rumil sighed and closed his eyes.

Haldir watched him intently, concerned for the well being for his brother. He knew exactly what was going on inside Rumil's head. For years, Rumil had pursued Legolas, not openly of course, but from a distance. His desire for the Mirkwood Prince was so strong but his fear of being rejected was stronger. Haldir urged Rumil many times to go confess his feelings to him but he got too scared. Now they were just close friends, and not lovers, as Rumil would've preferred it. Haldir sighed. It was hopeless. There was a chance that Legolas may never know about Rumil's affection towards him.

Suddenly Orophin dropped into the tree out of nowhere startling Haldir and waking Rumil from his daydreams. "Brothers, the parties have arrived," he announced.


Haldir, Orophin, and Rumil jumped from tree to tree, heading towards Caras Galadhon to welcome the guests. As they ran, Orophin told them what he saw. "Elrond's here and so are the twins-Elladen and Elrohir. I don't think Arwen came. Thranduil, Ambaril, and Legolas-" here Rumil tripped at the sound of his love's name, "-are here, and there's another Elf of importance we have not met yet. A She-Elf warrior of Imladris. She seems to be someone of great importance for she leads the party of Imladris. She has a close resemblance to Arwen though with darker skin and a warrior-like aura around her."

'I'll have to check out the 'She-Elf' and see if she really is a fighter.' thought Haldir. He could see Caras Galadhon up ahead and sped up. He, Orophin, and Rumil marched over to Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel, and bowed before the royal couple.

"Get up," commanded Celeborn gently. The three brothers swiftly stood up and got behind their Lord and Lady.

Haldir glanced up towards the Imladris party and immediately saw the She- Elf that Orophin described. What he saw was the most beautiful creature he ever saw in his whole life including Lady Galadriel, though he dare not say that aloud. It was true that she bore a slight resemblance to Lady Arwen but more warrior-like and more beautiful in Haldir's eyes. The She-Elf had sparkling green eyes that were slightly slanted giving her an exotic look and smooth lightly tanned skin. Her hair was as black as pitch and fell straight to her slim waist. She had a slender but slightly muscular figure that gave her a warrior like aura. Haldir tore his eyes off her not a moment too soon. Celeborn just finished greeting them and was now talking to the Guardians. "You are to keep watch as usual everyday. I do not want Lorien to be invaded by orcs this week while they are here, or any other time. Keep watch and do not fail me. You are my most trusted Guardians. Do you understand?"

"Yes milord," came the dull reply from the three sentries. The brothers left and went back to their Westside posts, each occupied with their own individual thoughts. Haldir looked back over his shoulder and saw the She- Elf. Their eyes met for a moment and she turned away, walking towards the woods. Haldir had to smile. 'She is mine!' he thought with a sly smile. But little did he know that another pair of eyes were on her already and those eyes belonged to one of the most powerful Elves in Middle-Earth-Ambaril.

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