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We Are One

Immortality is Not Forever

Rumil stumbled back to his companions carrying the limp body of Hithiel. He dared not look back at his beloved Prince, fearing that if he saw his face again, he would break down. Hithiel shifted and opened her eyes that were darkened by the pain in her hand and ribs. One look at Rumil told her Legolas's decision. "No," she whispered, looking past Rumil at the Prince's bowed head. "Legolas."

Legolas looked up when he heard his name. His red-rimmed eyes sought to find Rumil in the gloom but he only saw his back and the golden hair that was so much like his own. 'Thank the Valor you're alive, Hithiel,' letting the thought fly like an arrow towards her.

Another voice awoke at the back of his mind. 'I would be more worried about myself if I were you,' the cold voice said, tickling the base of his skull. Legolas gasped at this invasion and was helpless to fight it off. Just as sudden, there was a flash of white pain in his eyes as he was pulled backwards by his golden hair. He felt clumps of it rip free and it hurt so much but refused to show weakness in front of Sauron.

He stumbled backwards, not aware that he was moving away from his companions and fell into the strong frame of the Dark Lord. "Daro," he murmured unknowingly and was rewarded with a ringing slap. [Stop]

The azure eyes cleared and regained focus as he brought up a hand to touch his face. A red mark blemished the usually flawless features. He looked at the fiery red eyes that looked down upon him like he was a thing. "Never speak in that tongue again!" he growled angrily for he could not bear to hear the language of his former life.

Legolas opened his mouth to retort but shut it with a click when the dark hand raised again, warningly. Sauron noted with pleasure that the Prince flinched away from him and he loved the way his eyes dilated in fear of him. "That's better," he said and smirked when he saw a shudder rip through the lithe frame. "Sayda!" he called.

Almost immediately, she was at his side. Legolas could see that she was injured by her limp but she was too proud to openly admit it. "Yes, milord?" she whispered darting a quick glance at the Prince she once vowed her life to protect.

"Take him downstairs. I'll be ready for him shortly." A grin flitted across his face at the horror-stricken look that flashed across the Elf.

"Yes, milord," and she took the unresisting Elf by the shoulder and led him out.

"Why are you doing this?" whispered Legolas. "You vowed to protect our family. You swore your loyalty. Where do your loyalties lie now, warrior of Mirkwood?" He turned to look at her. Sayda's hair was unusually cut short in the race of Elves and was a dirty brown color. A cut ran from her temple to her chin and the blood was still streaming down her face steadily.

"I am no longer part of your kingdom. I am changed," she replied in a hollow voice unlike her own.

"No you are not! You are still an Elf! Why do you do this? You are an ELF!!" Legolas practically screamed at her.

A flicker of her former self flashed into her eyes and she stumbled a bit in the gloom but the steely monster that Mordor made her into quickly returned. "Be silent, Elf!" she gritted. "You know nothing!"

Legolas saw the change in her and though it was brief, he knew she was still there. "You cannot order me! I am your Prince! Listen to me! Elye aelin, Soronumeiel!" [You swore, daughter of Soronume!]

This time, Sayda froze. She heard everything. "Soronumeiel! You are an Elf! You belong to Mirkwood not Mordor! You can still regain your honor, Soronumeiel." Legolas purposely restated her linage several times to get through to her.

She turned to her Prince and he could see that Sayda was still there. Just trapped. "I wish I can do what you ask of me, my Prince. But I cannot. I am not an Elf. I don't deserve to be an Elf." The clearness of her eyes was gone again. "I am not an Elf," she said coldly. "In Mordor will I live and die."

With that, she shoved Legolas into the chamber that Haldir was in hours ago and shut the heavy wooden door. "Elye aelin!" he cried before the wooden door was shut completely.

She flinched when she heard that voice. Inside, she knew he was her Prince and that she was trapping the one she swore her loyalty to. She could never break that bond no matter how she tried. Sayda tried shaking the feeling off but it didn't work. It left temporarily but it came back to haunt her again later.

~*~*~With Rumil~*~*~

He shut his eyes as he tried to block out everything. They were out of Barad-dur, yes, but he had to give up Legolas for that. I was not worth it. Nothing is worth Legolas's life. 'I'm sorry, melamin. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.'

He saw where he had tethered his mount and tears formed in his sea green blue eyes when he saw Legolas's Meara. The white coat shone like a beacon and shared Legolas's inner light. It was beautiful and light of foot much like his Prince. Its proud head was raised high above all the others and was a horse of kings. Like Legolas.

He felt as if he were going mad. Everything reminded him of Legolas. Even a horse! He walked up to the horse that trotted eagerly up to him. The proud head rested on Rumil's shoulder and sniffed him, detecting its master's scent on him. Its clever eyes darted at Rumil and saw his darkened mood.

Rumil half-heartedly patted the creature, threading his slender fingers through its pure white mane. He fingered the clasp around its head and in one smooth motion, unclasped it and slid the bridle off. Legolas didn't use or need a saddle so the horse was now free. "Go," he murmured to the royal beast patting it one last time on the head.

The Meara snorted at Rumil but didn't budge. It didn't understand. Where was his master? Why was this Elf doing this? Rumil grew impatient. The horse kept on reminding him of Legolas. If he couldn't free Legolas from Barad-dur, he would free his horse. "Go! Kel!" slapping it gently on the side. [Go on]

This time, the clever horse trotted reluctantly forward and looked back. Rumil just stared until it turned and walked slowly away across the barren plains of Mordor. Rumil just stood there in a daze until he heard the sound of hooves approaching from behind. He looked back and saw his brother, Orophin. "Come, Rumil. We can't do anything now. We must go."

Rumil nodded in silent stupor and walked in a dreamlike state to his brother and mounted awkwardly. Orophin made sure that Rumil had a good grip before urging his mount forward. He knew that pain that Rumil was going through and didn't press on the matter as they went towards the Golden Woods.

~*~*~With Legolas~*~*~

He slid dejectedly against the cold stonewall. His eyes darted nervously at the chains and whips scattered throughout the room. He squinted and saw a speckle of silver in the dark black blue hue of the room. Curious, he walked over and picked it up. It was a tiny leaf amulet and it was warm to touch. He fingered it delicately and to his surprise, a tingle warmed spread from his fingers and seemed to course through him. A faint picture of Mirkwood, his home for many centuries came to his mind and Rumil's angelic face with his golden hair billowing out behind him stood out clearly in his mind's eye. 'Rumil...'

He couldn't hold it in any longer. He broke down sobbing for all that he lost. Never again will he feel the warmth of Rumil's smile or walk among the trees. Never again will he behold the glory of nature and hear the voices of the trees, oldest of all races. And Rumil. Never again will he see Rumil. Ever. Fate was just too cruel.

He curled up against the cold floor that offered no comfort and sobbed, really cry, for the first time in centuries. The fingers held onto the tiny green leaf that was his last reminder of the outside world. The leaf for which he was named after.

After some time, the sobs ceased and he could cry no more. "Ada..." he whispered in fear. He would never see his family again. "Brother..." The one that died in Mordor. He would share the same fate.

He jerked up from the ground in blind panic when he heard the door click out. He didn't expect Sayda walk in. He almost let out a breath of relief until he saw she led three very brutal-looking, very armed and ugly orcs. He tucked the little leaf inside the folds of his tunic and took a battle stance. He was no second hand in fighting and he wasn't about to loose to some stupid orcs.

"Don't be stupid, Legolas," said Sayda softly looking at the Prince. Despite the tear streaks and the look of utter hopelessness in his eyes, he was still beautiful and regal, reminding her of her homeland. "Don't struggle. It will hurt less."

"No, I won't make it easier for you," he said looking at his former guard eye. "You're the stupid one. You give yourself freely to Sauron. You were right. You are not an Elf. You weren't good enough to be an Elf. No Elf would be so clumsy. I guess you are some Dwarven child who was so ugly even by their standards."

He grinned inwardly when he saw her stiffen in anger. "How dare you! I am an Elf!" He let out an open grin and Sayda just recognized what she just said. Her eyes widened in shock but were quickly replaced by the cold exterior Sauron made her into. "Get him!" she cried pointing at the Prince.

All three orcs leapt to get the Prince but they were too slow for the graceful Elf. He leapt lightly like a light-footed deer, avoiding their attacks. They expected it and one of the smarter ones through out an arm to hook around the Elf's leg. Legolas stumbled but quickly regained his balance. He aimed a high kick into one of their sensitive spots but a whip caught around his foot and the orc pulled up causing Legolas to fall ungracefully into a small pile on the floor.

Legolas moaned in pain but sprang up quickly. Sayda winced inwardly when she heard Legolas cry out in pain but she could do nothing. He had no weapons and now he was outnumbered. The wound in his arm reopened and was bleeding freely. The three charged up at him again and he spun out of the way, his blond hair whipping behind him. An orc made a grab for it but the silky hair slid out of his claw like hand. The second orc wielded a club and aimed a heavy blow for his head but the bulky weapon was too slow. Legolas ducked easily and grabbed the weapon that the orc had no control over. He brought his knee up and rammed it into the foul creature hard. He orc let go of the club and doubled over, gasping for breath. Legolas strained his muscles, unused to the weight of the club but he tried his best. He swung it wildly and it knocked into the breathless orc, crushing its skull. It fell limply and twitched slightly before it stilled.

He turned but he had spent too much time with that one creature. The orc with the whip snuck behind him and wrapped the whip around his pale neck. Legolas gasped and dropped the club with a thud as it hit the floor. His pale fingers clawed weakly at the length wrapped around his neck, cutting off his air supply. He struggled to elbow the creature behind him but his elbow came in contact with cheap armor that was nevertheless effective. That only made the creature tighten the rope. White lights danced in front of Legolas's pale blue eyes and the edges grew fuzzy.

Then the attacker let go, releasing the Prince on to the floor gasping for air. He heard a jumble of orcish behind but he didn't understand or care. Then the stench of burning hit him and his eyes focuses on a small fire and a red-hot piece of metal that the other orc was carrying. "Sayda... help..." he gasped watching the orc. The orc was still heating it but it was already really hot.

Sayda's eyes snapped onto the helpless and she moved towards him but then stopped and shook her head. It seemed as if she couldn't make up her mind which half to listen to. Legolas was then aware of an orc dragging him to his feet. He drew back his arm and punched it in the nose, breaking it. The orc grunted in pain and black blood ran down his nose but he otherwise made no reaction. The grabbed the struggling Legolas roughly and held him there.

Legolas's beautiful eyes widened when he realized what was going to happen. The orc was now holding a white-hot piece of metal and was approaching steadily. "NO!!" he cried hoarsely. Sayda winced visibly when she heard this but she otherwise did nothing.

The orc was standing right in front of Legolas now and was leering, showing all of its rotten teeth. Legolas squirmed trying to get free but then a knee came crashing into his stomach. Legolas moaned and stilled. The white- hot brand inched closer to him and he felt the searing heat of it on his stomach. The orc held it closer, directly in the middle of his chest. The heat burned him and sweat poured down Legolas's brow. It already hurt like that Nine Hells but he knew when it made contact, it would hurt more. The orc held it there, enjoying taunting the Elf. The burning grew stronger until Legolas felt like he was going to scream. The brand inched closer and Legolas could not suppress his fear any longer. "Valor menel nin!!" he screamed. [Valor save me!!]

The orc grunted in annoyance for this disturbance and—

pushed the brand into Legolas.

Legolas closed his eyes and screamed as he felt the heat but it was gone almost immediately. He looked down and saw that the brand burned his clothing and there was only a faint red mark on his chest. He looked at the orc that was being tackled by Sayda.

Legolas felt a renewed vigor and stomped on the foot of the orc holding him captive. The orc loosened his grip slightly but it was enough for the Prince to turn around and poke the tiny eyeballs deep into their sockets. The orc howled in pain and clawed at his face, forgetting all about the Prince. It was relived by its misery when Sayda finally finished it off with her sword.

"Are you alright, my Prince?" she asked looking at him.

Legolas smiled the first true smile since he got there. "Yes. What led you to finally help me?" he asked curiously.

Sayda shrugged and looked away. "I was stupid. You finally made me realize that I was still an Elf and that I could never truly leave Mirkwood. There was just something... I don't know what but when you screamed before you got branded, I felt as if I was the one being branded. I don't know."

"That's called loyalty," said Legolas. "Now lets leave this place."

Sayda nodded and drew from her belt two shining Elven daggers. "Here, you may need this. They are Hithiel's. I wasn't able to recover yours after that battle. I'm truly sorry, my Prince. Can you ever forgive me?"

Legolas unconsciously touched his chest where he had almost been branded. "You've been forgiven already."

She finally looked him in the eye and knelt before her Prince. "Stand up, Sayda. There is no need," he said gently.

She nodded and swiftly walked out the chamber. "Follow me, I know the way out."

Legolas nodded and let her take the lead. After many stairs, they reached the final landing where the exit was. They peered out from around the corner and saw a small band of orcs. It wasn't much but both were already tired. "Come."

Legolas followed doubtfully. "Move," called out Sayda in a commanding voice. The orcs gazed at their commander as if she had lost her mind. "But..." started one of them in crude Westroneses but Sayda glared it down.

"I am your commander! I said MOVE! Understand?! I will not tolerate insubordination! Now move!!" she shouted.

Legolas had to suppress a smile. She was a commander no matter where she was.

The orcs looked at each other dumbly but their fear for the wrath of the Elf was great. The reluctantly moved aside to let them past and Sayda easily opened the tall door to freedom. Legolas gave a shout of joy and ran out. Sayda followed but froze when a terrible voice shouted from behind. "What are you DOING?!?!?"

Legolas also froze and looked back. There was Sauron looming menacingly over all of them. Even the orcs coward in fear. Legolas's mind went blank and he just stood there until Sayda jabbed at him to get going. He stumbled out and to his surprise, his horse was wandering in circles. He called out and it raised its head as it recognized its master. It whinnied lovingly and galloped eagerly towards him.

Legolas gracefully vaulted on top of the pure white mount and reached out towards Sayda who was cowering before Sauron. "You shall pay dearly for this, Elf!!" he was saying as it swept the chakram out. He aimed a blow towards the She-Elf but she rolled away to avoid it. Sauron growled in anger and impatience.

Sayda turned to her Prince and yelled, "Go! Don't wait for me!" as she swept her sword out to deflect another blow.

"No! I won't leave you!" said Legolas stubbornly.

Sayda gritted and mentally cursed at Legolas for his thick-headedness. Seeing that Legolas won't leave without her, she started inching towards him as she blocked the blows. When Sauron swept his arm back to dealt another strike, she turned and ran full Elven speed towards the horse. She too, vaulted gracefully onto the horse that wasted no time galloping away.

But Sauron wasn't going to let them get away that easily. He roared and summoned all the darkest magic to him and projected it towards the horse and riders. The Meara was fast but not fast enough to evade it. The blast of dark magic caught them and the horse stumbled, tripping, making all the riders fall to the dusty, pit-filled land. Legolas wasn't truly injured for the amulet he had in his tunic defected most of it.

Sayda however caught the full blast of it. She was behind Legolas and it caught her first. She was jerking on the ground and a spasm of pain shot through her limbs. She panted and struggled to stand but collapsed. "Sayda!" Legolas anguish-filled yell pierced through her pain-fogged mind.

She felt herself being helped to her feet and she leaned on the horse next to them. "Are you alright?"

She nodded panting but her eyes grew wide when she looked past him. The incident left enough time for Sauron and his band of mangy orcs to catch up with them.

"Give up, Sayda. You've led a nice chase but now it's time to end it," the Dark Lord proclaimed.

"No," she answered before launching herself into battle with about fifty orcs and Sauron himself. "Go, Legolas!" she called to the Prince who was mounted on the horse. "Leave now! That's an order!"

"No, Sayda! I won't!"

"Legolas, you--" but was cut off as an axe blade crashed upon her arm, numbing it and causing all feeling in it to be lost. She screamed as it cracked and her arm broke. "Go!" and that was the last thing she said before she was ran over by a chakram.

"Sayda!!" Legolas yelled but he knew that there would be no answer. There never will be one. Tears threatened to spill once more but instead, he kicked his horse into a wild gallop and all the tears were lost to the wind.

~*~*~With Rumil~*~*~

Rumil was dimly aware of where he was and he didn't really care anymore. Legolas took with him everything. He was nothing without him. Now that they were in Lothlorien, their haven, everyone was cheerful, except him. He wandered over to his own talan and blocked out everything. Legolas would die in Mordor. He had abandoned Legolas and that was all he knew before he fell into darkness.

~*~*~With Legolas~*~*~

Exhaustion coursed through all of his limbs but he forced himself to stay awake. 'For Rumil,' he thought lovingly. He had been riding nonstop for several hours and even the tired-less Meara was beginning to show signs of fatigue. "Just a little more," he murmured to his horse. "Lothlorien is up ahead," he said smiling expectantly.

At last he saw the borders of the Golden Woods. It was beautiful that time of year where all the leaves were a shining gold-green color. He could not survive without its beauty. He felt a rush of energy as he passed though its borders without delay. The sentries all knew him well. He slowed his horse down as he reached the pavilion. Elves bustled all around him minding their own business and Legolas went to the path that was familiar to him—the path to Rumil's talan.

He ran up the stairs, three at a time and burst into the talan half expecting to meet up with Rumil. But what he saw was Rumil lying on the bed with dried tears upon his pale cheeks. Legolas nearly cried when he saw that and went swiftly over to him. He cradled the golden head and it looked up. He saw amazement and astonishment flash though the eyes that he loved so much. "Legolas?" he asked bringing a slender hand up to touch his cheek. The touch was so soft yet it held so much meaning.

Legolas leaned into the touch and closed his eyes. "Yes, 'tis me," he whispered lovingly before he was pulled into a tight embrace by Rumil.

~*~*~With Haldir~*~*~

Hithiel's long lashes snapped open revealing the clear green eyes that was overflowing with life. It darted around until it settled upon the Guardian. "Haldir," she whispered reaching out a hand—the broken one that was bound tightly.

Haldir swiftly captured it and brought it to his face. "Hush, little one. You're the injured one now."

"Injured? Me?" She grinned and sat up seeing she was in Haldir's talan. She leapt lightly out of bed and winced slightly at the pain in her ribs.

Haldir saw this and his eyes twinkled mischievously. "Yes, injured. Now get into bed and rest," he scolded lightly.

"Yes, Mother," she teased throwing a pillow at him. It hit him smack in the face and she laughed.

That sound was beautiful to Haldir's ears and it seemed like eternity since he heard it. "I love you, Hithiel," he murmured threading his fingers through her silvery hair that glittered like a precious gem.

She snuggled close to him whispering, "I love you too, Haldir," before falling asleep safe in his strong arms.

~*~*~Years later~*~*~

Hithiel laughed as she beat Haldir again. He groaned. "No fair! Orophin got in my way!"

Orophin shot him a dagger-like look. "No way! It's just because you're like a lumbering ox!"

Rumil and Hithiel laughed at Haldir's mock outraged expression. Then all four of them peered down at the travelers. The four Guardians were invisible up in the trees. The Elven cloaks helped blend them in smoothly with their surroundings and they were practically invisible unless they moved suddenly.

A gruff voice below was complaining and they smothered their laughter. "Now, Haldir?" asked Hithiel, eyes shining with excitement.

Haldir gently cuffed her on the head. "Ow!"

"Be patient!"


Four pairs of eyeballs rolled and Hithiel twitched with impatience. "Let's have some fun," she whispered before dropping a small rock on one of their heads.

They smothered their laughter when a loud voice cried out in outrage. They stilled themselves when they saw him look suspiciously upwards.

"Now, Haldir?" she asked with a grin.

"Fine, fine. Now!"

The four of them plus some other Guardians from the bushes sprang up and surrounded the travelers pointing their bows that them.

Haldir stepped out with a smile still lingering on his handsome face.

"The Dwarf breathes so loud we could've shot him in the dark..."

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