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It wasnt long before Chii was called before Xith again. Shed doubled checked her information down here to ensure that she would still be the one in power when it was all said and done. As it went, if she didnt succeed this time, it wouldnt matter if someone had replaced her. Luckily, she was still in control down here, despite her failure on the surface. The Shadow Demoness was well aware that some of the Council Members might try to replace her.

Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do now but follow orders and kill the stupid Meko. The sooner the better. Xith was right; no more games.

As Chii stood before her Lord, mentally preparing herself for the departure once more, she silently cursed Sesshomaru. This time would be different. This time, Chii wouldnt be the one to end up a bloody mess on the floor.

Sunlight poured into the room, bathing the couple in its radiant glow. To Sesshomaru, it couldnt be more annoying. He wanted to sleep the day away, to pretend for just one moment that there wasnt a war and all he had to do was stay with Kagome. But the sunlight was ever persistent and demanded that, as the Lord he was, hed have to get up and face the world.

Holding his mate tight to his body, the Inuyoukai almost tried to delve back into sleep. Almost. And he would have, except for the infernal voice in his mind nagging at him. A deep sigh escaped his lips as, regretfully, he cracked an eye open, surrendering to the inevitable. Kagome was still asleep, and for a moment he considered leaving her that way. However, theyd both been through too much for him to just go away now. A good morning was in order.

Nuzzling into her neck while tightening his grip, he heard her heart beat increase at the movement. Shed wake in just a moment. Sure enough, Sesshomaru watched her eyes flutter open before her mouth split in a yawn. AMorning already? she complained softly, voice holding enough despair that Sesshomaru could almost smell it.

AUnfortunately, yes. Came the whispered response. It was always strange how the morning always felt like it should be quiet, and how it seemed to provide a time for them to be just together. Time didnt stop, but it slowed for just this moment. Almost like it was allowing them to gather their strength because it knew they would need it.

ACan we just stay here? Kagome asked pitifully, already knowing the answer. Of course they couldnt. Sesshormaru had things to do, a War to fight. And Kagome? She had to continue her training, so she could help. Her plea, while appealing, wasnt something either could hope for.

Sesshomaru wouldve responded except he was interrupted by a pounding on the door. Growling softly, enough to show his displeasure to Kagome, he finally inquired, AWho is it? By his tone, he was sure whomever wanted to interrupt him would know they would have to deal with an irritated taiyoukai because of it.

AKari. Came the quick response. If the hawk demoness was worried about Sesshomarus negative attitude, she hid it well, as her voice betrayed no sign of nervousness. AThe Dragons need to see you.

If there was one thing Sesshomaru couldnt ignore, it would be a request from Derenti. The male Dragon had done so much for Sesshomaru thus far, it would be inexcusable to tell him that he could wait a bit longer. Glancing down at Kagome with an apologetic look, Sesshomaru whispered, AIt appears we cant. He had to fight his mind in order to pull away from her warm body and the comfort it provided. The Taiyoukai would have to seek that comfort later, when pressing matters such as a War didnt demand his attention.

Kagome wouldve pouted at the loss of his warmth had she thought it might keep him. Instead, she sighed and sat up as well, intending to either go with Sesshomaru or make her way down to the Dojo. Neither sounded appealing compared to the warmth shed just been soaked in, but she didnt have a choice in the matter. As Sesshomaru slid from the bed to straighten out his appearance, Kagome asked, AShould I go with you? She didnt want to intrude into whatever they were going to do. However, she received her answer when Sesshomaru glanced at her. Kagome smiled at the look before gathering her own clothes. It was a silly question, considering neither of them were ready to part with one another. So she had her answer.

When both were ready and presentable, Sesshomaru opened the door so they could leave. Kari remained leaning against the far wall, arms crossed, but she didnt remark on how long it had taken them or how late theyd slept in. Everyone, especially Kagome and Sesshomaru, had been through enough to warrant a little tardiness. Especially considering Sesshomaru had destroyed half of the Western Army...

Following the Hawk Demoness, Sesshomaru tried to focus on the problem. By now, Inutaishou had to know that Chii was not only dead, but so was half of his mustered force. That left Derenti an open front, but at the same time, Inutaishou had one as well. They could either push forward and hope they hit before Inutaishous army stormed Derentis home, or go back on the defense. With a sigh, Sesshomaru already knew the answer. Too much hung in the balance to assume theyd be lucky enough to kill Inutaishou before he killed them. Which mean that they were going on the defensive.

Kari pushed open a door, revealing a small table where Derenti, Ventai, and their son, Tsume sat. Sesshomaru didnt even look at the young Prince, but took up the seat opposite of the Lord of the North. Kagome sat on his right, across from Ventai. AGood morning, Sesshomaru. Derenti rumbled before glancing down at the map before him.

ALikewise, was his stoic response. He was prepared to deal with whatever Derenti had to say, and wasnt in the mood for idle pleasantries. Ventai humored him with a smile while her Mate didnt even seem to realize Sesshomaru had spoken.

A moment later, the Guardians filtered into the room. They were like Generals in this war, and so would need to see the plan. Reshki, Trey, and Kari stood behind Sesshomaru and Kagome, far enough so as to not be directly looking over their shoulder, but close enough so they wouldnt miss a thing.

Derentis Guardians, likewise, took up the same position.

AI was going to ask what you thought we should do. Derenti broke the silence, starting the meeting with a simple question.

ADefense is the more sane route. Sesshomaru automatically responded, since he had already thought about this. Hearing his answer, Derentis head nodded in agreement.

Raising his dark eyes to meet Sesshomaru, he added, AIts too risky to try and push through the Western Lands. Im beginning to think that if something doesnt happen soon, our armies are going to end up destorying eachother.

Sesshomaru proccessed what Derenti said before realizing he was suggesting something, not advising. His golden eyes narrowed a fraction of an inch, trying to follow the Dragons thoughts. AWhat are you suggesting then? He asked, unable to read minds.

AIf we want this to be a true blood bath, Sesshomaru, then we will simply have to wait until they attack us. And our army isnt big enough to make a frontal attack either. So, that leaves us with only one option that I can see, short of rolling over and letting them take us. Derenti sighed, leaning back in his chair and away from the map. His gaze held Sesshomarus, curious if the inu youkai had any idea what he was suggesting.

AAssassination then. Came the correct response. If they could send in someone, or a small strike team, as opposed to trying to attack with their hole army, they might have a chance. Sesshomaru could see that, but didnt know who they would hope to send.

Derenti nodded, indicating Sesshomaru was right. AWe need to search our force for the appropriate demons, Id say two or three, to send. Derenti replied before gazing at Reshki. It was well known to the Dragon that Reshki, as a black panther demon, could meld into the shadows and become incorporeal. Sesshomaru saw no need to ask Reshki, as he could speak for himself.

The panter demon studied the map before he agreed with Derenti. They wouldnt be able to win this, as their army was outnumbered... But what brute strength couldnt accomplish, deadly skill might. If Derenti hadnt asked, Reshki wouldve offered anyways. It only made sense to send him. AI can do it.

ASend me too. Trey automatically piped up, unwilling to let Reshki bear the burden alone. The wolf saw the dubious look Derenti shot Sesshomaru, and realized he might have to defend his offer. AIm faster then most, Reshki knows that, and I can fight. He instantly replied, glancing down at the back of Sesshomarus head, willing him to agree.

It was a bold move for Trey to offer, and had he not, Sesshomaru wouldnt have suggested him. It had its possibilities... Sesshomaru nodded slightly, catching the Dragons eye. With a sigh, Derenti consented.

ATesh will go too. he added, finishing up the make shift assassination team. The female wolf, slightly stockier then Trey, smiled slightly. It was to Treys knowledge that Tesh didnt talk much, and when she did, it wasnt often something nice. But that smile told Trey that they wouldnt have to worry about whether shed keep up or not. She didnt seem to the type to allow slack anyways.

AThen it is settled, Ventai interjected before summing it all up. AThe other Guardians will join our army to fight while Reshki, Trey, and Tesh sneak into Inutaishous palace, tonight. Derenti nodded in agreement before moving to stand.

AIm going too. Sesshomaru added, almost as an afterthought.

Instantly, everyone in the room, with the exception of Kagome, declined. But Kagome knew why. Inutaishou had taken everything from him, his home, his lands, his throne, and had almost broke their bond. She would've been surprised if Sesshomaru hadn't declared he was going. It frightened her to think the would be going away again... but she was resolved they would see this through to the end and beyond. They would be ok... Sesshomaru wasn't a novice fighter, had proven that when destroying half the army.

However, no one else saw it that way. Sesshomaru was still a vital player and should only be used in extreme cases. The pair remained quiet until the protests died. It took a moment more before Sesshomaru decided to explain. AIt is my land by right... and this demon, whomever he is, is not my father. It is best that I remove the threat he represents. And that was that. Sesshomaru wouldnt allow Reshki, Trey, and Tesh to take care of what was ultimately his issue. They could knowledge that was going to help, and accept it, or deny him and hed go anyways.

With reluctance, Derenti finally agreed with a slight nod. It would do him no good to say no.

Standing, since the meeting was over, Sesshomaru finished with a, AWell leave tonight. Kagome moved to follow him, wanting at least some time alone with him before he went out. There was nothing she could do to change his mind, and even if she wanted to, she wouldn't. This was something he thought he had to do, and he needed her support, not her criticism.

Inutaishou stared at the report in disbelief. It couldn't be, it just was not possible. Half of the army that went with Sesshomaru lay dead where the camp had set up, and whats more, hed killed Chii. Of course, she wasnt really dead. The female demon was sitting across from him, arms and legs crossed in irritation. In order to actually destroy someone like Chii, Sesshomaru would have to use his sword. It was the same for Inutaishou. Only a magical blade could hope to destroy one of their kind.

"You have to be kidding," Inutaishou said again, glancing up at Chii. "How did he do it?" It didn't make any sense. And from the look Chii gave him, it wasn't something she could explain either.

"I don't know!" she snapped back, frowning at him. "If I would've thought it was possible, I would've killed him out right." Chii was, indeed, very upset. No one had ever gotten the better of her before, and for someone like Sesshomaru to succeed…when she'd been so close. It was inexcusable, and she knew it.

"Well, now that your plan has failed," Inutaishou growled, letting her know he no longer thought highly of her skill, "We'll try my plan." Still growling, Inutaishou crumpled the report and threw it over his shoulder. He couldn't focus on that, not when they were so close.

"And what plan do you have?" Chii retorted, fighting down her own growl. It wouldn't do to start fighting now. X'ith would make her wish she'd been a good girl, and so she was doing just that. If Inutaishou failed, it was on him and she wouldn't have to suffer for it.

Finally letting go of his anger, Inutaishou's features were graced with a smirk. "You'll see when Inuyasha gets back here."

Inuyasha was brought back to the Western Palace, as he thought he would be. He was curious as to what happened with Sesshomaru, and why he was being brought back if is brother had screwed up.

Instead of fighting it, he allowed them to put him in the room he had been staying in while visiting. Inuyasha sat on the bed, staring at the door, and waited. Something was going to happen, he could feel it. And chances were, that it wasn't going to be a good something. He'd already decided to meet this head on, and so wasn't frightened. Merely curious.

He didn't know how long he sat there and waited for either his father to show up or some one else. It didn't really matter all that much. Of course, there was the possibility that he could die here, that his father would take his anger out on Inuyasha. Again, that didn't seem to bother him all that much. He'd rather die then give up any information that could help him anyways.

That thought brought a brief smirk to the hanyou. How many times had he and his brother fought over something so petty, like his sword? And now here he sat, on his Brother's side. It was unimaginable that his is how things would've end up as. After all, Inuyasha had viewed Kagome as his…and ever since the destruction of the Well…things hadn't been the same. And he was happy… honestly happy. There was no pressure to become a full demon, no Kikyou to interrupt his affairs with Suki. Instead… he was fighting to save all those he cared about, everyone that had played a part in shaping who sat here now. And it was worth it all.

During all this thinking, Inuyasha's ear's perked up at the sound of demons coming towards his room. Standing, so he'd be ready for just about anything, Inuyasha watched the door until it swung open.