~~~~ PROFILES ~~~~

KAGOME HIGURASHI: 16 year old assassin, Nickname: Shadow Priestess Looks: Raven hair flows down her waist, brown eyes, slim body, and in shape. An assassin. Boss: Naraku. Also a Miko/human. Happy person. sometimes

CHAU AKAISHI: 14 years old assassin, Kagome's partner. Youngest out off all assassins. Nickname: Shadow Cat. Has too much to list, people call her by lots of things. Looks: Long light brown hair flows down to her waist, purplish, reddish, greenish eyes. Slim, in healthy shape. Little cat ears, sharp claws, skilled, a tail, and eyes are evil during jobs/assassinations. Boss: Naraku. Also a Miko/demon/human.

SANGO MOTOKO: 17 years old. Assassin. Nickname: none. Brown hair in a high pony tail, brown eyes. Boss: Sesshoumaru. Human.

INUYASHA TASHIO: 18 year old assassin. Nickname: goes by many names. Looks: Golden eyes. Long silver hair, dog ears, claws, nice body, and is a pain in the ass. Boss: Sesshoumaru/ His brother. Also a human/Demon=Half demon

MIROKU HOUSHI: 18 years old. Assassin. Nickname: Lecher. Short hair ties in a tiny tail. Dark eyes. Sango's Boyfriend. Lecherous. Cursed human with a hole in his hand called a wind tunnel.

SESSHOUMARU TASHIO: 19 years old. Boss. No nicknames. yet. Long silver hair, golden eyes, handsome [*sexy growl*] Full demon, also emotionless.

NARAKU ONIGUMO: 25 years old. Boss. No nicknames except Chau calls him monkey face. and a lot more [lol] emotionless. Long blackish purplish wavy hair, evil eyes. [Shivers] human/demon= hanyou.

~~~ LIFE STORY ~~~

KAGOME HIGURASHI: Family murdered when she was 12 years old. Taken in by Naraku. An assassin for Naraku. Hates Naraku. Chau is her best friend. Cheerful when not around Naraku. Is a skilled assassin and a miko, so she has an advantage.

CHAU AKAISHI: Family murdered by Naraku when she was 7 years old, taken in by Naraku. Hates Naraku, the only one who dares to call him names. Best friends with Kagome. Outgoing fun girl, gloomy, evil, lots of personalities don't want to mess with. A miko/demon/human gives her advantages.

SANGO MOTOKO: Lost her family in a car accident. Friends with Inuyasha and is Miroku's girlfriend. Works for Sesshoumaru. Human.

INUYSHA TASHIO: Lost his parents at a young age, lives with brother Sesshoumaru. Works with Sesshoumaru. Friends with Sango and Miroku. Human/Demon= Hanyou

MIROKU HOUSHI: Never had a family. Was cursed at the age of 15 when Naraku cursed him with the wind tunnel. Sango's boyfriend, lecherous, Friends with Inuyasha.

SESSHOUMARU TASHIO: lost family along with Inuyasha. Brothers with Inuyasha. Taken care of Inuyasha since a child. Boss. Emotionless.

NARAKU ONIGUMO: Murders kids family years ago and took the kids and made them into assassins. Only two girl assassin and hundreds of men assassin, non as skilled as Chau and Kagome. Evil old bastard [GRRR] Likes tormenting Kagome and Chau. Boss.

***** CHAPTER 1: Hell. *****

A girl with raven hair that reached her back and blue eyes was talking to a girl with long light brown hair with purplish greenish, and reddish eye color, with cat ears, claws, and a tail[Weird huh?] as they walked to a electronic store.

A guy with long silver hair with golden eyes with dog ears and claw was talking to a guy with a tiny pony tail and a girl with her hair tied up in a high pony tail were inside the electronic store looking for something particular [hmmm] when they saw two girls walking in.

"So Inuyasha what do we have to get this time for Sesshoumaru?" The girl asked.

"Who said anything about Sesshoumaru?" Inuyasha asked as he smirked.

"Ha-ha, so what are we looking for?" asked the guy with his hair in a small tail.

"A new chip for my computer." He said, "Miroku, Sango, help me look for one that's good." Inuyasha said as he began looking.

Miroku was watching the two girls from earlier look around the store.

Sango bonked him on the head and went on looking. "Damn Inuyasha, can't even find things on his own." Sango mumbled as she walked down the isles.

The two girls from earlier were looking around.

"Kagome, what are we looking for?" The girl with light brown hair and looked like a cat demon asked.

"Chau, I'm looking for a chip for my laptop, come on help me look for one." Kagome said

Chau just groaned and walked on saying about how some people drag you out of bed for no reason

Kagome just laughed. Chau wasn't a morning person.

Kagome looked around for the chip she wanted.

Inuyasha looked at the computer part isle and saw what he wanted and took it, but only to have it taken away by a hand. Inuyasha turned and saw a girl inspecting the chip. "Oi wench, give me that chip."

The girl looked at Inuyasha and she looked pissed off. "Excuse me, who the fuck you think you're calling a wench?" The girl asked.

"You. Now hand over the chip. I saw it first." Inuyasha said as he tried to grab the chip.

"You ass, you snooze, you lose, plus not my fault I got it first." She said as she walked away. "Oi Chau, I found it!" The girl yelled as Inuyasha was getting pissed off and saw the girl supposedly being Chau running up to her.

"Its about time, lets go, I want to go shopping, my old outfit got fucked up." Chau said as she pulled Kagome to the counter.

Inuyasha used his lightning speed and was in front of them.

Kagome was getting pissed off. "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Kagome asked as the guy stared right at her.

"Give me the chip." He growled.

"Hell no dog boy." She said as she walked over him to the counter. But her chip disappeared. "What the fuck?!" Kagome yelled.

"You noose you lose." Inuyasha said as he walked toward the other two he was with before, "HEY GUYS, FOUND THE CHIP" He yelled.

Right when the two others came the chip disappeared out of Inuyasha's hand.

Kagome was fuming, but when he didn't have the chip she was confused, in fact everyone was.

"Where the hell?!" Inuyasha yelled. He pointed at Kagome. "How'd you get the chip without me noticing?" He growled in front of her face.

Kagome stared back furious. "What?! I don't have the chip you ass." Kagome yelled as the two argued and Sango and Miroku watched.

"Excuse me, I'd like to purchase this item please." Someone said as everyone looked at the counter and the girl from before named Chau handed the man at the counter the chip.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" Inuyasha yelled.

The man handed Chau the change.

"Thank you." Chau said as she turned and pulled Kagome out of the shop. "Come on Kag, lets go, no time for flirting." She said as she walked out.

-_-;; Miroku and Sango sweat dropped.

Inuyasha was fuming. He left the store and walked down the street mumbling about cat demons and bitches and wenches and a whole bunch of things. As Sango and Miroku followed along.

"Hey Chau, where you want to go now, since I have my chip now." Kagome asked.

"Don't know, don't feel like looking for anything, I can make my own outfit." Chau said

-_-;; "You were complaining now you don't feel like it anymore?" Kagome asked

Chau emotionlessly nodded. "Let's go back and ask Monkey Face [Naraku] if there is any job we could have."

"Yeah, lets go, I'm getting bored." Kagome said as they headed towards a mansion.

Kagome and Chau stopped in front of the mansion as Chau jumped over the wall and Kagome jumped from a tree over the wall. [Remember, Chau's a half demon and Kagome's a human.]

They walked towards the door and pressed the bell. And the camera turned towards them as Chau flicked the camera and the door opened.

The two walked up the steps to the meeting room surly to find Naraku. Lots of other assassins sat around as they sharpened their weapons and just hung out greeted them as they passed by.

The two walked up to a huge door and Kagome was about to knock when Chau just pushed it open.


Naraku sat there looking out his window. "So decided to use the wall not the entrance? Hmm?" Naraku asked.

Kagome and Chau just sat down.

"You have any jobs for us?" Kagome and Chau asked.

"Thought that's why you're here." He said as he turned around.

"Actually, I do." He said as he pulled out a file and handed them it. "You'll be going after him." He said as he handed them a folder with a man around his 40's.

"Alright. Let's go Chau." Kagome said as they walked out.

Naraku watched as they left. "That Chau is getting out of hand." Naraku said to himself.

"Yes she is." Someone said as Naraku looked at the door.

"Kagura, I want you to go and see how they do this operation." He said as he spun back to the window and saw the two leave.

"Again? They actually do their jobs you know." Kagura said.

"Just do it! That Chau is getting out of hand. I want you to keep an eye on them." He said coldly.

"Yes brother." Kagura said as she left.

Kagome and Chau walked home to their mansion they bought about a year ago.

They walked in and sat down in the living room and Kagome took out her laptop and put in the chip and uploaded her laptop.

Chau sat there and yawned. "I'm going to bed Kag, night." She said as she left.

"Night Chau" She said as she started looking up information about the man they were going to assassinate. Usually you would get information but Kagome and Chau did their own searching.

Around midnight Kagome finished with all the information they needed and printed them out and took her shower and went to bed.

Chau was sleeping quietly, as her tail flickered around silently.

Inuyasha sat in his room and looked at his computer and found out information that Sesshoumaru told him to assassinate. Which happened to be the exact same person Chau and Kagome were going to assassinate.

To Be Continued...

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