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Chapter 1: Aragorn's Find

Aragorn walked down the white stone street of Minas Tirith, his shining sollerets reflecting the sun's glare. On his back he wore an Elven cloak of Lothlorién, one he had received from Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn. And, in his belt was Andúril, the Sword of Isildur reforged. It glinted as he ventured down the cobblestone road, amid the cries of "Long live King Elessar!"

He truly was the magnificent King of Gondor.

As he passed a great stone fountain and down a short flight of steps, he was approached by Queen Arwen, whom he embraced.

"Good morning, Arwen," said Aragorn, and kissed her.

"Aragorn, you have made this city proud," she replied, and smiled. "Its essence will never die, as long as you and your kin are its rulers."

Aragorn grinned. "Speaking of my kin, how is our son?"

"That is what I have come to speak to you of," said Arwen grimly, the smile fading from her beautiful face. "Eldarion is ill."

The smile, too faded from Aragorn's face.

"What has happened?" said Aragorn seriously.

"I think he has been bitten," said Arwen. "Perhaps by a Warg?"

"If he were attacked by a Warg, he would be long dead," said Aragorn with a hollow laugh.

"Well, he had his short sword with him," Arwen pointed out. "In any case, whatever has bitten him has made him ill. Is there anything you know of which will save him?"

"Athelas, perhaps," mused Aragorn. "I know where to find some; I could fetch a little now."

"Then go and get some, and be quick!" said Arwen, and Aragorn hurried off.

He left the borders of the city, and found his way into a small meadow between two steep hills. There was a young sapling standing near the middle, with a small green shrub growing at its base, with white flowers. Athelas. He whipped out his knife and bent down next to the tree. He cut a branch of the shrub and stowed it in his breast pocket. He was about to return to the city, when something caught his eye.

A small glint of gold was shining from beneath the trimmed boughs of the Athelas shrub. Aragorn took hold of it and pulled it out. It appeared to be a very dusty gold coin, with an eerie sort of skull in the middle, and inscriptions around the outside. It seemed very seductive.

He reached out his finger and touched the skull. Suddenly, he began to feel strange. His whole body began to tingle, his vision turned a gold-ish colour, and he began to glow. And at the same time, his hands, where he was holding the coin, began to burn. He tried to let go of the gold, but he couldn't move his fingers. He couldn't move any part of his body.

He was frozen to the spot. His vision became clouded with white (well - gold, from his point of view) until he could not see anything. Then his vision came back to him, but all colours had returned to normal. Aragorn was glad that was over.

But it wasn't over, he soon found out. He looked around him. He was no longer in a pleasant little meadow, but in a small glade of palm trees. The air around him was very hot and muggy, and he began to sweat uncomfortably.

Aragorn unclipped his brooch and removed his cloak from his back, and placed it beneath a bush. He then walked through an opening in the trees, the only one he could fit through, and out onto a sandy beach. The sand was very white, and the sea beside it was sapphire blue. A large battlement was standing at the end of the beach, on a cliff which fell into the water. It was very strange. Surely no place in Middle-earth was like this?

He walked down the beach, amid suspicious stares from people along the water's edge. Their continual ogling was getting irritating by the time Aragorn was half-way down the beach. He drew Andúril and looked at the people around him, who quickly returned to what they had been doing. He placed the sword back in its sheath and continued walking toward the garrison of the wall. It was open.

He walked through and into a very peculiar town square, where people were hurrying about their business, and still staring at him. He drew Andúril again. A woman screamed and ran, another woman ushered three small children into a doorway, and two tough-looking men brandished their fists. Aragorn raised an eyebrow as though to say 'Bring it on,' and waved Andúril in an ornate pattern before striking a battle pose. The men, now looking very worried, forgot all dignity and tore away shouting "Madman! Madman in the town square!"

Aragorn looked around him. There was no one left. Very odd behaviour. He wandered around the town square, looking for some sign of where he was. He went back into the middle of the garrison, and looked at a sign he had neglected before.

It read: 'Welcome to Port Royal.'

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