I'll Get You Back!

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Her eyes lingered over her bedroom as she stared at the fine strokes of a painting. It was of a young boy with long brown hair wielding a sword in the meadows. It was very calming to her as she closed her eyes and cleared her thoughts. But her thoughts were only brutal as she tried to forget the betrayal.

The screams of agony that rung through the castle that evening will haunt her for the rest of her life as blood splattered on the wall and grounds. Many died...but they were victorious. They were trained well.

She remembered the pleasure she received as her blade cut through her old master. Her old love. How she could ever love him...but she was young, she was a fool. She tried to forget the way her hand held tightly onto the handle of the sword as she twirled it around her waist and pierced the Battousai's stomach. His sword had pierced her as well as she still felt pain in her stomach after a month.

If she never attended this school, if Soujirou had never angered her to beat him, she would not have been able to beat the battousai. She would have easily lost, but instead, she was victor. Still, her hands were stained with blood, but she had to remember, it was the blood of the wicked. She only slain those who hurt others, ruined others lives, ruined her life. She had killed her best friend Taniko, not the battousai like she thought so long ago.

Two years of her life were wasted.

Two long years.

But one must wonder, maybe those two years of living in pain, living in the shadows. Could they have saved her life? Building anger in herself as Ashishu was born? Ashishu was a ruthless fighter that held no emotions. She was the complete opposite. She was now free from that burden as she now lived in this dojo, with her friends. Her friends.

"Kaoru." A voice softly said as she was torn away from her thoughts. Kaoru smiled in the slightest as she rose and stared at Rika, the mother of Soujirou.

Rika was a beautiful woman with long raven hair always placed up high in a bun. Her face was young and her dark blue eyes were wise beyond her years. She wore a beautiful kimono that was a deep blue; of course she held no design on the fabric, as she was a married woman and wore short sleeves.

Rika smiled kindly at Kaoru as she bowed in the slightest.

"Dinner is ready." Kaoru nodded as she walked out.

For a month Kaoru had stayed here just as Soujirou had requested. It amazed her at how Soujirou acted now. He seemed to always be in her sight, making sure to act as if he wasn't watching her. Making sure she was safe. Without Soujirou. She most likely would've been slain, and he knows that. Soujirou is a talented fighter, and she had yet to see his true power.

"Kaoru? Earth to Missy. You there?" A voice tore through Kaoru's daze as she smiled at Sanosuke who smirked at her and continued eating rapidly. Kaoru stirred her chopsticks around the rice and vegetables as she listened to Sano speak about how he got into a fight with this bum at the market.

A figure leaned near her head as he whispered.

"My mother is asking a question." He whispered as Kaoru's head shot up, she blushed in the slightest at the chill that ran up her spine from Soujirou's soft voice. She turned to Rika who was smiling at her as Soujirou beamed.

"I was just wondering Kaoru. Are you continuing your art at the school when it is rebuilt?" Rika asked gently as Kaoru nodded in the slightest.

"My duty is to help others defend themselves. I will not stop until I am unable to lift a sword." She said as Rika let out a laugh. Sano coughed as he burst into laughter as Soujirou smirked in the slightest.

"You are very determined. I must say, that would be perfect for my little Souji."

"Mother..." Soujirou said as he blushed deeply. Rika put her hands up in defense.

"I know, out of line. But I cannot help but speak my mind at something so obvious." She stated as Kaoru blushed and turned the other way and stared at a painting.

The rest of the meal was silent, except for Sanosuke's occasional grab for more food. Rika rose suddenly as she grabbed everyone's dishes and walked into the cleaning room. Kaoru walked after her as she felt the stares of Soujirou and Sanosuke. Megumi and Aoshi had decided to go out to dinner.

Kaoru and Rika stood in silence as they cleaned the dishes. It was very pleasant and calm here as flowers covered the areas and paintings hung on each hallway. Kaoru couldn't help but feel at home, now that Rika and her have grown close to one another.

Kaoru grabbed the bowl from Rika as she then began drying the soaked dish. She suddenly couldn't help but feel as if she was being watched as an amused aura was near the doorway.

"Souji, it would be well-mannered of you to help if you are simply standing there." Rika said out loud as there was a sudden sound of someone stumbling back. Soujirou hadn't realized he'd been caught.

"Gomen ne Okaa-sama." (I'm very sorry, mother) Soujirou stuttered as he walked forward and began putting dishes away as Kaoru handed them to him.

He was shocked when he walked past the cleaning room to find Kaoru and his mother doing the dishes. But what shocked him the most was how calm Kaoru was as she smiled at Rika and took the dish from her hand. Kaoru had a charm about her that could cause anyone to like her. He shook his head in amusement remembering when she had spoken ill to him, and the day she caused his nose to bleed. He let a laugh escape.

Rika cleared her throat that instantly silenced Soujirou who stopped immediately.

"I have a task for you Soujirou since you are so full of energy."

"Anything mother."

"I want you to take Kaoru into town tomorrow, show her around the place. Heavens know she's been stuck here for a month or so. She needs to move around." Soujirou let another laugh escape.

"Something tells me there is an additional reason."

"How shrewd you have grown. I need you to go shopping for me." Rika said as she patted her son's cheek and handed him a list as she walked out. Kaoru couldn't help but let a chuckle escape as he glanced at her.

"I don't suppose you would like to come eh Kaoru?" he asked as Kaoru nodded.



Two figures walked silently together as the sun was just setting casting an orange glow through the sky the next day as they stopped and stared at the rushing waters of the river. Megumi couldn't help but feel Aoshi's worried aura that ruffled around his body as he helped her sit down on the grass as he sat next to her. His icy blue eyes were distant as his raven hair fell over his eyes. He breathed in deeply as he turned to face Megumi who was staring at him.

"Something bothering you Megumi?" he asked as Megumi turned towards the river and stared back at him.

"Iie, but something is bothering you. And I demand to know what it is." She requested as Aoshi smirked in the slightest at her strong tone. He flicked his hair to the side of his face as he stared back at the water. Megumi sat, watching him.

"When I went back to where I fought Konjiro, after assisting you, his body wasn't there." Megumi stared at him in confusion as she rustled the grass under her fingers.

"Konjiro lives." She stated as she saw him nod. "He was badly wounded. He couldn't have gotten far."

"Was he Megumi? Or was he acting as if he was wounded? I felt my blade enter his back, but did he realize what I was doing and instead leaned forward causing me to barely make a scratch? Making it feel as if I cut him deeply?" Aoshi argued as Megumi locked gazes with him.

"What is he living for?" Megumi asked.

Aoshi met her gaze as he gently put his hand on top of hers.

"Something I dare not fret about." He whispered as he squeezed her hand tightly.


Soujirou walked down the dirt path as he said 'hello' to many that past him. He held a smile on his young face, as his eyes were cheerful and vivid. The two were heading to the market the next day, just as his mother had requested as a basket hung from his hand as he began whistling. Kaoru couldn't help but stare at him in mixed confusion, when suddenly, laughter escaped through her lips.

Blue eyes met with hers as he cocked an eyebrow.

"You find something amusing?"

"Its just, you are not who you appear to be Soujirou-sama."

"Aren't we past the labels Kaoru?" he asked. Kaoru glanced at the ground as she nodded in the slightest. "No one is who they assume to be. You, Kaoru, were a battousai. Labeled as a battousai. Yet, you saved villagers. I am merely a student and sensei with a warm heart for their mother."

"That is all you are?" she asked as Soujirou smiled at her and nodded.

"Nothing more." With that Kaoru nodded at him and remained silent as Soujirou skimmed the market areas and tossed vegetables into the basket as Kaoru observed him.

What humored her most was that he, Soujirou, was shopping and seemed to enjoy it. Why is it that the most deadly of fighters have an odd, yet calming, hobby? She shook her head in humor as she glanced along the village.

Laughter run in her ears as couples held tightly onto one another's hands and pulled each other away in different directions, she let out a sigh. Suddenly, she noticed an artist eyeing her curiously as she noticed paintings hung all around the wall.

She found herself gradually walking over to the hut as her eyes focused on a dark figure with the name 'Ashishu' written in the background and fading. It showed a fighter with a chain hanging from her hand dripping with blood as a red-feathered dart was in the right hand corner. She found her fists clenching together roughly as her nails dug into her flesh as she then stared at the picture next to it. Of her and Taniko. She wanted to rip it; she wanted to tell the man off. This was just a memory of a betrayal.

A figure appeared next to her as he glanced at the pictures.

"Artists see what others cannot." Soujirou whispered as Kaoru turned to him, Soujirou nodded at the artist politely as he began walking off, Kaoru stared after him as she jogged next to him, still the pain in her stomach remained as she swaggered gently.

"What do you mean?"

Soujirou settled the basket down onto the field of grass as he let out a deep breath. The sound of rushing water entered his ears as he held a smile on his face. How calming this was. Soujirou leaned against the trunk of the tree, as Kaoru remained standing. He beckoned her next to him as she slowly leaned against the trunk as well.

"Artists, see the beauty in everything. They don't see the blood that dripped from the claw. They see the reason behind it. They see the loss of dirty blood, the gain of a reputation. They don't see blood and instantly think murder, they think of life." Kaoru closed her eyes as she listened to his voice that calmed her. She felt him slide up further on the tree as she opened her eyes and watched the river.

"And how do you know that is what Artists see?"

Soujirou turned to smile at her.

"My mother is a painter, and she had past it down to me I suppose. But I found my true nature in wielding a sword."

"Seems that way. But why is it they see the loss of dirty blood?" Kaoru asked in confusion. Soujirou smirked as a laugh escaped.

"You must learn to think deeper then what is said. The loss of dirty blood. Leaving you with innocent and pure blood."

Kaoru blinked.

"So when you bleed, it is evil that is leaving you?" She tried. Soujirou smirked at her.

"The loss of dirty blood is simply saying, you are forgetting about the past. Which brings a question. Your past with the battousai...I was wondering..."

Kaoru hung her head.

"Wondering about the love I shared with him?"

"If you do not mind me asking." Soujirou countered as he sat up, crossing his legs. Kaoru let out a long sigh as she leaned back against the trunk, closing her eyes.

"As I wonder about it now, after experiencing everything...after learning so much...it seems that he never loved me. I loved him deeply apparently. But that wasn't love...that was a thoughtless girl acting upon her imprudent feelings. He only showed it in return because, he wished for me to be by his side as we slay hundreds. He wished to bring out a deadly person inside of me...but he did. After everything, after I sent him to prison...I made another person...one who cherished the sight of blood." Kaoru let out a deep sigh in frustration as she continued.

"What infuriated me the most, was that even now, I seemed to have a desire for him. That is something that I cannot understand because I have met others that.... I do not deserve love." She said as she leaned forward, staring at her feet.

"You deserve so much more then what you think Kaoru. It is only natural you care for him, you loved him Kaoru. There must have been a reason for that emotion." He whispered as they sat in silence.


Night spilled over the land as Kaoru and Soujirou walked together back to the dojo. Kaoru walked over a bridge as Souji walked behind her, but stopped suddenly. Kaoru froze in an instant at not hearing his footsteps behind her as she turned around to stare at him questioningly.

"Souji..." Soujirou held up a hand silencing her in an instant as he slowly walked over to a bush. Kaoru took a step forward when he suddenly grabbed someone in a bush that instantly let out a scream.

Soujirou blinked at the sight of a young boy in his grasp with spiky black hair. He turned to Kaoru remembering that this boy had tried to fight Kaoru. He instantly dropped the boy.

"Hello, who are you?" Soujirou asked.

The boy shot up, anger in his eyes as he glared at Kaoru who took a step forward.

"That is my old friend, Myoujin Yahiko." She whispered as she put a hand under his chin and lifted up his face.

Yahiko instantly pushed her hand away as he unleashed his sword. Soujirou smiled in the slightest as Kaoru simply covered her hand with the blade, holding it tightly.

"Yahiko – come to the dojo this evening. I wish to speak with you." Yahiko let out a grunt as he tried to slice Kaoru's hand that released it in an instant causing the boy to fall.

Soujirou took a step forward grabbing the sword as he walked off. Yahiko rose in anger as he sprinted after him.

"Give me back my sword!" he shouted as Kaoru watched after them in humor. Go figure Soujirou would come up with a plan such as this. She slowly walked behind hearing the shouting of Yahiko, her old friend and student.


He smiled in pleasure as he grabbed for another rice ball. He had been starving for weeks and now he had unlimited food. He quickly grabbed for another drink of tea when a sweet voice suddenly told him to calm down, he had enough time for eating. Yahiko nodded as he wiped his mouth on his sleeve and cleared his throat.

Kaoru, Soujirou and Rika sat, around the table as they waited for the boy to finish as they sat in silence. Apparently he had survived these weeks pick pocketing in the village. The other three occupants on the dojo were off doing something in the village. Most likely Sanosuke was gambling and Aoshi and Megumi walked around, talking about anything, which it shocked Soujirou at how much his brother talked with her.

"Yahiko, may I ask what happened the night our master was sent away?" Kaoru asked, referring to the night she found out that he was Battousai, the manslayer. Yahiko glanced at the other two people in the room as he breathed in deeply and told his tale.

Everyone sat in silence listening to his words as Kaoru gripped the table tightly after hearing about Taniko and Battousai slaying Taniko's parents that were taking care of Yahiko. She closed her eyes hanging her head as Yahiko spoke of the two years he had been a slave to his old master and apparent friend, Taniko.

"They said you were slain. They said they killed you quickly Kaoru. But when master Himura told me we were going to where you taught...I instantly knew the truth. You were the reason why I remained living, so I could avenge your death. When I heard you lived...I wished to take my life. There was no point in living..." he drifted off as he hung his head. Kaoru stared at him in worry as she rose and kneeled down in front of him, taking his hands in hers.

"Yahiko, don't talk that way. You are strong. You have everything to live for." Kaoru whispered to him as he nodded his head.

"Kaoru, I've seen so much blood." Yahiko whispered in pain as Kaoru closed her eyes and hugged him gently. Yahiko was so young when they brought him into this game...

Yahiko was strong, he had bravery and spunk, and seeing him saddened, in front of her, caused her to instantly regret taking him in. He would have had a better life if she had just left him alone.

"Forgive me Yahiko." Kaoru whispered as Yahiko pulled back. He nodded his head, he would have said she saved him, because of her he was alive all these years, but his throat was tight and closed as he could only find himself nodding at her.

Rika wiped her face as she suddenly rose.

"You will be staying here for now on Yahiko-chan. Now come, you need new clothing and I will set up a room for you." Yahiko bowed at her deeply and walked after Rika leaving Soujirou and Kaoru in peace.

"She killed her own parents...the ones who raised her. The ones who brought her life." Kaoru whispered turning to Soujirou who nodded, his eyes were a daze as he looked to have been in his own thoughts.

"Kaoru – don't be angered about what I am about to say. But. Why did you not go after him?" Soujirou asked, glancing at her as Kaoru glanced at the ground, hurt in her eyes.

"I don't know...I just thought...I thought that he would be safe with them."

"He was old enough to understand, you should have told him the truth. He seems confused. And that confusion would not have come if you told him that you would leave him there." Soujirou said as he rose, his blue eyes cast over her.

"And what was I to do?! You seem to know everything, so please tell. Would you have brought him back into such a life in which I was betrayed? Bring him into a life that I should not have put in front of him?! I regret everything that I had done, I regret having him meet Himura. I ask Soujirou-sama. Why must you make me feel worse then what I already do? Have you ever been betrayed? Have your life taken away from you by those who you loved!" Kaoru screamed as she rose in anger, she shook gently as her eyes flashed. She suddenly took off in a sprint as Soujirou watched after her.

"Soujirou. What have you done?" Rika asked as Soujirou turned to look at his mother as he bowed.

"I did something that needed to happen mother. She cannot hold her anger in. Hold in her emotions. Ashishu will take over her if she does."

"She's holding emotions just like you are." Rika stated as Soujirou glanced at his mother and left after Kaoru, knowing perfectly well where she went.


Kaoru fell to the ground as she put her forehead onto the grass as she breathed in deeply. The cool air instantly calmed her down as she wondered about what Soujirou said. Should she had gone after Yahiko? But if she had, what would've changed? She suddenly felt a figure behind her as she sat up, her eyes clenched close.

"Kaoru-" he began when suddenly, Kaoru shot up, her fist tried to hit his face as Soujirou quickly jumped back. She jumped towards him as she grabbed his wrist as he grabbed over hers holding her back as she tried to flip him over. She let out a scream as she twisted her leg over his ankle as he suddenly pulled her to his side causing her to fall on the ground as he jumped back.

She let out another scream as she jumped back up, tears streaming down her face.

"You don't understand what I've been through! You don't understand!" She cried as she fell onto her knees, Soujirou watched her as he slowly kneeled in front of her, sympathy in his eyes as he pulled Kaoru into a hug as she cried onto his haori.

"Shedding tears is natural Kaoru. Don't be frightened of it." He whispered to her soothingly as she nodded into his chest and breathed in his scent of pine and metal. His voice calmed her as she felt his hand run through her long, raven hair. She pulled back and stared into his deep blue eyes as she smiled gently at him.

"Will you forgive me?" she asked. He nodded gently as he hugged her once again.


Rika leaned over the fence to her porch as she smiled gently at the stars above her. Both of her sons have found love. Aoshi, with the woman who he was destined with since birth, the woman who he fell in love with so long ago. And her birth son, Soujirou, found love in the finest woman for him. Neither of these women would let her sons step over them. Both were fiery and held themselves with such honor.

She wondered when her son, Soujirou, would ask for a ring to give to Kaoru, a token of his love. Aoshi had done the same task, wishing for a ring to give to the love of his life. It was tradition after all, that their hearts desire would receive a ring past down from their mother.

Her eyes paled suddenly as she thought of her own Husband, Shihami. He must have died with honor, he must have been protecting his students that led to his death. She let out a sigh. She was never lonely here at the dojo. But her husband was a man that only came around once in a while. Soon the school would be built once again. But which of their sons would take the role?


The two-walked back together in silence when Soujirou unexpectedly took her hand in his and smiled gently at her as they walked in the darkness.

"There is something that I wish to tell you. If you don't mind that is." Kaoru suddenly stopped as she met his eyes with hers. She felt herself blush deeply as she suddenly shook her head.

"This isn't the right time Souji. But, I feel the same way." She answered as Soujirou gently squeezed her hand.

"Well, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. You saved me quite a speech. But, I would also like to say, that I am sorry for what I said." Kaoru shook her head.

"Don't apologize. You were right. I cannot break a promise once I have made one." She whispered as Soujirou let out a slight laugh and they walked back together, hand in hand.


A firefly was suddenly cupped in his hands as he slowly walked over to Megumi, who let out a gentle laugh. He suddenly opened his hands as the firefly swirled around them. She let out a giggle as she leaned against Aoshi who wrapped an arm around her protectively. They stood, for more then an hour, listening to one another's breathing, and the pounding of the rushing waters.


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