The Football headed nutcracker

I do not own Hey Arnold, nor do I own the Nutcracker play or the songs from it.

This is my first fan fic ever. Hope you like. I originally did this for my baby sisters web site. I had fun writing it. You'll probably recognize some of this stuff from bits and pieces from other episodes. Anyway on with the story! ^_^v

"Oh I am so excited for this Christmas holiday" said Olga Pitaki as she was helping Miriam hang up Christmas decorations around the house while Big Bob was yelling at the football game that was on TV.
Helga Pitaki walked inside the house from school, threw down her books by the coat closet, and walked into the kitchen to grab a snack.
"Is that my baby sister home?" asked Olga from the living room, as she was standing on a chair to hang Christmas lights.
"Yeah, yeah" Helga said grumpily, her mouth full of the apple she was munching on.
She turned around to go upstairs to her room when Olga walked up behind her and said, "Oh Helga I am looking forward to this holiday-
"Yeah what else is new?! Interrupted Helga.
"I have a wonderful surprise for you and your class mates at school"
Helga's eyes grew wide with surprise.
"A s-s-surprise?!" she stuttered. Who knows what this could be, she thought. Last time she has a surprise it was her being a student teacher in her class. She embarrassed the crap out of me! She thought about Olga telling the class that she wet the bed for a long while, for a story to "boost" everyone's confidence. That was horrible...

The next day was P.S. 118s last day of school before the Christmas break. Helga walked into her classroom. Kids were running around, chattering and yelling from the excitement for the big holiday break.
"And my mom and dad bought me these brand new, exclusive snow boots for the winter...very stylish," Rhonda boasted. She was showing off her new red shiny boots at her desk to a group of awing girls.
Eugene and Sheena were singing Christmas carols out loud at one end of the classroom. Harold was talking to Sid and Stinky at the other end of the classroom.
"So that is why I don't celebrate Christmas," explained Harold. Right before he was going to walk back to his desk he turned around again towards Stinky and Sid with his fist out, "Oh yeah, if you make fun of me for that then I will pound you."
Curly was jumping from the top of desks to desks screaming, "I've kidnapped Santa Clause you hear! So I can take over!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!"
"Okay class settle down now!" Shouted Mr.Simmons in front of his desk. "I have a special guest today for a special surprise."
Olga walked in with a stack of red and green papers and a big smile on her face.
"Good morning class! Since the Christmas break is coming soon, and I remember you all so well from my student teacher experiences, AND you all know my baby sister Helga..." Helga slouched deeper into her chair when she mentioned her name. "My fiancé, Charles Theodore De La Cour, owns a mansion because he comes from a very wealthy family. He decided to throw an early Christmas party next week with my family and this whole class is invited!"
"Yaaay!," cheered the class. Olga started to pass out the green and red papers, Which were the invitations. Oh brother! Thought Helga. Oh well I guess a party at a big mansion shouldn't be to bad...

The end of the school bell finally rang. Everyone raced out, happy for the long break. Arnold caught up to Helga and said, "So, excited for your sisters big party? It sounds real great. It was really nice of her and her fiancée to do this."
"Yeah, so whats your point, Arnoldo?" She replied coldly.
"Well I just think it's a great idea."
"Oh yeah...just great" she remarked sarcastically. "She's just going to be an even bigger goody two show than she already is!"
"Fine, whatever you say Helga" Arnold said calmly and walked off.
Helga hopped onto the bus just before it drove off, sat down somewhere in the back and pulled out the heart shaped locket with Arnolds picture in it.
"Oh my beloved football head," she said out loud to the picture, "I must confess my passionate love to you. Why must I push you farther away when you try to be kind to me? I shall be kind to you and maybe confess my love at the masquerade next week. Yes I shall do that." She sighed happily while hugging the locket above her chest and with that she heard a loud nasal breathing sound, behind her. It was Brainy as he usually showed up behind her every time she had one of her Arnold moments, but this time he held mistletoe above both of them smiling. Helga slugged her fist between his eyes causing his glasses to break in half.