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"Helga," whispered a voice. It was Ms. Lloyd. "Helga get up" She said more loudly and sternly losing her patience. We've been up for hours, how can you sleep so long?"
"Hm.?" Helga rolled over, laid there for a few seconds then slowly sat up rubbing her eyes. She flinched when her vision was clear remembering were she was, seeing the stoned walls, the fire place and Ms.Lloyd standing there with her hand on her hip impatiently. "Crimeny, what time is it?" she mumbled looking out the window. The rising sun was shining into the room filling it with light. It looked as if it were nearly dawn.
Where you come from you must need a lot of sleep huh?" asked Ms.Lloyd.
"It's REALLY early." Said Helga groggily.
"Oh, I guess no one has explained to you what our days are like. Here, the sun is rising, then it sets then it's dark. Our days are usually when the moon is out. See, when the sun rises that shows us the new day is coming.Well I should leave you to get dressed, and we are downstairs in the dinning room." She walked out of the room, wearing the same red dress and carrying the same umbrella.
"So that's why they call it a dream instead of night. Still that sounds really dumb." She thought as she noticed her green dress, and her white scarf and gloves had been washed and hung. "Why don't you stay a dream?" She mocked out loud. "Hahaha." She changed, fixed her hair like the other day, then walked down the stone steps. She followed the voices of the gang laughing and talking. They were all in the dining room. A long table stood in the middle and they were all seated at the far end eating breakfast. And of course there was music once again in the background, "Dance of the flutes." "Helga," Acknowledged Arnold, "There you are. Here have a seat." He pulled out the chair next to him. She sat down and in front of her was a plate filled with fruit, and next to it was a small bowl of custard and a glass of red wine. Not knowing what it was, she took a sip and made a disgusted face.
"Is something wrong?" asked Sir Philip seeing the face she made. "Oh no, everything is fine." She nervously laughed, trying to disguise the disgusted reaction. "Oh by the way," she innocently asked, "What is this stuff?" "It's wine," Answered Ms.Lloyd taking a sip of her own wine, "It's all the rage." Helga wondered how her mother could be addicted to this awful stuff they call alcohol. Everyone was done eating and sipped on more wine, as they waited for Helga to finish. "I'm afraid we can't leave this castle until we know for sure that the rats are gone for good. They're very dangerous. I ask that you all stay in my castle until then." "I'm still hungry!" Wined Pagliacci. And at that instant more fruit and custard appeared in front of him. Sir Philip stood up and said, "Well I hope we all learned something out of this. I know I have."
"What would that be?" Asked Arnold.
"Never eat raspberries." He ran out of the dining room. Arnold, being used to the crazy elders' advice, set it aside and asked, "Would you like to walk through my garden?"

They were lead to the back of the castle. Don Arnold opened one of the tall doors. They walked in to the most beautiful, exotic garden anyone has ever seen. There was a big waterfall that poured into the dark water out the bottom. There were flowers of all kinds, even some that did not exist in Helga's world. The grass was a dark shade of green and neatly trimmed. Tall trees stood about and tiny fairies were seen flying around. There was a stoned path that led around the large garden. Around the entire garden stood a tall stoned wall. Helga looked up at the sky noticed it was night already. The moon was a bright sliver and the stars were formed in just about ever constellation there were. But something was quite odd about the sky. Helga saw snow fall everywhere but the garden. It also felt very warm in the garden. She questioned Arnold about that and he said, "My garden has a spell that was done by a famous wizard from this town a while ago. It will not snow in here and it won't freeze. This place is practically mortal." Helga not wanting show her sensitive side, kept here dramatic thoughts to herself. Sure she said things like "Wow, I've never seen anything like it" but she also thought about how romantic the garden is. She crept behind a tree and sighed. "Oh my beloved prince, your beautiful garden matches your beautiful face, we stand under the moonlit sky in such a romantic atmosphere that I-"
"Oh there you are Helga." She turned and looked up to see Arnold and the rest of the group. They didn't suspect anything but Helga thought they did since she was a little paranoid about the subject. She was on her knees. "What were you doing?"
"Don't sneak up on me like-! I mean" as she changed her tone, "I.I was just." She looked down, "I was just admiring these flowers. We have nothing like them at home." The flowers were light tints of color and very sheer leaf like petals, and very long green stems.

"Oh yes, those are 'Crystalias.' Aren't they just gorgeous?" asked Ms.Lloyd.

"I'm going to see how my gryphons are doing,"said Gerty.
I'll go to, I want to see what the little fellows are up to" added Sir Philip. They walked back to the castle. The rest of them stayed outside to star gaze and show Helga some of the constellations. They found a perfect spot by the waterfall. Ms.Lloyd took a seat on one of the cozy padded benches. Pagliliacci but on the grass as Don Arnold also took a seat on the grassy ground and leaned his back on a tree. Helga just laid on her back with her hands tucked under her head.

After a long moment of silence Paglilicci asked "How will we know when it's safe for us to leave the castle?"
"The guards around town will tell us." Answered Arnold.
"Well I do hope it's soon, I miss my family already," sighed Ms.Lloyd sadley. "It'll be fine," assured Pagliliacci. "Besides, that big ugly rat is so dumb.he'll be gone sooner than we think. He's dumber than.uh.dumber than something. He doesn't realize who he's messing with." He heard a soft muffled sound then felt a slight kick on his arm. He looked up and saw that Ms.Lloyd and saw that one of the rats had come up behind her and grabbed her covering her mouth with his disgusting paw. "Ms.Lloyd!" Yelled Pagliliacci. Helga Arnold turned and stood up quickly. Arnold pulled out his sword and said "You again."
"No no no not so fast" the rat said mischievously holding a crooked dagger up to her throat. "Move and she gets it. She had never been more scared. She felt the cold hard dagger lightly cross her skin. Everyone froze except the rat still holding the dagger. The big leader of the rats came up to Helga and wrapped his arms around her. She tried to escape his grasp but failed. "Helga!" shouted Arnold. Both the rats threw the girls over their shoulders and carried them up to the top of the tall stone wall.
"Hahaha!" laughed the big rat. "Now you let me take over this kingdom or Little Ms.Lloyd and this stranger with the one eyebrow gets it." He had his dagger up to Helgas throat as the other did and held Helga aggressively by her arm. Arnold was speechless then flinched so hard that he almost fell. He winced in pain because of his hurt leg.
"Why are you doing this!" Yelled Arnold up to the rats.
"Hahah-" The rat was cut off by a loud screech. Gerty was riding her gryphon, it flew towards them. "Yeehaw!" she howled holding her broom up into the sky. The gryphon pecked at the rat that held Ms.Lloyd hostage and fell down to the ground at Pagliacci and Arnolds feet. They started to fight. Ms.Lloyd crawled onto the gryphon and flew down to the ground. Then Sir Philip came riding on the other gryphon and pecked at the big ugly rat causing him to fall. Helga pulled out her golden magic sling shot and started shooting the marbles at the two rats ariming the best she could. Sir Philip orderd her to climb onto the other gryphon as well. Each of the gryphons picked up a rat with their beaks and flew over the garden walls.
Arnold fell to the ground and out of breath asked "Is everyone ok?"
"I'm fine" panted Pagliliacci who was also out of breath.
"That disgusting rat touched my face with his disgusting paw! Complained Ms.Lloyd wiping her mouth.
"Where did the rats get carried off to?" asked Helga helping Arnold up.
Gerty and Sir Philip exchanged glances then smiled and Gerty answered,
"To a place were traps and such can get rid of them."

The dolls and Helga sat by the fireplace drinking tea before going to bed. Arnold had asked them to stay one last time seeing as it was getting too late to start walking home. Though Helga had seen no difference in the sky they all agreed and they were to go home the next day. They all said their goodnights and sweet dreams and went into their rooms to sleep.

Helga went to her room and changed into the same pink pajamas. She looked at her locket of Arnold, sighed and kissed it goodnight then threw the covers over her to go to sleep.

Right when she was about to fall asleep, she felt someone sitting her up saying "Helga, we need to get you home now." Arnold said in a calm voice. Now that dramatic song from the nutcracker was playing and louder it got. The sad bitter song.
Arnold took her hand and quickly walked her down a spiral staircase that lead to no where but a round stoned room. "What are we doing here?"
Ms.Lloyd, Gerty, Sir Philip and Pagliliacci were standing around in a circle, very tired but very willing to come down. Arnold and Helga stood in the middle, he took her by the hands and a bright light was shinning from above and down to them.
"You must leave now," He patiently informed. "This is your only chance to get home."
"But, Arnold I don't want to leave! I like it here with you and this crazy old lady and pink boy here and even princess-" She was stopped with Arnold finger to her lips.
"You will not like it here." he told her. "We will soon become as stiff as the dolls we are." He gave her a hug, but Helga could not hug back. She didn't know what to do. The music was still playing but a little more softly now. They were saying their good-byes.
"Ciao," sais Ms.Lloyd. "You turned out to be ok."

Suddenly Helga felt herself start to lift off the ground.

"No! Please! I don't want to go!"

"Sorry Helga.you have to." Gerty froze into a lifeless pose, then Sir Philip, then Pigliacci and soon enough Ms.Lloyd was next.
"Whats going on?" shrieked Helga and Ms.Lloyd was toppled over but still as stiff as a board. Helga was now floating higher into the air. The only thing thing that kept her from going any higher was her grasp on Arnolds hands. His legs were now stiff as the others. Lifeless and stiff. "Oph!" He flinched.
"Arnold please! This can't be happening!" She wailed.
"Helga." said Arnold softly. His torso was now stiff uncontrollably then his arms then his hands. Helga had to choice but to let go.
"Arnooooold!" She cried out and she was now rising higher quickly.
"Helga." His whole body now stiff as a lifeless doll.

There was a bright light. All she could see was the bright white light surrounding her. But for some reason she could still hear him calling out her name. Or was it him?
"Helga.Helga." said the voice. Everything went black. "Helga." the voice said now more firmly and all she could see was the pitch black of nothingness.

She slowly opened her eyes. Her sight was blury. Out of focus. "Hm?" Her eyes were now finally focused. She was lying in bed. Everyone was around the bed staring at her. Phoebe and her family, Arnold and his grandparents, and Gerald's family as well as some of Charles's mother and two sisters. Miriam also stood next to the bed.
"Helga," said her mom feeling her forehead. "You really hit the ground hard." Helga sat up quickly not remembering anything of the sort.
"You hit your head when you fell chasing after Sid." Arnold explained. He was dressed now in his normal everyday clothing everyone was except for Helga.
"Here's your doll Helga" Phoebe said handing Helga the nutcracker that Olga had given her. "Sid has fixed his leg and I must say, it is a rather different doll. Nice, but different."
"Are you feeling ok?" asked Charles worriedly. Helga looked at her doll, remembering every detail of.her dream. Yes, it was only a dream. Arnold the prince of the Kingdom, Rhonda who was known as Ms.Lloyd and could summon her pegasus and Harold the clown, the garden.the ugly rats.
"Yoo hoo" Charles snapped his fingers in front of her.
"Er.yeah.I'm fine." She sat up higher her back leaning against the the head board of the bed and noticed she was still holding the doll. She hid it under her pillow and also realized that she was now wearing the same pink pajamas as the one in her dream.
"Was it a dream? It all seemed too real." She thought to herself. "Well I'm grateful that you have awoken from your comma," said Phoebe. "Yeah just in time for Christmas" added Gerald a little sarcastically.
"Wait a minute it's Christmas already?" asked Helga.
"Nope! But close! Its Christmas EVE!" Olga squealed excitedly running to Helga, and bending down to give her a hug. "Baby sister!" I'm glad your finally awake!"
Soon everyone had left the room to give Helga some space except for Arnold.
"Helga, I'm glad your ok and Merry Christmas."
"Merry Christmas football head." She grinned. He smiled and before he was about to leave the room he turned and said, "By the way , what were you going to tell me when we were outside the night of the party?"
Helga remembered that to well and thought fast. "What would I want to talk to a football head like you?" she scold.
Arnold put on his eye lid half down look and said, "Fine Helga whatever you say."
"Arnold wait!" She called out, she fidgeted her arm. "From the bottom of my heart and the pit of my soul, I truly lo-" Gerald was cut off by Gerald when he ran into the room saying "Man Arnold you should've seen the two big ugly rats that Charles caught on the third floor! They were huge! Then gave the two blondes a questioning look seeing as they were still together talking. Then left the room.
Arnold shrugged then turned to Helga, "So what were you going to tell me?"
"I.I just wanted to say (she decided on the last minute it would be best not to tell him just yet.) that.I think you ok, and that you're an ok guy." Arnold knew she meant it by the tone of her voice. He stood next to her and put his hand on her arm, smiled and said "You're ok to Helga." He thinks I'm ok! She happily thought to herself. And he touched me! They heard Philip yell from another room, "Dag nab it!" These are the biggest ugliest rats I've ever seen!

Arnold and Helga exchanged an are you thinking what I'm thinking look. "Well then Merry Christmas, again Helga." Said Arnold as he walked out of the room and as soon as he was out of ear shot she said "Merry Christmas to you too my football headed prince."

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