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***This is a bit Alternate Reality.  In this story Elizabeth found Carly and got her out, she didn't get sick from the birth control pills until later. Carly never was kidnapped by Alcazar, Elizabeth got her to Sonny's penthouse before the brain aneurysm hit.  Her and Carly have bonded over their experience and Elizabeth is friends with the Corinthos family again.  Sorry Liason fans but Elizabeth is happy for Jason and Courtney, but don't worry Elizabeth will find love again. Jax and Luke never left town either. Summer didn't die. Look for Luke to be the fatherly role to Elizabeth, since her real family is always MIA. So sit back and enjoy. ***


Elizabeth stood in her studio in front of a blank canvas. She sighed; she had been standing there for what seemed like forever. She couldn't concentrate.  She felt different emotions run through her body.  Alexis had called her yesterday and told her the divorce was finalized.  Elizabeth had felt like a huge weight was lifted from her shoulders, Ric couldn't hurt her anymore. So she thought. No, Ric wasn't going to make this easy on her; he had sponsored an art show for her.  She was excited this was her big chance. Ric saw it as an opportunity to control her.


"Elizabeth I love you, I did all of this for you, how can you throw away everything between us?" Ric asked her

"I didn't throw anything away, you did when you kidnapped Carly, and when you slept with that slut Faith." Elizabeth said defiantly. "Now if you excuse me I have somewhere to be."

"I hope it isn't the gallery," Ric said stopping her cold in her tracks. "I'm still the financer for the show. I know how badly you want to do the show, that's why I want to make a deal."

"A deal?" Elizabeth asked incredulously.

"Sure you get to keep doing the show as long as you remain my wife." Ric said evilly.

"You bastard! You're going to blackmail me?" Elizabeth swore.

"You divorce me and the show never happens," Ric said matter of factly.

"What if I buy my show out?" Elizabeth asked.

"You don't have the money to give the dealers the money I put up for you.  Think about it sweetheart divorce me and lose your one chance, stay my wife and get everything you dreamed of." Ric said smugly.

"I'll stay your wife" Elizabeth said, Ric looked at her with a smile, it quickly faded when she spoke again, "When hell freezes over, I'll find the money to finance the show myself" Elizabeth spat out.  With that she stormed away.

* End Flashback*

Elizabeth threw her paintbrush down in disgust, who was she kidding; she could never afford to buy Ric out. She grabbed her jacket and headed out the door.  She needed to clear her mind and plan out her next move.  She would never give into Ric..

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