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Elizabeth stood at the counter pouring tea and realized she felt better knowing Skye was over Jax.  It almost seemed like Skye was pushing her towards him. Don't be ridiculous she thought to herself.  She really needed to take a moment and get her senses back.  She and Jax were just friends and so who cared what was said at Jake's, she had been drunk anyway.  And Jax was just making a statement it didn't mean he wanted anything from her.  Elizabeth nodded; yup they would just be friends.  He could be a very good friend and that would be great.  He was a very good friend who just happened to be charming, kind, generous and absolutely gorgeous.  Elizabeth sighed in disgust, she needed therapy.

"So what are plans for the day?" Skye asked as Elizabeth set the tea tray on the coffee table.

"Not much, I don't have anything until tonight." Elizabeth said.  Skye noticed Elizabeth shift uncomfortably.

"Oh yeah?  What's tonight?" Skye asked.

"Um I'm meeting Jax for dinner, he left a note I think he wants to discuss business." Elizabeth suddenly found her tea very interesting

"Business huh?" Skye believed that as about as far as she could throw the couch.  Suddenly her mind began to form a plan.  "Do you have anything to wear? I mean when Jax does business dinners it is usually in style. A girl can't be unprepared."

"Well I don't know, I mean I guess I could use a new outfit, would you want to go shopping?  I have to get back to my place we could head to the stores on the way." Elizabeth said wondering what she was going to wear.  She should get a business suit like Alexis Davis always wears.  One that looked good and professional.

Skye was also thinking about what Elizabeth should buy, but it was far from a business suit, in fact she was thinking of something, black and slinky. This little project was getting better day by day.

"We should invite Carly" Skye said and then mentally slapped herself.  Elizabeth would be suspicious as to why Skye would invite Carly.

"You want to invite Carly to go shopping?  You don't even like her though." Elizabeth said slightly perplexed.

"Well, you know Carly and I kind of came to a truce." Skye stumbled for an excuse. "We both know that you have had a rough time with Ric and we also know that you don't need your two best friends going at each others throats.  So we are attempting to be civil to each other."  That and work together to set you up with Jax, Skye thought to herself happily. "Plus you have to admit Carly does have great fashion sense so I mean it could be nice to invite her with."

"Ok that would be great.  I really want you guys to like each other." Elizabeth said hopefully.

"Why don't you go and change and I'll call Carly?" suggested Skye.

Elizabeth headed towards the bed room.  When Skye was sure she was out of listening distance she dialed Carly.

"Hello" Carly answered the phone.

"Carly it's Skye, and boy do I have news for you.  It seems Elizabeth's fight with Ric did affect her and she went out drinking last night"

"Is she alright?" asked Carly concerned.

"She's better than alright, she gave my number to the bartender and I accidentally left my phone at Jax's place.  So when the bar called, Jax got the call and went to pick Elizabeth up.  He had her stay the night with him; you know so Ric wouldn't find her and bug her." Skye whispered excitedly.

"She stayed at his place?" squeaked Carly.

"Yeah, he took the couch and she took the bed.  He left earlier this morning but she answered the door only wearing one of his shirts." Skye said

"That's excellent!" exclaimed Carly.

"Yeah well she keeps insisting they're friends but Jax wants to have dinner with her tonight.  She thinks it is to discuss business but I know Jax and if he wanted to talk business he just would.  So anyway what are you doing now?" Skye asked peeking over her shoulder to make sure Elizabeth hadn't come out.

"Nothing why?" Carly asked.

"I convinced Elizabeth she should pick up something to wear for tonight.  I could see the wheels turning; she'll pick something conservative and businesslike unless we are there to convince her otherwise." Skye said.

"Oh I'm in for sure. Hmm something sexy and sophisticated, I'm sure we can find that."  Carly said plotting.

"You read my mind" Skye said.

Carly looked up as Sonny entered the penthouse, he kissed her on the cheek and sat on the couch.  An idea hit Carly with full force.

"We should take her to the store on Maple Avenue, they have great dresses there, plus they have a great lingerie selection."  Carly noticed Sonny's attention rise at the mention of lingerie.

"That is perfect, I mean she needs to be prepared for any kind of business meeting," Skye said with a snicker. She heard Elizabeth coming. "Here she comes meet us at the shop in 15 minutes." Skye hung up right as Elizabeth entered the room.

"You all set?" she asked Skye.

"All ready, Carly is going to meet us there; she suggested the store on Maple. Said it had the nicest arrangement.

The two women exited Jax's penthouse.  Skye secretly hoped Elizabeth would return here soon.

Across town Carly was dashing around grabbing her keys and purse.

"So you are going to the lingerie store huh?" Sonny asked seductively.

"Not for me" Carly called as she started out the door. "It's for Elizabeth she has a big date with Jax tonight." With that the door slammed shut and Sonny was left to ponder her statement.

"A date with Candy Boy?" he said to the empty room. "Lingerie?  Oh hell no."

With that he grabbed his cell and dialed Luke's.

"Luke?  Your girlfriend and my wife are taking Elizabeth out to buy lingerie for a big date with Jax tonight." Sonny sputtered out when Luke answered.

"Well hell," Luke said leaning in his chair with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  "Red and Caroline have made an unholy alliance to set our little darling up to seduce the pretty boy.  Well it could be worse."

"How could it be worse?" Sonny asked

"Jax is 100% better than Ric" Luke said matter-of-factly.

"As much as I hate to admit it you're right.  Agh it just drives me nuts. Of all the people, it had to be Jax? "Sonny sighed.

"He has done a lot of good for her though.  He bought out Ric, got the divorce rolling.  I mean face it he is the all-around hero.  Who better for Elizabeth if you think about it?  I mean it's hard to hate the guy." Luke said blowing smoke rings in the air.

"No it's not" grumbled Sonny. "It's harder to know you're right."

"It happens sometimes. You know what? Just sit back and relax Sonny, before you know it we'll be arguing about who gets to walk her down the aisle."  With that Luke hung up leaving Sonny just staring at the phone.  No matter what Jax did to help Elizabeth, Sonny didn't think he could actually give her hand to Jax.  With the way Carly and Skye were going it seemed inevitable.  Jax and Elizabeth would be together and they would all just be one happy family.  The Spencers, the Corinthos and the Jacks' family.   Sonny closed his eyes and shook his head.  He needed a drink.

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