Rage was a rather becoming name, for it certainly described the reaction he experienced seeing Emi and Akira about to AAA Paranoia Survivor together.

"Akira, get the FUCK away from my woman", said Rage.

The anger in Rage's words penetrated Akira's resolve, and it was instantly exhibited in his third to last step.

"Nooooo!" shouted Akira. "I got a GREAT!!! ONE LOUSY GREAT kept me from a AAA on Paranoia Survivor! You bastard, Rage! I'll kill you!"

Emi stepped off the machine, panting slightly from the exhilirating workout. "Hee hee," she laughed, "Rage is jealous over me. Don't worry honey bunny, nothing happened."

Rage reached out his arm and snapped Emi to his side. "Like hell it didn't. I almost saw you AAA Paranoia Survivor with him. The only person you should be AAAing songs with is me!"

"Listen Rage," said Akira. "I want you to believe me when I say that I am not working nor do I plan to work any machinations upon Emi, or any other woman for that matter."

"Huh?" asked Rage, clearly confused.

"I'm GAY, you dunderheaded ignoramus." responded Akira.

"Oh!" said Rage, "Well, uhh, stay away from me then, I guess"

"Why Rage, are you afraid?" replied Akira.

"I fear nothing," said Rage, "Because everything can eventually be reduced to DDR, and I can AAA any song in DDR."

"Oh can you?" asked Akira, "Even... PINK DINOSAUR?"

"I refuse to play that song, on account of it being too GAY" said Rage.

"Oh, perhaps that's the reason," taunted Akira, "But I would interpret that as you being too unsure of your manhood to play a simple song."

"I'm totally sure of my manhood!" screamed Rage, "I know for a fact I am 100% NOT GAY, and Emi can back me up on that."

"Well," said Emi, "I don't think that's entirely true. What about two nights ago when you sucked on my strap-on while we listened to the Whistle Song"

"SHHHHHHHHH!" sprayed Rage, "Don't say stuff like that in public, especially in front of the likes of him! Besides, you're a girl, that means it's okay to suck your cock, right?"

"No Rage," said Akira, "I think that's a telltale sign of repressed homosexuality. As you said, everything can be reduced to DDR, so I ask you... can you play Pink Dinosaur without it opening the floodgates and releasing your inner homosexual?"

"Fine, you fucking faggot," cursed Rage, "I'll play your fucking fag song. Will that make you happy?"

"Well," said Akira, "I don't think it will make me that happy unless it gets me lucky"

"Don't even joke about shit like that!" retorted Rage.

So Rage jumped on the machine and selected Pink Dinosaur. As the song started with its enchanting "Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo" Rage found his libido transforming. His cravings shifted from cunt to cock almost instantly, which was so frightening to Rage that he got a Great on the first step.

"Nooooooo!" shouted Rage, turning from the machine to flee in tears.

"Rage, come back!" shouted Akira. He started to Bolt after Rage but was caught in the arm by Emi.

"Akira, I don't mind you turning Rage gay, but make sure to turn him back to normal when you're done"

"Yeah yeah" said Akira, ripping his arm free from Emi to pursue Rage.