*** Thebes, Ancient Egypt, 3 000 years ago ***

Sun. Always sun in the desert. And there, somewhere, the sun shone down on two people, a man and a woman. They sat together in an artificial garden, side by side on a slab of rock. In her arms, the brunette cradled a precious little bundle. It was a child-- their child. A child with royal blood coursing through his veins.

They spoke quietly in low voices, and every so often, the man would reach over and stroke his newborn's cheek in doting affection. It was obvious that they were a couple in love. They kissed, and the pharaoh smiled adoringly at the woman.

They had made a child together, the two of them, as a tangible symbol of their love, and he would love both the child and it's mother, common born though she was for all of eternity.