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"Where am I?" Asked a confused girl laying in a hospital bed. The girl had long raven black hair to just above her waist, pale skin, dark brown, soulful eyes, and she was wearing a hospital gown. The girl looked like she was no more than 19. The girl had a splitting head ache. "Your in a hospital." Responded a voice from the girls left side. The girl looked over and saw a man in a long white coat, long silver white hair, and amber eyes. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt that showed off a muscled chest. He was obviously a doctor. His name tag read Dr. Inuyasha. The doctor had a clip board in his hand. "Can you tell me your name?" He asked as he glanced over at her. "My name?" The girl repeated. The doctor rolled his amber eyes. "Feh, that's what I said." He replied. I can't remember my name. I can't remember anything. Who am I? Why can't I remember anything? The girl heard the squeel of tires and a sharp pain shot through her head as a memory came to her mind. 'It's over, Koga.' A girl said as she glared at a man with pericing ice blue eyes, long black hair pulled back into a high pony-tail, black jeans, black t-shirt, a black leather jacket, and a black leather strip across his head. 'What do you mean its over?' The man, Koga, asked in out rage. The girl looked up at Koga, angry tears in her brown eyes. 'I mean just what I said. Its over between us. I know all about you and that slut, Kagura. I know how long you've been cheating on me. I won't take the lies anymore, I won't hang around and be there when ever you want me anymore, I won't be your punching bag anymore, Koga! I'm leaving you!' The girl spat the sentences out. 'You'll never make it with out me, wench.' Koga growled dangerously. The girl snorted. 'I'll be better off with out you. It took me four months to realize that I don't need you anymore, that I never needed you at all!' The girl said and grabbed her jacket off the back of a chair. 'Your nothing without me.' Koga said in a voice that didn't hide his anger. The girl spun around, her eyes flashing with anger. 'I don't need you to live, Koga! I'm better off on my own.' The girl said and walked out the open door. Koga stomped over to the door. 'You'll need me! And when you realize that you'll come crawling back to me! Do you hear me, Kagome?!' The girl shook her head to rid it of the pain. Kagome? Is that my name? "Kagome." The girl said the name out loud, seeing how it felt. "That's your name?" The doctor asked. Kagome looked up at him, her eyes welling with tears of confusion. "I don't know." Kagome said in a whisper. Inuyasha tilted his head to the side. "What do you mean, you don't know?" Inuaysha asked in an confused voice. The tears began to roll down Kagome's pale face. "I mean I don't know who I am! I can't remember anything! I don't know where I come from, how old I am, I can't even remember if I have parents!" Kagome shouted, begening to panic. The more Kagome yelled the more her head hurt. Dr. Inuyasha walked over to Kagome's side. "Hey, calm down. Your in a hospital and we can help you." Dr. Inuyasha said, trying to sooth the frieghened girl. Kagome shook her head violently. "No, you don't understand! I don't know who I am! I can't remember who I am!" Kagome grabbed on to her head in both fright and pain. Dr. Inuyasha grabbed on to the girls shoulders. "Calm down! I'll help you remember." Inuaysha said, trying to get the girls attention before she hurt herself. Dr. Inuyasha didn't now why, but for some reason he felt like he had to protect this girl. She's just another patient. Dr. Inuyasha thought to himself. Kagome looked up at Inuyasha, her eyes filled with fright, confusion, and hope. "You promise?" Kagome asked in a quivering voice. Inuyasha looked into her eyes. "I promise." He said and he ment it. Inuyasha couldn't lie to this girl. Dr. Inuyasha reached over to a table and picked up a syringe. "I'm going to give you something that'll help you sleep and when you wake up we'll talk some more, OK?" he asked. Kagome nodded her head. He put the needle into Kagome's IV and pushed the clear liguid that was in side of it into the IV so it would go into Kagome's vein. Kagome laid back on the hospital bed, resting her head on a pillow. Her eye lids slowly began to drift shut. "Why can't I remember?" Were the last words Kagome uttered before she fell into a deep, peacefull sleep.

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