"At last." Sighed Charlie, as she heard the familiar, end of school bell. She reached down to pick up her bag, which was under her desk, and was just making her way to the door when.

"Charlotte!" Came the stern voice of her geography teacher.

Charlie sighed, the 1 thing she hated about Mrs. Clover most, and most other teachers as well, was the way they insisted on calling her 'Charlotte'. Charlie shivered as she heard it and slowly turned around to see the stern face and pursed lips of the woman who just called her name.

"Yes, miss?" Charlie tried really hard to seem innocent and polite, if she was kept in late again, she wouldn't be able to stand on the playground, with her back to the wall, staring longingly into the eyes of Michael.she sighed and began to daydream, until Mrs. Clover began ranting at her about paying attention, blah, blah, blah, taking part in class discussions, blah, blah, blah, Seem like you have the 'love bug', blah, blah.hang on, love bug? Is it really that obvious that in her mind all she can think about Michael, that cute, brown-eyed boy.

"Love bug, miss?"

"Don't try and play innocent on me, young lady, you are in love. Now, I expect to see you putting some effort into my classes from now on, or my tongue might slip, understand?" Oo, she could be so mean sometimes, what a briber.

She was so desperate to leave; she resorted to asking the teacher!

"Yes, miss. Could I possibly go now, you see."

"No, charlotte, I'm sure in the rules it says that I can freely keep you behind 20 minutes after the bell has gone, so sit down at that desk and get out a pen." She pointed at the desk right at the front, and Charlie had no choice but to follow her orders.

Outside on the playground.

"Where the hell is Charlie?" Maddie asked her good friend Lou, even though she knew Lou wouldn't have a clue.

"Dunno, she did say she was walking today, didn't she?" Lou replied, shrugging. Maddie nodded as Mr. Garnell walked in their direction.

"Hello, Madeline, Louise, are you going home on a school bus? If so please get in the appropriate queue." Something about his voice really annoyed them.

"No, Sir, we're walking home," Lou said,

"You don't appear to be walking, in fact you look quite still to me, go on, start moving." What an awful sense of humour he has, if that was supposed to be funny.

"But sir, we're waiting for Charlie, she hasn't seem to come out of class yet, we promised we'd walk home with her," Maddie hated having to break her word to either of her best friends.

"Ahh, I overheard Mrs. Clover talking to Charlotte, something about 20 minutes, I'm not sure.so if you don't mind, off you go." With that he walked over to talk to another group of people milling around.

Lou sighed, "Well, what do you think? Should we go without her?"

"I dunno." as I said earlier, Maddie hated breaking her word.