Chapter 1: Setup Number One

"Ron, what in the name of arse are you doing?" demanded Hermione. "Oh, nothing, just a little paperwork," smirked Ron. "Oh, really? Then why are you penning a post for your sister? About Harry? This is quite strange, Ron." "Oh, shut up, Hermione, and let me think," snarled Ron. Hermione just shook her head and picked up the piece of parchment Ron was so busily writing on. "Dear Ginny: Hello, it is I, Harry Potter. I was just wondering if you wanted to meet me at Hog's Head for a cuppa on our next Hogsmeade weekend. Send your reply through next post, or let Ron know. Love, Harry." Hermione threw the parchment down on the ground and fumed. "Ron, why don't you just let your sister and poor Harry be? I ask you, if Harry likes Ginny, he'll ask her out himself! Do you have to intervene with your sister's love life as well as your best friend's?" "Geez, Hermione, bite my head off, will you?" "Be careful, Ron," smiled Hermione. "If you're not careful, you may get what you asked for." Then she turned on her heels and whisked out of the common room.


"Ginny, what on earth are you thinking about?" demanded Melissa, Ginny's friend since the first year. "If you just keep staring at Malfoy like that, I am so sure you'll have a rumor floating around about you liking him." Ginny flinched. "I do like him, Melly," she said softly. Melissa nearly had a heart attack. "Are you mad, Ginny? You have a crush on a Death Eater's son!" Now that this news had been out for some time about Draco Malfoy's father having been a Death Eater, the only friends he had were Crabbe and Goyle and, of course, Snape. "I don't care about that, Melly," she sighed. "I'm sure that, underneath all that toughness he is just as sensitive as we are." "As sensitive as some silly girls?" scoffed Melissa. "I am so sure. Maybe in the next life, Ginny. Just don't expect him to expose himself that easily." Melissa got up from the table and started to walk away, saying, "I'm off to the library for a bit of a read. Come join up with me if you'd like." "Yeah," sighed Ginny. "Sure, later, I suppose."


Author's Note: Sorry that this is so short, but I'm just starting out and I'm not exactly sure how people will react to this kind of crazy triangle. Have fun, and please review!