Evolution: Through the Looking glass.

Chapter 1: The Texan


          Welcome to my third story, I haven't got a clue what category to make this one, so I labeled it general! This marks the third and final of the Evolution trilogy. It chronicles the journey of (come on say it with me) Rogue (yay, everyone's so smart!!!) as she unleashes her full on mutant powers. Let's get this show on the road!!!! Oh, by the way this is probably set after Mainstream, or after Ascension (take your pick I'll pin it down later)


Notes: A Stetson is a brand name Cowboy hat


          The Walk to school was a long and arduous one; with the new found fear of mutants. Many viewed mutants as time bombs that where just waiting to explode, and it was true that many where exactly that. However, there were those, like the X-men, that continued to sway the hearts of the people. These particular mutants where now quietly plodding up the stairs to the main door of Bayville high school. Some were jealous of their powers, some feared them because of the shear destructive ability each of them held, but all was not without hope. The group that was currently entering the school, known to the world as the X-men, split up to their respective classes and the now senior Rogue went to her locker. She had always been alone; so the fact that she was going to a class that she would be the only mutant in the room was no big shock to her. She gathered her books and drug herself to class. When she arrived she picked an open seat in the back of the room where she could hide from any attention that might be paid to her. For one reason or another everyone who was next to her got up and moved away. Rogue just sighed at her lot in life and let the emotions pass.

          The teacher called the class to order, and announced that there would be a new student joining them. She motioned to the door and the class perked up as a moderately tall boy walked in. He looked as if he were at least six foot two inches tall, and was heavy built. Rogue examined him and surmised that he had to be mostly muscle from the way he walked. She noticed, when he removed his Stetson, that he cut his hair short enough that it naturally grew away from his face. "Howdy!" He greeted the class, as he looked Rogue straight in the eyes. She quickly turned her eyes away, blushing from embarrassment, but perked her ears hoping to catch his name.

          "Students, this is Brian. He is from Dallas, Texas and will be joining us for the rest of the year." The teacher explained

          "Let's go Bronco bust'en and Cow patty sniffing you all!!" yelled Duncan

          "Mister Mathews!!" scolded the teacher as the class laughed

          "You must be the Jock of the school." He said "You're ignorance is amazing, I'll bet that the only thing you excel at is running head first into the competition." The class howled, "Oh, and it's y'all. If you're going to make fun of someone make sure you've got the mental capacity to do so." the class roared with laughter and pointed at the embarrassed Duncan as he sank in his seat. Rogue looked at the new kid and smiled; he had potential.

          "Alright," the teacher tried to stifle a laugh herself "Take you seat, we need to get started."

          Brian began to walk to the back of the room; Rogue noticed that he passed up open seat after open seat as he neared her own position. Finally he reached the seat next to Rogue. "Um, is this seat taken?" he whispered

          "No, go ahead." She answered as she noticed Duncan glaring at them. Brian sat down and attached his backpack to the back of his chair. "You know Duncan's gonna be out to get ya from now on."

          "Ah, he's a pussy-cat; I've dealt with worse. Besides I told myself I'd never get picked on again." He explained

          "Dude, don't you know she's a mutant?" whispered someone next to them. Rogue sighed and cursed the idiot that had uttered those particular words

          "Dude," Brian mocked, "What's that got ta do with the price of tea in china?"

          "Price of tea in china? Who cares?" the idiot said

          "Exactly!" responded Brian. Rogue smiled at her new friend as they both turned their attention to the front of the classroom as the teacher got the lesson under way.

          Time passed and the class ended, Rogue looked to her side and that Brian had fallen asleep sometime in the middle of the class period. She elbowed him in the ribs gently to wake him up. Though he did not wake up, so she tried again; this time a little harder. Still nothing. "If he stays like this he's going to miss lunch." Rogue mused

          "What lunch!?!" Brian suddenly sprung to the up right position, scaring Rogue senseless so that she landed on her butt "Oops, sorry. I was trying to be funny. Ah didn't mean to scare ya." He apologized as he helped her up. Suddenly, Rogue broke into laughter.

          "You sidewinder!!" She playfully scolded as they began to walk into the hallway towards their lockers.

          "You don't speak up at all do you? In class I mean." He asked

          "Na, If ah did the class'd probably lynch me." She responded

          "Why's that?"

          " 'Cause I'm a mutant! This school doesn't have much, if any, love for us mutants."

          "That's not right." He paused "Oh, by the way what's you're power?" He smiled ignorantly as Rogue's expression turned from happy to sour in record time. "Oh, Damn. I'm sorry, you don't have to answer if you don't want to." Brian stammered. Rogue forced a smiled at his unexpected reaction. Silently she pulled off one of gloves and hoped what she was going to say did not freak him out.

          "If I was to touch you right now, you'd probably be in a coma for a week! You see when I touch someone I take their life force and their memories." She said quietly and waited for his reaction.

          "I guess that means that you can't touch someone without nearly kill'en them huh." he said thoughtfully. "I'm a quick one, huh!" He smiled again trying to lighten the mood "Say, why don't you let me take you out for some Cajun food?" He smiled widely "It'll cheer ya up! I promise! I'm gonna hunt down a Razoo's"

          Rogue smiled "You like that restaurant made crap?" She wondered, half scolding her new friend. Just then a young light dark skinned girl with two purple streaks running down her hair ran up to Rogue's side and visibly sized up the new kid.

          "Hello." She cooed as offered her hand to the native Texan. He shook it and then turned his attention back to Rogue.

          "Risty this is Brian." Rogue explained as she remembered her train of thought. "Tell you what, give me a week and I'll show ya what real Cajun cookin is about! Just let me clear your visit to the mansion with the professor and I'll get back to ya." Rogue finished

          "Say, What class do you have next?" inquired Brian

          "Umm, Physics." Rogue responded as she grabbed her book from her locker. Brian looked down at the sheet of paper that had his class order on it.

          "Come on, big money!!! Damn!!" He yelled as he turned his sheet of paper so that the two girls could view that his next class ended up being math. "I guess I'll see you at lunch time, gotta go!!" He said as he turned and ran towards his next class. Risty tilted her head sideways, her eyes slowly inching down his back towards his...

          "RISTY!!!" Rogue snapped

          "What? Is he claimed already, Love?" said Risty as she drew her full attention to Rogue with an innocent look on her face. "What was that about you cooking him some food? You asked him on a date, didn't you! Only been here one class period and you've already got your hooks in him, I'm so proud of you!!" Risty teased

          "Oh, shut up!" Rogue stomped away as Risty giggled. When Rogue was out of view Risty's expression changed for the worse. She did not know this kid and would be damned if she let anything hurt Rogue.


End Chapter 1

          So, Ok I pinned it down to right after Mainstream, but I've always wondered what it would've been like to put myself into the X-universe. As a result of a dream (and ahem a few other things) I bring this story to you.