Evolution: Through the Looking Glass

Special Chapter: Hera's Eye

It had been two months sense Rogue, Brian, Scott and Logan had returned from the lost dimension Midgard. In those two months the "Twins" as Brian and Rogue come to be called have gained considerable control of not only their powers but the very fabric of space and time. They tend to call it life manipulation, however, that is a story for another time. Today is the day that two have decided to join their lives legally; yes they have decided to get married. As I watch these two children that were sired by my greatest scientist I fell nothing but joy. Joy for the fact that there are those who have the power to rise against me, the ability to draw others to them, and the ability to die like the dogs they are.

But for now I will rest and allow them to live their lives as humans, but there will come a time when the gods will rise and we will destroy all dimensions. We will rebuild and all will be in my image. For now I will let these two gods live happily in their matrimony.