Thanks to Shakespeare

Logan stood against the wall in the Danger room and waited for the Swamp rat to show up. He was getting impatient when the Cajun finally walked in. He looked awful. Logan was glad he didn't get hangovers. He could almost feel sorry for the guy, but didn't. He was a skirt chaser. There was no way Logan was going to let him hook up with Marie.

"Thought you were going to break our date," Logan said.

"Nope. Just had to drop off my lunch on the way down," he said harshly. Damned hangover.

"I hate to do this to you Gumbo, but you are chasing the wrong girl," Logan said firmly and landed a punch square in Remy's jaw. There was a faint chink sound as metal covered knuckles made contact.

Remy staggered back and smiled. Logan was suddenly thrown back by an explosion on his chest. Sneaky Cajun slipped a card in his shirt pocket.

"You're too old for her," Remy said as he rubbed his chin.

"Damn it, Gumbo, this is my favorite shirt," Logan said as he brushed himself off.

"You're confusing her," Remy said. "Leave her alone."

"You're a player," Logan said firmly. "She deserves someone who will be faithful."

"Rogue is one girl who could make me," Remy said defensively. "You're no saint."

Logan landed another punch, and got one in return.

"I don't remember her making any choices yet," Logan said.

"So back off and let her choose," Remy said confidently.

Logan thought about that. Marie had been spooked by their blatant attention. He could kick himself for frightening her. She was legal, but she was still a kid in a lot of ways. They were being complete ass-holes for fighting over her like she was a prize.

"We'll both back off and give her some space," Logan said firmly. "I catch you trying anything and I'll finish this fight."

"What do you want for your birthday, Rogue?" Kitty asked looking up from her Cosmopolitan magazine.

"I haven't given it much thought," Rogue said with a sigh.

"She wants a man," Jubilee said confidently. "She just doesn't know which one."

Rogue blushed. She knew which one; he just wasn't hanging around anymore. Besides, her mutation wouldn't let her have someone. "I've given up on men, I was never meant to have one," Rogue said dejectedly holding up a gloved hand for emphasis.

"Of course you were, and if you ask me, I think they are waiting for you to make the next move," Jubilee said. "Let's cook up one of your fantastic plans!"

"I'm fresh out of inspiration," Rogue said. "I just don't want to think about it any more."

"Hey, I got an idea. Let's go shopping for your birthday!" Kitty said trying to cheer up her obviously depressed friend.

"Not now," Rogue said. "I'm going down to the library. I need another reference for this history essay."

"Have fun, Chica," Jubilee said as Rogue left. She ran to the door to make sure she was gone and then sat by Kitty on the bed.

"Rogue needs a man," she announced.

"Duh!" Kitty said. "Which one?'

"Hello! Earth to Kitty! Who has it always been?" Jubilee said.

"Okay, sorry! How do we get them together?" Kitty asked. "They're not even trying anymore."

"I have a plan," Jubilee said cryptically. "But we will need a little help."

"What kind of a plan?" Kitty asked.

"Remember the play we were reading in Mr. McCoy's class?" Jubilee asked.

"Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing?" Kitty said. She thought for a moment. "Oh, of course, Jubes! If they can set up Benedick and Beatrice who hated each other, we can set up Logan and Rogue who are definitely in love!"

"Totally!" Jubilee agreed. "Gather the troops!"

"We don't have to use the King's English, do we?" Bobby said humorously.

"Nitwit!" John said. "Just act natural while shoveling that story Jubilee handed us."

"Tell me again why we're doing this?" Bobby asked.

"Because we both know that neither of us will ever have a chance while that man breaths, and it would make her happy," John said sadly.

"Wow John, that's almost noble," Bobby said.

"Shut up," John said when he saw Jubilee's signal as she walked by. "He's coming…"

Logan was headed to the kitchen for a beer to take out onto the patio when he heard an interesting conversation begin…

"So you heard Rogue talking to the girls, eh?" Bobby said loudly.

"Yeah, they were all talking about who they liked here," John began. "Kitty likes the mad Russian, Jubilee likes the Cajun, and Rogue is in love with Logan."

In love? Logan thought. He stood by the doorway, out of sight hoping to hear more on the subject.

"What about Remy, I thought Rogue had a thing for him?" Bobby asked.

"Oh, no. Just the whole charm thing, all the girls like him a little, but that's not love. I'm telling you exactly what I heard. Our Rogue is pining away for the grouch as we speak," John said firmly.

Pining? Logan thought. For me and not him? Hmmm. Time to make the move.

"So you're telling me neither of us has a chance?" Bobby said.

"Never did," John said sadly.

"Damn." Bobby said. They both stole a glance toward the kitchen and saw Logan leave the other way.

"Bingo," John whispered with a smile.

"Hook, line and sinker," Bobby said grinning.

They never saw Remy hiding around the corner listening in. Jubilee? Hmmm.

Logan never had a problem finding her; he could track her scent anywhere. Marie was in the library. He stood in the doorway watching her. She frowned at her book, and wrote a few notes. She bit her lower lip as she searched the pages for the information she needed. He loved all her little gestures.

"Hey, Marie," he said as he strode in, "Studying?"

"Just finishing up this essay," she said. He just called me Marie, he almost never calls me Marie. "What are you doing?"

"Came to see if you wanted to go see a movie or something, for your birthday," he said blushing.

"That sounds nice," she said nervously. Is he blushing?

"And dinner?" he added.

"Sure," she said.

"Marie," he said.

"Yes," she said.

"Why do you still wear my tags?" he asked.

"Why'd you let me keep them?" she asked.

"I like seeing them on you," he said seriously. Having his name on her was like claiming her as his, but he didn't say that.

"I like wearing them," she said blushing.

"Why, please tell me why," he asked.

"They remind me of you," she said.

"Tell me, please," he said firmly. "Tell me you feel the same about me as I feel about you."

"Logan, you know I love you," she said quietly. "I always have."

"Good," he said with satisfaction. "You're finally old enough for me to say I love you too."

He pulled her out of her chair and hugged her. Finally the games were over.

Remy was sitting next to Jubilee in the lounge. They were watching cartoons, and Remy was trying to get her attention.

"So, Cher, the Wolverine finally caught his girl?" he said to her.

"Tough break for you," Jubilee said nonchalantly.

"I don't know," he said as he pretended to stretch so he could put an arm around her. "I think I found someone much more interesting to pursue."

Jubilee turned to look at him suspiciously. "Really?"

He bent down and gave her a quick gentle kiss on the cheek. "Really."

There is a god, Jubilee thought. Thank you William Shakespeare!