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    Link sat down on a large rock and looked around at the Desert Colossus. He was as good as stuck now. If he hadn't followed the poe to the end of the Haunted Wasteland, he could've just followed the Gerudos' markers showing the way back to their fortress.

    "How could I have been so stupid!" Link thought. He couldn't talk very well, since he was so thirsty from chasing the poe in the middle of a desert. Link thought back to the last time he was here, trying to remember where the closest source of water was. He walked around through the sand, stepping lightly so he wouldn't get stuck in the sand, when he heard the soft noise of something digging its way out of the earth. A Leever, a strange green creature with spikes coming out of its top, had come out of the miles of sand and was spinning its way towards Link. The boy just moodily swung his Gilded Sword at the beast and dispatched it.

    As soon as the Leever melted into the sand, more had wiggled their way out of the desert. Link slowly backed away from the creatures. One or two of them was an easy task, but a herd of them could defeat an army of Moblins, giant pig-like monsters that often carried large spears or hammers.

    "This is not my day," Link muttered as he pulled out Light Arrows and propped his shield up against a rock.


    "So, who are you?" a young girl demanded. She was wearing a light pinkish-purple dress with her blonde hair running neatly down her back and a tall woman stood behind her with her gray hair in a tight bun and her arms folded.

    "Travelers," Alex answered quickly and nervously.

    "Really? Travelers usually don't visit the Temple of Time, without a reason at least." The girl just kept on pushing them for answers.

    "Well, we were, uh…"

    "We came here to see if what our friend said is true," Bryce suddenly said.

    "Oh? And what friend is this?" She had caught the teens in a rather hard question.

    "Link," stated Dannie. The girl at the entrance to the temple smiled.

    "Why didn't you say so earlier?" she asked and turned around. The kids could've melted with relief where they stood. "Come on!" she called out, waiting for them to follow her to wherever she was going. Bryce and Nick followed her obediently, but Alex and Dannie stayed behind for just a while.

    "I owe you like 10 soda pops as soon as we get out of this mess," Alex said.

    "Make it 10 sodas and a pizza and I might throw in my two-cents more often."

    "Hey! Be nice! I've only got enough for the soda!" Alex said running off after the trio that had already left. The girls ran out of the Temple of Time and into the marketplace, but soon encountered a problem.

    "Uh, Alex? Do you know where they went?" Alex angrily shoved a guy who had shoved her.

    "No. Why do you ask?" she answered glaring at the man who had pushed her right back and he slowly walked away.

    "Because we're in a busy marketplace in a different world without any clue about where we're going."


    Link ran around in circles trying to get into a good position to shoot the arrow.  He aimed the Light Arrow carefully at his mirror shield lying on the ground and let the Leevers come between him and the shield. Link concentrated on the tip of the arrow as small rays of light shot out of its point and he shot it straight at the shining shield. The Leevers stopped with curiosity when the blur of light flew past. It hit the mirror shield and dropped to the ground with its light lost. The dozens of Leevers turned around to see Link yawning and sitting down on the ground. The sluggish beasts 'sped' towards him, but disappeared in a flash of light as they were attacked from behind. The mirror shield had successfully reflected the light from the Light Arrow and magnified the light so it easily destroyed all of the Leevers.

    Link idly picked up his shield, put it away, and walked back to the rock. He sat down and began to dig through the satchel Saria had made to keep his equipment in. He pushed aside his wallet, filled to the top with rupees, the bomb bag (very carefully), several Deku Nuts, and many other random objects, but he couldn't find what he was looking for.

    "Where are we?" Tatl flew out of Link's long forest-green hat and flew around. "How did we end up in a desert?"

    "I don't know exactly how, but Majora's Wrath somehow transported us here to the Desert Colossus," Link answered as he emptied the contents of the satchel.

    "You know this place? Is this Hyrule? From how you described it, I thought Hyrule would less sandy," Tatl said. "What are you looking for?"

    "This is only part of Hyrule, the part closest to Termina," Link answered, looking through his stuff again. "Where is it?"

    "What are you looking for?"

    "The Ocarina of Time! It's missing!" he exclaimed.


    "Hey, what happened to Alex and Dannie?" Nick asked as they followed the girl through the Market.

    "I dunno. Alex must of gone to the Bombchu Bowling Alley," Bryce answered, remembering how she had nearly thrown a fit because she had spent nearly two hundred rupees and kept hitting the cuccos in the alley. "Dannie is probably going shopping."


    "Hey, uh, where are we going?"

    "To the castle."

    "Why to the castle?" Bryce and Nick asked at the same time.

    "Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, didn't I? I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule," she answered. The boys' jaws instantly dropped.

"Oh," Was all that either one of them could say in reply.

    "Alex, shouldn't we go find them?" Dannie asked nervously.

    "Heck, no!" Alex replied excitedly. "Let's have some fun first!" She looked around at all of the things in the Market like a small kid in a giant candy store. Alex began to walk off in the direction of the Bombchu Bowling Alley thinking only about payback at the game. The idea of handling dangerous explosives was exciting, too.

    "I refuse to go!" Dannie shouted.

    "You're acting like Bryce's little brother, Dannie!" Alex shouted. Dannie gasped. "Besides, if you don't come, I could leave this place and head to Lake Hylia if I wanted and you wouldn't even know."

    "You wouldn't dare!"

    "Oh, yes I would!" With that, Alex marched into the building and didn't turn back.

    Dannie stubbornly sat on the edge of the fountain, watching a small gray terrier skip past barking loudly. A bulky man walked past the fountain and looked at her, looking at her American clothes funny until she became nervous and ran into the Bombchu place after Alex.

    Alex backed away from the counter slowly, keeping far away from the large Arabian swords two Gerudo women had in their hands. Each one was carrying a large sack: one full of Bombchu and the other full of rupees. The purple-haired girl at the counter had her head resting on her hand, sound asleep and snoring softly. Dannie opened the door, but only a crack. She had heard the voices inside of the building before she had gone in, so she knew that some dangerous women were in there.

    "Well, do you have any goods that you would like to share with us?" One of the Gerudos said, her voice dripping with honey.

    "For you see, we love it when people cooperate. Take this girl for example." The other lady pointed to the sleeping girl. "Miss sleeping beauty cooperated nicely, and she's as happy as can be." 

    "Now, be a good little girl and give us anything valuable and we'll leave you alive, for now." The first Gerudo ran the blade of her sword softly across her finger. Alex scooted along the floor and tried to think of a way to get out of the situation.

    "Nothing? Not a single rupee? Are you sure?" This time the Gerudo ran the blade of her weapon across Alex's neck, not hard enough to leave more than a small mark though. (Oh, thank goodness…)

    "I don't have anything," Alex admitted. She stood up, brushed herself off, and put her hands into her pockets.

    "I'm afraid that you'll have to pay for it in a different way then!" The Gerudo holding the bombchus said. She set the explosions down and walked towards the girl with both of her swords out and ready to kill. Alex steadily walked back towards the wall. Whoever had played the game last had only gotten to the second wall, so a small white cucco clucked around the floor.

    "It looks like tomorrow's dinner will be here for your funeral," the Gerudo still carrying the rupees said, cocking her head towards the bird. Alex pulled her hands out of her pockets and picked up the cucco. In her other hand, she held a small red pocketknife. She flicked it open with her thumb and smiled smugly at the two thieves. They stopped and watched Alex dumbfoundedly.

    "I do have something of value. A simple pocketknife, and a habit of torturing cuccos until they torture you." Alex took the blade of the knife and stabbed the cucco a little. She knew it wouldn't kill or injure the bird, but it would make it angry.

    "What are you trying to pull!"

    "Watch," Alex said. She said the mad bird on the ground, gave it a hard kick, and ran for the door.

    "CCCCUUUUUCCCCCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The cucco crowed loudly. In a rain of feathers, dozens of cuccos fell from the ceiling and began attacking the bandits. Alex sped through the door, accidentally knocking Dannie over, ("Sorry, Dannie!") and watched the 'fun.' The giant cucco in the back of the bowling alley had rammed through the wall and began pecking the Gerudos like mad. They ran for the door, so Dannie and Alex jumped out of the way before they were knocked down. The Gerudos had dropped their swords, loot, and many cucco feathers as they ran out of the door. Three birds still pursued them, pecking hard at their red heads. Alex and Dannie burst out laughing as the Gerudos ran past some castle guards with their hands high in the air and screaming at the top of their lungs. The guards just stared as the two ladies ran past and another Gerudo calmly walked in through the gate. From her outfit, the girls could tell that she was most likely a higher-class Gerudo than the other two.

    "Hey, you!" she shouted. The two young girls quickly recovered from their fits of laughter and stood up. "I saw how you managed to outsmart two of my best thieves. I am Nabooru, named after the exalted second-in-command leader of the Gerudos."


    "Let me cut to the chase. I want to make you a member of the Gerudos. But, first things first. What is your name?" Nabooru asked.

    "Alex, don't tell her!" Dannie hissed in her ear.

    "I'm Alex," she said.

    "Strange. That's a name you don't hear around here. Now, are you coming?"

    "But what about Dannie?" Alex asked.

    "What about her?" Nabooru cocked her head to the side.

    "She has to come, or I refuse to go." Dannie smiled nervously and waved.

    Nabooru sighed. "I suppose, but no one else. My horse can't carry more than three.

    "Horse?" Alex squeaked.


    "So, what brings you to Hyrule? Link been gone for a while now, and since you say you're his friends, I'm guessing that you should have known where he was, right?" Zelda asked, sitting down on the steps in the courtyard. Impa, who had been with Zelda in the Temple of Time, was now listening intently.

    "We're not exactly sure, Princess Zelda. But we do know that Link is in trouble," Bryce declared. Zelda and Impa suddenly perked up.

    "What!" they exclaimed. "How do you know? Where is he?"

    "We don't know where he is," Nick answered. "We saw him getting hurt by this thing called Majora's Wrath. It has the Triforce of Power!" Both Impa and Zelda gasped loudly and stared at the two boys with wide eyes.

    "But, how? How could you know about something like that?" Zelda asked.

    "We saw the entire thing! Majora's Wrath showed the back of his right hand to Link, and the symbol of the Triforce with the top triangle lit up appeared!" Bryce explained. "Majora's Wrath said that he would get the Triforce of Courage from Link, but Link didn't have it, so Majora was whipping him and he said that he would leave Link somewhere all alone, where no one could find him!"

    "This is terrible," Zelda said slowly. "That monster will stop at nothing to claim the Triforce, and he will destroy every land in the world if he cannot get it. I'm just wondering one thing. Since Majora's Wrath had to travel to the Sacred Realm in order to claim the Triforce of Power from Ganondorf, he could've just grabbed the other two pieces along with it, couldn't he?"

    "Well, we're really not sure."

    "That's not important right now," Zelda said. "What is important right now is finding Link!" She turned to Impa, ready to beg for help.

    "No," Impa replied. "I've known you for long enough to know what you are thinking most of the time. And this time, my answer is no. If I send out the guards to help in the search, we will both be in more trouble than we already are for leaving the castle." Zelda looked at the floor disappointedly. "But," the young girl looked up hopefully. "I am sure that some of the guards in Karkariko will be more than pleased to assist."


    Alex sat in front on Nabooru's white spotted horse, clinging to its neck and sneezing occasionally when its mane tickled her nose.

    "You just beat two sword-wielding thieves and you're afraid of a little horse ride?" Dannie asked.

    "NO! I just don't ride horses that often. And if I remember right, the road from Hyrule Castle Town to Gerudo Valley is a bumpy ride." She closed her eyes and bit her lip as Nabooru jumped her horse over a fence.

    "I would love it if you didn't strangle my horse, Alex," Nabooru said. Alex let go and sat up a little, but still kept low to the horse. Alex looked up just in time to see a small cluster of buildings surrounded by a high fence.

    "There goes Lon Lon Ranch," she said. How Link could get a horse to jump over the fence seemed an even bigger mystery after seeing how high the fence was for real.

    "We're almost there," Nabooru said as she steered the horse left then right near a small scarlet cliff. She slowed the horse to a trot let it go by itself the rest of the way. It seemed to know its home, so it knew which way to go.

    "So, where are you two from?" The Gerudo asked.

    "We're both from a country called America," Dannie answered. Alex had nearly passed out from the horse ride.

    "America? I've never heard of that place. And I've heard of and been to a lot of places," Nabooru replied.

    "Well, it's kinda far away."

    "I had guessed that. You both have strange accents, not to mention strange clothing."

    "Well, where we're from everyone would think that you had a strange accent and clothing, too."

    "I don't doubt that. What's it like in America?"

    "Well, it's pretty good. We don't have a Royal Family or anything, but we do have a President." Noticing the look of confusion on Nabooru's face, Dannie explained. "It's kinda like a king, but he doesn't make all of the decisions right off and he has to be voted into office instead of just getting the responsibility dumped on him."

    "So everyone in your country picks who the President is?"


    "What else? What is life like there?"

    "Kinda everything. Sometimes it's long and dull, sometimes something exciting happens. Like, just this summer, a blackout hit a lot of the eastern part of America," Dannie explained.

    "A blackout? What's that?" Nabooru questioned.

    "Oh, yeah, you don't have electricity in Hyrule. I almost forgot. Well, this man named Benjamin Franklin got this crazy idea that the same power that lightning generates could be used for lighting houses and stuff, so…"

    For the rest of the trip to the Gerudo Fortress, Dannie explained to Nabooru what life in the here and now is like. (If poor Alex wasn't asleep before, she is now!)

    After Nabooru dismounted her horse and helped the two girls off, she quickly led them deep into the base. She led them into a well-lit room full of supplies and weapons. Alex and Dannie just looked around at the room. The walls were covered with various maps of towns and some maps of individual houses.

    "Now, if you two want to be good Gerudo thieves, you'll need more than a nice dagger and a fox's wits and cunning, you'll need good tools. Nabooru picked a variety of weapons and such from the piles around he room. She gave Alex a hookshot, boomerang, a bow, a large sword like the ones the two Gerudos from the Bombchu Bowling Alley had, and a real dagger. To Dannie, she just gave advice.

    "If you want to be a Gerudo, then you must prove yourself. Alex already defeated the two Gerudos I sent to the Bombchu Bowling Alley, and that was enough for me. If you really want to be a Gerudo, either complete the training grounds or the horseback archery course. You can borrow one of the horses in the stables for the archery. I'll tell the guards to let you in, but just go to bed for now. It's getting late. If you go up the stairs over there." Nabooru pointed over to the far side of the room between a map of Kakariko and Death Mountain. "You'll find some beds. Now, good night."

    "Night!" Alex and Dannie shouted out.

    Alex and Dannie were far too tired to do much 'getting ready' before they went to bed. Both crawled into two different beds sleepily and didn't budge after that except to talk.

    "Hey Alex?" Dannie said from across the room.


    "Are we gonna wake up tomorrow at your house, with you mom yelling at us to wake up?"

    "I dunno. Try pinching yourself."

    "No! You!"

    "I don' wanna," Alex complained. "Too tired." It was silent for a little while.

    "What gave you the idea to make that cucoo mad?"

    "Well, it was my only option. If was thinking that I could maybe use the sign near the door to hit the Gerudo with the Bombchus with, but that woulda been suicide, so I just remembered how I would play the Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo. It was kinda fun to watch the mad attacks of Hylian chickens. I just had to find a lot of fairies to make it last for a good long time." Silence again.

    "You are so mean to Link," Dannie said. She couldn't see because of the dark, but she could tell that Alex was sticking her tongue out at her. Dannie did it right back.

Alex: Cools! I'm a Gerudo now!

LS: But Ganondork (spelling error intended) was a Gerudo…

Alex: And?

LS: -__-