Session #1: Strange dream's.

Beast Boy was in his room and him and the other Titan's were getting ready for bed. "G'night", said Robin as he walked passed his door. "Yeah, you too", Beast Boy said through gargling. He spat out the water and continued to brush his teeth. "Saw log's buddy!", shouted Cyborg as he strolled past his door.

"Yeah, night Cy!", he said as he wiped the tooth paste foam off his mouth. Beast Boy walked out of his bathroom and undressed from his usual attire. No one knew that he wore green pajamas with monkeys swinging on the sides at night. "Geez, I can't believe I still wear these, he snicker's to himself, but their so comfortable!"

He pulled up his pj pant's and was about to put on his matching pj shirt until, "Have a nice time sawing log's Beast Boy..., though I do not know why you would like to cut lumber at this hour.

Beast Boy fall's down anime style until he heard Robin's voice shout "Sawing logs mean's going to sleep while snoring, Star!"

"Oh, she said embarrassedly, Beast Boy I wish to rephrase my statement." Star knocks on his door and say's, "Good night, have pleasant dreams." "Thanks Star, he replies as he got up.

Beast Boy finally put on his pj shirt and jumped into the top bunk of his messy bed. It was messy, but surprisingly very comfortable. " I wonder why Raven didn't say good night to me?, he asked himself, she usually does when she goes off to her own room. fact I didn't hear her say goodnight to anyone.

Where is she?" Beast Boy closed his eyes and thought nothing off it. "Maybe she went to bed early", he yawned as stretched his arm's and hugged his pillow. Beast Boy hugged his pillow again. "Hey this isn't my pillow.., Beast Boy pull's the blanket off his bed and gasp's. "R-Raven!?", Beast Boy gulps. Raven was casually laying down on her side, she turned around and gave Beast Boy a rather seductive smile.

"W-What are you doing in my room?!", he stuttered. Beast Boy looks down at her and his jaw drops. "Y-your in your underwear?!" "Does it bother you she purred as she nuzzled against his arm. Beast Boy hesitated, he was looking at Raven in her underwear..., to his surprise she wore pink underwear with little flower designs embedded as a pattern.

Second surprise was that she wore a g-string. Beast Boy slapped himself and it brought him back to the current situation. "Well, yeah! I mean it's not like I don't mind...,but this isn't like you! "Shut up and kiss me. She nudged herself closer to him and wrapped her arm's around his neck. Beast Boy was breathing heavily. He could feel a certain intensity rising as he felt her skin rub against his.

"Raven! Stop we can't do this!", he tried to say as he pulled her arm's off him. "Why not she asked as she pressed her lip's against his. Beast Boy's face glowed a bright scarlet as steam burst through his ear's. "Oh...geez!" he said to himself.

"Y'know you want this.", she purred as she jumped on his waist. Beast Boy gulped, "Y-yes I do....", he stuttered.. Beast Boy then felt himself tottering over his bed as Raven pushed herself closer to him. The duo fell off the bed and Beast Boy....., he woke up.

"What the heck!", he said to himself. He looked around him and checked under his sheet's. There was no Raven waiting for him.. "It was only a dream.", he said to himself. "Whew, for a second there I thought it was real.", he chuckled to himself.

"Who said it wasn't?", said a voice as it tapped him on the shoulder. Beast Boy turned around to his side and Raven lay there next to him. "Aaaah!", he shouted as he fell off his bead flailing his arm's..

He woke up again. He slapped himself on the forehead and shouted, "Aaagh! I hate double dreaming!" " These dreams are happening frequently now.", he say's to himself as he wipes the sweat off his brow.

"Why can't I stop thinking about her?" "Aaagh!", he shouted in frustration. He quietly calmed himself down and looked at his hand's. " It felt so real..., I felt like I was actually touching her." Beast Boy brushes his finger's against his lip's. "It felt so real...,Could it be that I'm in love..., with her?"

"Oh.., crud." Beast Boy shrugged his shoulder's. "It's not possible. She'll never fall for a guy like me." " But would it hurt to try?" The skinny figure sat up in bed and knocked his head against the ceiling. "Ow, gotta watch that.", he snickered to himself as he rubbed his head. He slumped back down to his pillow and stared at the ceiling. His head comfortably supported by his folded arms on his pillow, he began to wonder some more.

He sighed and rolled over to his side. Unaware that it meant he would fall off his twin bed, again. "Oof!", he grunted when he fell over. Luckily, his pile of clothes had softened his fall. He took a pair of shorts off his head pushed his dirty clothes to the side. "Why do I even have a twin bed?", he wondered to himself.

"It's not like anyone want's to bunk with me.", the teen stand's up and look's around his room. It was literally a jungle in there. Pile of clothes hanged on window frames, while poster's hanged crookedly on his wall. Load's of clothes had never been washed and he was surprised when he looked under his bed to find a plate of blue fuzzy food under his bed.

"So that's where it went.", he say's to himself, "Hmm...look's like sushi?". The teen sniffed the plate of raw fish and out of curiosity, nibbled on it (and for you all that don't know, Fish isn't meat. In fact, anything seafood isn't meat.).

"Blech!", he spouted as he spat the stuff out. "Man that was horrible!" The teen lick's his lips, "Wait...., hey! It taste's like tofu!" The teen pick's up another piece and tosses it into his mouth. "Geez, this is disgusting", he say's to himself, "I hope no one find's out I actually eat this stuff."

The teen wipes his lip's with his sleeve and opened his door to the outside. "It's really late..., I know the other's are asleep, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a midnight snack". He glanced at the clock next to his room. "Correction, a really late midnight snack, it's 3:00." Beast Boy tiptoed to the kitchen, making sure his footstep's couldn't be heard and wake anyone up. He made his way stealthily as he hummed the Mission Impossible tune to himself.

"Ta-tum, Ta-atum, pum,pum,pum, ta-na, ta-na, ta-atum." He somersaulted over the couch in the living room and headed for the kitchen. "Ga!" He silently shouted as he tripped over the game station controller. "Eep, hope no one heard that. Cyborg, you should learn how to wrap them up.", he say's to himself as he tidies up the system.

He made his way to the kitchen but stopped suddenly. Some one else was there before him. Beast Boy quickly hides behind the counter and presses his back against the wall. He peers over the counter and catches a glimpse of the figure. "Oh, no way!", he snicker's to himself. It was Raven. She was in a silky dark blue nightgown that stopped at her knee and was drinking out of the carton of milk.

"Ewww..., real milk!" Beast Boy say's as he forces a gag. Beast Boy snickered to himself, "Man I'm going to enjoy this." "Boo! He shout's as he jumps from behind the counter. "Aahh she shouted, the carton of milk exploded and was splattered all over BB's face.

Beast Boy froze there in silence for a few second's until, "Aahh! Get it off me! Get it off me!" He shout's as jump's off the counter and roll's around the ground covering his eyes. "It burn's!!!", he shout's. "It burns like the fire on nine dragons!"

Raven sigh s as a anime vein popped over her forehead. "Would you please be quiet!", she say's as she cover's his mouth with a black aura. Beast Boy began to mumble through but this only made Raven tighten the grasp. "What are you doing here so late at night?", she asked him. She released her grasp and Beast Boy took in a deep breath. "I can ask you the same thing.", he replied.

"I was only get a drink!", she snarled at him. "Eeep!", Beast Boy cringed. Raven was covered from head to toe in milk. This made her night gown see through, and everyone know's what happens when something cold hits your chest. "Oh geez....", he said as he sat there wide eyed. "What are you looking at?", she asked. Raven finally realizes she was drenched in milk and what it did to her.

She quickly folded her arm's, covering her chest and glared at the green teen. "If.., you ever! And I mean ever! Tell anyone about this, I'll kill you!" she say's in a cold mono-tone, as well threatening voice to him. She hold's up her fist to his face and stares at him sternly.

"What? That you wear pink underwear?" "Whoa that's a huge coincidence!", he says to himself silently as he remembers his dream. Raven bop's him over the head. "Yes! That!", she replies. "We will never mention this moment again!," she shouted at him as low as she could.

A anime sweat drop dripped down Beast Boy's head and giggled as a bright scarlet made a appearance on his face. "Stop that and help me clean up!", she interrupted him as she threw a roll of Bounty paper towels at him. It hit Beast Boy across the head and he clumsily caught it.

They silently scrubbed the floor and Beast Boy's elbow nudged against her's. "Oop's sorry.", he apologized as he scrubbed the last few puddles off the floor. Raven glanced at the teen and shook her head. "Fire of nine dragons?", she asked.

"Hey I don't like real milk, okay?" "You are without a doubt one of the strangest people I know.", she replied as she stood up. She was finished cleaning the floor and moved to the counter to help Beast Boy.

"So why did you get up?" Beast Boy asked, "The real reason." he snickered. "It is none of your business she replied as she wiped the table. "Did you have a night mare?" "Yes, you can say that." "What was it about?", Beast Boy asked.

Raven cringed, she remembered it all to well.

*dream sequence/flashback*

She was meditating in her room, when suddenly a little crack in her door opened up. She rushed quickly to the door to meet her unwelcome visitor. She gasped when it was Beast Boy. "What do you-, she was cut off when Beast Boy grabbed her by the shoulder's and pressed his lip's against her's. She pushed him away and shouted.

"What are you doing?!" She raised her hand and brought it down to slap him. Beast Boy caught her hand and Raven froze on the spot. Beast Boy brought her palm into his hand and began to nuzzle his head against it. He slowly motioned his head up her arm and looked into her eyes. Beast Boy..", she whispered.

For some reason right there in that moment she felt a welcoming warmth surround her body. Her hand's were trembling as she lifted Beat Boys head off her arm. She looked into his eyes, and that's when Raven tipped her head down and kissed him. That is when she woke up, covered in sweat and at a loss with breath.

"What the heck did I eat last night?", she say's to herself as she rub's her head with a rather confused look on her face. "I wonder what that meant?", she ask's herself. It suddenly hit her.

"Oh crud...", she whispered to herself.

*end dream sequence/flash back*

"Hey Rae. Rae! Earth to Raven!", say's Beast Boy as he waves his hand in front of her face. Raven shaked her head and finally came back to reality. She grabbed Beast Boy's hand and said, "I am fine, it is none of your business. I like to keep my dream's to myself."

"Oooookay then...", he replied as he took his hand back. Raven and Beast Boy finished cleaning the kitchen and Raven began to leave.

"Good night Beast Boy.", she said as she made her way to her room. "W-wait, Raven.." Raven turned her head to her right and asked, "What is it?!, irately. "I am covered in milk that will eventually grow sticky if I do not shower fast, Beast Boy!"

Beast Boy gulps. "Okay, BB old boy. You can do this he say's to him self. Just ask her."

"R-raven, w-would you like to go with me to the movie's?" Raven raised her brow in curiosity, "Which movie?" "Um..., Beast Boy thinks to himself, what kind of movie would Raven like to see...

It finally hit him. "How about The Texas Chain saw Massacre?" Raven nodded her head, "I would like to see that movie, we should inform the other's." Raven turned and began to walk back to her room again.

"No, Raven. I uh.., I mean just us two.", he say's as a goofy smile spread across his face. He rubbed the back of his head and awaited her answer. "Wouldn't that be sort of like a date? Sorry but I don't think I can accompany you."

"Eep, BB, your losing her. Quick! think of something to say.", he say's to himself. "Uh, no it wouldn't?", he say's a anime sweat drop fell down his head. "I mean it's just us friend's right?" Raven stood there and stared at him. "J-just friend's?", Raven pouted, but she didn't know why.

"Sorry, I'll be at the café all day", she finally said. "Oh..., then how about I join you?" Raven raised her eyebrow again. "It wouldn't be a date or anything", he said.

"Are you sure?" "Yeah, positive!", he say's as he stick's up a thumb's up sign. "Then meet me here in the living room at 2:00 exactly. If your not here by then, I'll leave without you."

"Oh sure I'll be here!", he replied gleefully. "Alright then." she said as she left to her room. "Good night Raven", she heard him say as she left.

"Alright, I got a date with Raven.", Beast Boy say's silently to himself as he danced around the room. This went on for a couple of minutes, actually, it went one for a full hour and 45 minutes. After exerting so much energy, he plopped down on the couch. "I have a date with Raven..", he say's as he drift's off to sleep. A thought suddenly popped into his head. "I have a date with Raven!, he shout's silently.

"Man, I don't even know what they do at cafes. Something with coffee and tea? Oh, god I need help. Beast Boy yawn's, hmm, forgot that's it late", he say's to himself as he looked at the clock.

"I'll figure out this mess by tomorrow. Robin will help me, I mean he's already got something with Starfire."

"Hmph, maybe even Cy can give me some tip's." With that said, the green teen calmed down and drifted off to sleep on the couch.