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Chapter 4


The sun's light woke Syaoran. He turned around to see Sakura, but she wasn't there. That surprised him. He turn to see the alarm clock were it clearly said 6:30 A.M. Syaoran quickly got off the bed. It was 6:30 a.m. and Sakura wasn't there. She usually got up around 8:00 and that was only when she wakes up early.

 He was really scared now. She wouldn't leave him, right? He quickly grabbed a rob and out it on and went to look for Sakura. If she hadn't left him then there will be only one place where she would be.


Yelen and the Elders had been talking about the Chan Clan for a while.

"So do you think that Yui Fung's target is Sakura?" Asked a worried Yelen. Many things worried her. If Sakura was Yui Fung's target then she would be in terrible danger, and if something happened to Sakura, Syaoran would most definitely would want revenge.

"He wants the cards, not Sakura. With the cards he would be able to surpass the magic of the Li Clan." Said one of the Elders.

"But there is no way for him to get the cards unless Sakura gives them to him, and that would never happen." Said a serious Yelen.

"There is also another way." Said the oldest of the Elders.

Yelen looked at him shocked.


Syaoran stopped walking when he saw his cherry blossom sitting under a cherry blossom tree. His heart seem to calm down by seeing her. He walked closer to her without her noticing.

Sakura keep thinking over about what happen last night. Why wouldn't Syaoran trust her? She sigh deeply as she keep remembering what happened last night.

"A penny for your thoughts." Whispered Syaoran to her ear.

Immediately she turned to face him.

"What do you want?" Asked Sakura since she was still angry at him.

"I want you to forgive me for what happen last night. I don't what was I thinking when I said that." Said Syaoran as he took a seat next to her.

"I know what you were thinking. You thought that I would cheat on you with Yui Fung. I can't believe that you don't trust me!" Said Sakura with anger in every word.

"I do trust you. I just don't trust Yui Fung! I know he wants you and I'm just scare that you'll leave me for him." There he had finally said it.

Sakura looked at him surprised. Did Syaoran just told her that he was scared of losing her? Sakura could only smile.

"Really?" She asked hoping that it was true what he said.

"Yes Sakura. Your the most important person to me. If you leave me my whole world will fall. I love you Sakura." Said Syaoran as he closed the gap that was between the two and kissed her. Sakura responded him with as much passion as him. Soon they had to break a part for the lack of air.

Sakura rested her head on his shoulder. Syaoran knew that when she does that it's because she had forgiven him.


"Damn it! So Syaoran your were able to get her back so soon. Well let's see if you'll still love her after I'm threw with her. Just wait Li, soon I'll have the cards under my control and will see if you will still trust her." Said Yui Fung as he looked through a magic mirror what was happening between Sakura and Syaoran. 

"Master why are you so upset?" Asked one of his followers as he enter the room.

"That Li was able to get the Card Mistress back with him! But it really isn't a big problem. Soon my plan will start to develop and you'll see how Syaoran and his whole clan will turn against the Card Mistress." Said Yui Fung as he let out a sinister laugh.


Sakura and Syaoran walked inside the mansion only to find Yelen waiting for them.

"Syaoran I must speak with you, privately." Said Yelen with a very serious tone.

But Syaoran thought it was normal, since his mother was usually serious.

"Well I'll go upstairs to take a shower." Said Sakura so she could leave the two alone. Syaoran gave her a quick kiss and then she left.

"Alright mother what is it?" Asked Syaoran.

"Let's go to your office so we can talk." Said Yelen already walking ahead of him. Syaoran just followed her.

Once they were inside Yelen sat in one of the chairs followed by Syaoran.

"So what do you want to talk about?" Asked Syaoran.

"It's about Yui Fung." Said Yelen not changing a bit her tone.

Syaoran frown at hearing his name. /Oh great. Just might favorite person to talk to./ Thought Syaoran with irony.

"Stop joking Syaoran!" Said his mother.

"So you read my mind. Don't you know what privacy is?" Asked Syaoran since he was a bit annoyed that his mother had read his mind.

"Syaoran this is no time to be joking. This is really important." Said Yelen with a more serious tone.

"Alright tell me then." Said Syaoran who wanted this to get over with.

"The Elders are positive that Yui Fung is after the Sakura Cards." Said Yelen.

"That's old news. Yui Fung has been after the cards since Sakura broke the seal." Said Syaoran who was getting bored with the conversation.

"I know you know that, but what you don't know is that there is a way for him to get them." Said Yelen seriously.

Syaoran looked at her shocked. "What do you mean? The only way for him to get them is if Sakura gives him the cards, but other than that it's not possible. I mean, I'm her husband and even I can't take them away from her."

"I know all that, but there is another way." Said Yelen.

"How?" Asked Syaoran. He wanted to know so he could protect Sakura.

 "Only people that are from her own blood can take the cards. That is how Sakura got the cards. She is Clow Reed's half daughter." Said Yelen.

"Mother your not making any sense." Said Syaoran not understanding his mother.

"What I'm trying to say is that if Sakura has a child, that child will have the possibility of taking the cards away from her. That is what Yui Fung will try. He will try to make Sakura have a child of his so he can have the cards." Said Yelen with her serious tone.

Syaoran just watched his mother in shock. Anger was boiling inside of him. If Yui Fung ever dared to touch one piece hair that belongs to Sakura he will be dead in less than a second.

"Syaoran, the Elders and I have decided that you and Sakura must have a child before Yui Fung tries anything on her. The cards will only belong to the first child that Sakura has. The first child HAS to be yours." Said Yelen, she knew what her son must be feeling right now.

Syaoran got up from the chair. "Your wrong mother. Every child that Sakura will have WILL be mine." Said Syaoran with such a determination that Yelen has never seen before. After saying that he left and headed towards his room.


Sakura had just finished changing herself when Syaoran came in. She noticed that something was bothering him.

"Honey what's wrong?" Asked Sakura as she just watched him lay on the bed.

"Nothing." He said, but Sakura didn't believe him. 

She sat next to him and asked again, "Syaoran tell what's wrong."

"I said nothing." He didn't want Sakura to know what was happening.

Sakura was getting annoyed by this. "Syaoran what in the world is happening? What did Yelen wanted to tell you?"

Syaoran knew that he needed to tell her something, but he didn't want her to know that truth. But he also didn't want to lie to her. "Sakura the Elders want us to have a child soon." There he wasn't lying. The Elders want them to have a kid and that was true.

Sakura only smiled. "And were is the problem with that? Unless you don't want to have a child." Her voice had a bit of sadness in the end.

"No it's not that. I just don't want to rush things." He lied.

Sakura hugged him. "Your not. I want to have children Syaoran. I want to wake every morning and see our children waking us up."

Syaoran smiled. He too wanted some kids. But only kids that were Sakura's and his.


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