Disclaimer: I did not create pokemon or any of the characters from the games and TV shows.

Chapter 1: A Journey Begins

It was early one morning in Olivine City. The Pidgey and Spearow and the sun began to rise over the horizon as the city began to awake. I was a perfect day for pokemon training, especially for one little girl. Just like a lot of children Callista Love, a cute little blue haired girl, was ready and waiting to begin her first pokemon journey. In fact, she was a little too excited to stand it.

"I wonder what my first pokemon will be." Callista continued to ask her mother as her mother ran around collecting items and stuffing them in a small blue backpack.

Callista was extremely anxious about receiving her first pokemon from Professor Elm, a visiting pokemon researcher. Since the city didn't have it's our pokemon expert Professor Elm stopped by every month to do research and to help the city's trainers. Callista would have started her journey a few days ago on her 10th birthday, but Professor Elm was away at New Bark town assisting brand new pokemon trainers begin. Now that he has come back to Olivine she can too start her journey with a brand new pokemon.

"Mom," Callista shouted inside their small, yet quaint, apartment. "It's time for me to go now."

"Yes honey, I know I'm coming." Her mother appeared. "Here." She handed her daughter the little backpack. "This has clothes, food, money, a map, and a couple of other camping type supplies you might need."

Callista took the pack. "Thanks mom."

Her mom knelt down, put her hands on Callista's shoulders and looked in her eyes. "Call me anytime if you need anything or if you just want to say hi or anything."

"I will mom."

"And please be careful." Her mother added as she pulled her daughter closer for a hug.

"I will." Callista smiled as she glanced as the wall clock. "I have to go now."

Her mother let her daughter go and looked over at the clock. "Yes it is." She stood up.

Callista walked over to the front door and opened it.

"I love you."

Callista looked back. "I love you too," she answered back as she stepped outside and shut the door behind her.

I was only a five minute walked from the apartment complex to the research lab, but Callista decided to run to get there quicker anyway. Since she practically sprinted the whole way there the Professor had an out of breath kid at his doorstep when he opened the door.

"There you are." Professor Elm motioned for her to come in. "Are you alright?"

"Y.....y......yes." Callista was still out of breath. "I...I.....I'm......I'm okay."

"Okay then come with me." Professor Elm walked into the lab as Callista straightened up and followed.

Elm turned on the laboratory lights as the room lit up. Callista was delighted. Callista was absolutely in love with pokemon so when she saw the hundreds of shelves containing pokeballs she was completely in awe.

"Whoa," Callista said as she continued to look around. Not only at the pokeballs, but also at all the scientific equipment Elm had.

"Yes," Elm bragged. "I do have a large variety of pokemon. But of course most of them are the usual ones that I have been studying for years." He turned to Callista. "But I have little from here in Johto."


"Because most of the trainers I send out head straight to Kanto." Elm looked at the pokeballs again. "I don't know why, but they do. I guess it might be because of the rumor going around saying Kanto is an easier journey so they all go that way."

"Well, I'm not going to Kanto. I want to compete in the Johto league."

"Atta girl!" Elm declared as he flipped a switch next to him on a control panel.

A small three-foot section of the middle of the lab floor rose up. It stopped at about five feet and three bubbled containers opened to reveal three pokeballs. Callista walked up to them at just stared.

"Take your pick." Elm smiled. "Since you're the first who want to go through Johto you can have the first choice between these three pokemon."

"Cool!" Callista read the inscriptions on the pokeballs. "Totodile, Chikorita, Cyndaquil." Callista stopped. "I don't know which to choose!"

Elm smiled. "Well, maybe I can help you." He leaned down next to her. "That one," he pointed to the far-left pokeball. "is Totodile. It is a water pokemon. Totodile uses attacks like water gun and it can use its strong jaws for powerful bite attacks." Elm pointed to the nest one to the left. "This one is Chickorita. It uses attacks like Razor leaf and vine whip." Elm pointed to the last of the pokeballs. "Finally, there is Cyndaquil the fire pokemon. It uses flame-thrower and ember attacks."

"Wow," Callista replied as Elm finished. "They are all so wonderful."

Callista stared at the pokeballs wondering which to choose. She already loved them all and she hasn't even seen them yet. Even though all three of the pokemon we're great and even though she wanted them all she decided which to choose. Callista reached and grabbed the pokeball in the middle. "I want this one."

"Good choice." Elm replied to her choice.

Callista was too excited to wait. She pointed the pokeball at the floor near her and released the pokemon. "Come on out!"

A cute little green pokemon appeared. It looked up at the two humans staring at it and smiled at Callista. "Chicka!"

"Awe, you are so cute!" Callista reached down and picked up the Chikorita. "I know you and I are going to be great friends." Chickorita looked at Callista and just smiled as Callista hugged it. "Chicka Chicka."

Elm turned around to walk over to the control panel where he had first flipped the switch for the pokemon and picked up a little red computer which was sitting on a shelf above. Elm walked back to Callista and handed the computer to her. "Here is your pokedex. You can use this to give you information about a pokemon. Just point it towards an unknown pokemon and it will tell you what it is if it's on file."

Elm also hands her five more pokeballs. "Remember you can only carry six pokemon with you at a time so if you catch a seventh it will be sent to my laboratory in New Bark Town where I will keep it until you want to switch pokemon."

"Cool." Callista examined it.

"Now be careful and remember to treat your Chikorita and all your other pokemon well." Elm added.

"Of course."

Elm walked her to the door. "Okay well be careful and I wish you luck. Call me if you have any questions about anything."

"I will." Callista was really anxious to go. She stepped out when Elm opened the door.

"Good luck." Elm finished.

"Thanks Professor Elm." Callista said as she turned at walked away from the lab.

Elm shut the door of the lab to continue his work and let Callista leave.

Callista walked away from the lab too excited to hold it in with the Chickorita skipping at her side. She couldn't wait to begin her training and she couldn't wait to catch her first pokemon.

She just couldn't wait to get started.