Part 3: Battlefield Ablaze!

(As we re join our heroines at the Amber Fire Battle Competition, Ruby is now up against one of the strongest trainers in the entire competition. With her Quilava by her side, she hopes to win this last battle to gain the prize and the pride of know she was the best.)

Jessica was the first to attack, "Go Ninetails use flamethrower!"

Ruby saw the attack and was ready. "Quilava use your flamethrower right back!"

Both of the flamethrower attacks struck each with tremendous force. Even though both pokemon were strong neither were able to gain the advantage with this attack.

The announcer begun calling the match, "Looks like those flamethrower attacks hit at the same amount of force. Looks like these trainers are going to have to be a little more creative to win this battle."

Ruby knew the announcer was right. This Ninetails really was strong and just using flamethrower was not going to be enough. Ruby quickly changed her strategy, "Quilava stop and dodge!"

Quilava stopped its flamethrower attack and slid to the right as Ninetails flamethrower missed its opponent by inches. Ninetails stopped after it realized it missed.

"Hurry Quilava use your quick attack!" Ruby ordered as Quilava immediately began to dart back and forth toward Ninetails.

"That won't stop us!" Jessica yelled out to Ruby she looked down at her pokemon. "Ninetails use your quick attack too!"

Ninetails bolted towards the attacking Quilava as the two pokemon continued to dart back and forth head butting each other whenever their attacks met.

"Now use your flame wheel!" Ruby called as Quilava began building up its flames around its body.

"Ninetails use your agility!"

Quilava charged at the Ninetails, but Quilava missed as Ninetails dashed out of the way just in time.

"Now use flamethrower!" Jessica called as Ninetails spun around and released a flamethrower striking the Quilava from behind.

"LAVA!" Quilava screamed as it was tossed to the side.

"No," Ruby muttered to herself as she saw her Quilava get struck by the attack.

"Looks like Ninetails gets the first hit!" The announcer said.

Ruby looked angrily at the announcer. "Duh," she thought and then continued watching the battle.

Quilava was still managed to stay on its feet after that surprise attack and was in a crouched position, awaiting its next orders.

"Go Ninetails," Jessica called, "Use quick attack!"

Ninetails raced toward the waiting Quilava.

"Quilava stop it with a fire spin!"

Quilava released its flames in a circular pattern as it completely surrounded the approaching Ninetails. Ninetails skidded to a stop as it tried to avoid the flames. With nowhere to go Ninetails began to panic as it nervously jerked its head around trying to find a way out.

"Ninetails relax and rest!" Jessica ordered.

Ninetails took a deep breath, shut its eyes and sat itself down on the dirt field.

Watching from the bleachers, Callista was extremely confused, "What's going on?"

"I guess Jessica figured that if her Ninetails can't get out of the circle that would mean than Quilava wouldn't be able to get in so she is letting her Ninetails save up and restore its energy."

"Good strategy."

"You can say that again."

"I wonder if Ruby could use my fire spin technique and have Quilava jump though the flames," Callista whispered to Emily.

"No," Emily whispered back. "Because unlike Growlithe Quilava has a very thin coat of fur. Your Growlithe is very fuzzy so it has much better protection against the flames."

"Oh." Callista finished as they continued to watch.

The announcer noticed what was going on as well, " Looks like a good break for Ninetails as it quietly waits for the attack to clear. What will Ruby do now?"

Ruby was getting a little impatient at the idea of Quilava not able to get one hit in. There had to be someway for Quilava to get through and strike while that Ninetails is resting. Then she got an idea, "I wonder if I surround Quilava with fire maybe it will be able to get through without getting itself burned," she thought to herself. With the battle leaning in Ninetails' favor she had to take the chance and strike.

"Go Quilava attack with a flame wheel!" Ruby finally shouted out.

Quilava galloped back a few feet and then charged at full speed towards the direction of the Ninetails, while building up its flames at the same time. As Quilava approached the wall of fire Quilava, took a giant leap through the flames and crashed right into the resting Ninetails. Ninetails was thrown off its feet and flew directly through the wall of flames, singeing the yellowish white fur on Ninetails' back.

"No," Jessica called out as she watched her Ninetails slide to a stop, and then, on its side, lay motionless on the battlefield.

"Wow," The announcer screamed into the microphone, "What a hit! Will Ninetails be able to recover from such an explosive attack?"

Ruby took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly. She was relieved to see her plan worked and was, finally, able to score a very damaging hit.

Quilava, still inside the circle, waited to see what happened to its opponent as the flames began to die down.

Jessica called out to her pokemon. "Come on Ninetails!"

Ninetails twitched its ears around.

"You can do it!"

Ninetails began to move and, very slowly, got back up onto its feet. Despite all the black burn marks all over its back, the Ninetails seemed like it was still able to continue the match.

"No way!" Callista was shocked. "I can't believe it got up."

"That's a sign of a very strong pokemon," Emily replied back.

"And Ninetails is back in the battle," the announcer said. "This pokemon is simply refusing to give up."

"Great job Ninetails," Jessica cheered. "I knew you could do it!"

Ninetails nodded.

Both trainers waited until the last bit of fire finally died down. They did not want to take any chances of their pokemon being burned from them.

Ruby attacked first, "Quilava tackle attack!"

Quilava charged toward the waiting Ninetails. As the pokemon approached, Jessica called out, "Dodge to the left!"

Ninetails leaped over to the left and dodged the attack.

"Attack again!" Ruby ordered as Quilava quickly spun around and charged once again.

"Ninetails use agility!"

Ninetails darted back and force as Quilava kept charging with its tackle attack, missing each and every time.

Quilava stopped for a moment to catch its breath leaving an opening for Ninetails so Jessica decided to attack. "Take down!"

Ninetails dashed toward Quilava and stuck with a powerful take down attack right into Quilava's side. Quilava was pushed to the side, but other than that there was no real damage.

"Quilava, hurry and use your flamethrower!"

"Ninetails agility again!"

Quilava shot out several flamethrowers towards the Ninetails and each time Ninetails narrowly escaped by switching directions with its agility.

"Quick attack!" Jessica called out as Ninetails raced towards the Quilava.

"Quilava stop flamethrower and use your smoke screen, hurry!"

Quilava released a huge cloud of thick, black smoke covering itself so Ninetails wouldn't be able to strike. Ninetails, realizing it could no longer see Quilava, skidded to a stop before got to the smoke.

"Quilava shut your eyes and use your senses to find the Ninetails," Ruby said to her pokemon as low as she could. "Then strike with flamethrower."

Ninetails was running around the smoke cloud, trying to find a clear shot.

Jessica felt something wasn't right so she ordered Ninetails to back away from the smoke. Just as Ninetails turned its back on the cloud a flamethrower came shooting out of the smoke and struck the Ninetails from behind.

"Great job Quilava, you did it!"

Ninetails struggled to its feet.

"Are you okay Ninetails?" Jessica asked as Ninetails stood up and nodded. "Alright!"

Ruby was surprised at how much damage Ninetails had taken and it was still getting up.

"It's time to end this Quilava," Ruby said as she saw her pokemon emerge from the smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Jessica had just about enough of this battle and was also ready to end it. "Okay Ninetails, let's strike with your take down."

Ninetails charged at the Quilava.

"Quilava use your tackle attack!"

As Quilava and Ninetails grew closer and closer to each other, Jessica changed her command. "Leap into the air now!"

Ninetails took a huge leap into the air and soared completely over the Quilava. Stunned the Quilava stopped charging and turned for see Ninetails appear behind it.

"Flamethrower now!" Jessica ordered as Ninetails hit the Quilava with a flamethrower.

Quilava was thrown aside and had difficulty staying on its feet. Ruby could tell her pokemon was getting tired. "Okay," Ruby said. "Let's finish this off it a flame wheel!"

Quilava, legs wobbly, charged at the Ninetails as its built up its flames around it body.

"Ninetails use your fire blast!" Jessica ordered as Ninetails charged up its flames.

As Quilava approached, Ninetails released its Fire Blast attack. As the two attacks collided, the power of the flames caused a huge fiery explosion. Luckily, because Ninetails attacked at a distance, it was hardly affected by the explosion at all. Quilava, however, used a straightforward attack and found itself engulfed with flames as it found itself in the middle of the explosion.

"Quilava!" Ruby called out as she watch in horror as her pokemon got thrown by the power of the blast, its body flailing around like a rag doll, and then crash headfirst back onto the battlefield. "Quilava?"

After a few moments, Quilava attempted to struggle to its feet, but after a hit like that it just couldn't find the strength and it collapsed back onto the ground.

"Quilava is unable to battle," the referee announced. "Ninetails is the winner."

"Wow what a come back," the announcer yelled out, "Despite its injuries Ninetails was still able to over come Quilava with a powerful Fire Blast attack!"

"Oh no," Callista whispered. "What can she do now?"

Emily shrugged, "I don't know. All she has left is Vulpix, but I don't think it will be strong enough." It looked like the end for Ruby.

"Return Quilava," Ruby said as she called her pokemon back into its pokeball, "You did a great job." Ruby stared long and hard at the Ninetails. With both Charmeleon and Quilava down she didn't have many choices left. There was no way her little Vulpix would be able to battle against its evolved form, especially since it had way more attack power. Finally the choice was clear, and she grabbed her final pokeball. She raised it up to her mouth and whispered, "I know you and I haven't battled together yet and I apologize for it, but I really need your power right now."

Ruby held back her hand with the pokeball and tossed the pokeball into the air. "I choose you!"

A large Rapidash appeared on the battlefield.

Emily and Callista gasped when they saw Ruby's choice.

"You gotta be kidding me?" Emily exclaimed.

"She's going to use Rapidash!" Callista said. "She hasn't battled with it yet!"

Even though the Rapidash was caught several days ago it still looked just as angry as it did that day. With its eyes shut and its head lowered, it stood on the battlefield not making one single move.

"Okay Rapidash, it's all up to you now!" Ruby called out as Rapidash looked up at Ruby and snorted in disgust.

Jessica was a little worried because the Rapidash did look strong, but she tried not to let it stop her from winning. "It's okay Ninetails, just keep battling!"

Ninetails nodded and prepared for battle.

"Ninetails use your take down attack!" Jessica ordered as Ninetails charged at the standing Rapidash.

"Rapidash use your stomp attack!" Ruby ordered. Rapidash looked over at its trainer, and snorted out a puff of black smoke from its nose.

"What?" Jessica was confused with Rapidash's actions. "Ninetails stop!" Jessica called as Ninetails skidded to a stop before it got too close to the Rapidash.

"Rapidash are you listening to me?" Ruby said. "I said use your stomp attack on the Ninetails!" Ruby gasped as she watched as her pokemon curled its legs underneath its body and lay down on the ground. "What the…?"

Everyone watched as Rapidash continued to lie on the ground.

"Come on now Rapidash," Ruby called, "What are you doing? I need you to get up and battle!"

Rapidash refused to listen to its trainer as it started to nod off to sleep.


Jessica and Ninetails looked on, slightly confused. "What are they doing?"

"Nine," Ninetails answered in a gentle voice.

"What is going on?" Callista asked Emily, "Why isn't Rapidash attacking?"

"I have no idea," Emily replied.

Everyone watched as Rapidash continued to sleep and after a few more moments the referee decided it was pointless to keep the match going. "Rapidash refuses to battle." He points to Jessica and her Ninetails. "The winner of the match is Ninetails!"

Announcer spoke up, "And that is the end folks. It was a long and fierce battle and in the end Jessica emerged victorious and has won the fire trophy."

While everyone celebrated for Jessica, Ruby called her pokemon back. "Return."

Rapidash returned to its pokeball.

Emily and Callista were the only ones not cheering. They were sad that their friend didn't win, but they were still proud of her. The two girls left their seats and ran out onto the battlefield where Ruby stayed. Ruby stood on the battlefield, with Rapidash's pokeball in hand, disappointed as she watched Jessica and Ninetails hug and celebrate.

"That was a great match!" Callista complimented as she and Emily stepped up to Ruby.

"Yeah it was awesome."

Ruby didn't think so. "Yeah right."

"No really it was," Emily insisted.

"Yeah, then how come I couldn't get Rapidash to listen to me?"

Callista thought about it for a second and then said, "Well think about it Ruby. You haven't even started training the pokemon and yet you still throw it into battle."

"Well," Ruby tried to explain.

"Also you have to keep in mind that Rapidash probably does not trust you, it was abandoned after all," Callista continued.

Ruby realized that Callista was right. She couldn't just expect Rapidash to listen to her right away. "You're right." Ruby smiled.

Callista gave her friend a big hug. "You did great!"

Emily joined in as the three of them hugged. "We're so proud of you!"

The three of them watched the rest of the award ceremony before they left the arena.

After the competition was over Callista and friends left the arena in hopes to make it to their next stop and, quite possibly, their next adventure.