*** I do not own Teen Titans or any of the characters mentioned here. Any resemblance to reality (which id be surprised if it had any) is completely coincidence***

"I can hear something!" shouted Beast Boy from the sky as he turned back into a bat and swooped under a tree.

"We'll find it, soon enough we'll get it," Robin said ignoring Beast Boy and over turning a park bench.

"What is it Beast Boy hears that we cannot?" Starfire asked stupidly, aiming her false question to Robin who ignored her also. It was Cyborg who responded.

"It's probably just another damn bat," Cyborg mumbled as he looked up in the dark sky.

They had been searching for a stolen nuclear-blaster piece. It had been stolen earlier that day, but of course the all mighty TEEN TITANS (which I do not happen to own, I am just using them in my story thank you) brought the idiot wrong doer down. Unfortunately, they had not considered the consequences of breaking and losing a piece of nuclear material in the process.

As Raven chanted her all famous words (which I cannot spell for the life of me) and separated the branches and leaves of a bush, as bat soared out and swept into darkness. With a soft thump, the Teen Titans knew that Beast Boy had just turned back into a human. Their eyes all flicked back away from his shadowy figure and back to their searching, except Ravens. Her eyes squinted and glowed black as she peered into the darkness. As glowing piece of radioactive, nuclear material rolled out from the darkness.

"Yes! You've found it Beast Boy!" Shrilled Starfire as she clasped her hands together and beamed.

"I did.?" Beast Boy asked as he landed close to Raven, whose focus intensified into the darkness provided by the tree.

Robin's jaw dropped. Cyborg glanced nervously from the dark figure to Beast Boy, Starfire just mumbled nonsense words.

A pair of red eyes glowed from the darkness and slowly backed away.

Robin pounced into the darkness and a thud announced that he had knocked the stranger to the ground. For a split second, a light flashed, it had been Robin's flashlight, one of the many gizmos on his belt. But with a high pitched, girly squeal, the neon blue flashlight clicked off and Robin stumbled back out of the shade of the tree. " What the-?" began Beast Boy but he didn't finish, he and the rest of the teen titans backed off as Starfire reached out and arm in fear for Robin, he was still stumbling backwards trying to go uphill.

With a distinct *hiss* something lunged from the shadows at Robin. All of the teens screamed, and the now able to be seen figure jumped back, making for the safety of the shadows. But Raven was too quick for the girl. With and Azrath, Mentriom, and a Zintohs, the character was dragged back towards the teams, whimpering and struggling against the invisible bindings around her.

** she was a vampire** They were surprised when the petit, pale, blonde headed, harmless looking girl opened her mouth in horror as she was dragged unwillingly towards the stricken teens ( they were as scared of her as she was of them). To, long, white, distinct fangs glinted in the light from a far off street lamp. Her golden blonde hair was twisted cutely in a harmless, pig-tail style and her clothes looked a mix of goth and prep.

Raven, keeping her hold, with the rest of the team gasped as the girl changed into a bat and began to soar off, when Cyborg fired up his sonic cannon, not aiming to kill, but the light glowed from the cannon, paralyzing the frightened bat. It fell to the ground and before it hit the ground it was the girl again, whimpering, covering her eyes pitifully on the ground and finally, passing out.