Beast Boy sat on the floor in front of the couch. He looked out the window into the beautiful morning. The cool light flooded in through the now fixed window. All was quiet, and Beast Boy couldn't of hoped for more. It was now 6am, and he hadn't gotten any sleep all night.

At about 10 they had been searching in the park for the blaster piece. That's when he first met her. But now the seemingly endless night had ended, and Beast Boy wished and wondered. In his hand glinted the blood red jewel he had recovered from the scene. He wasn't sure what had happened. Some kind of curse, and he had broken it. Great?

In the peace of the morning, Robin came to the common room tousle haired and after only about an hour of sleep seemed very awake.

"Hey, did you sleep at all after we got back this morning?" Robin asked walking into the kitchen in search of caffeine. Beast Boy's distant gaze didn't move. He hadn't slept, he came in and plopped down and had been sitting there since.

"Wanna go for some breakfast, just us two guys?" proposed Robin. Beast Boy liked the idea of leaving the tower, he didn't want to be around when everyone else stirred. Robin had been the only one who didn't seem freaked by Katie, Beast Boy remembered. Beast Boy agreed.

Robin was already dressed to go out, not quite decently, but not in his cape and duds anymore. In a white tee and confortable looking white with thin pale blue stripes running vertically he looked like he just climbed out of bed. Beast Boy silently ran upstairs and slipped on a similar out fit. Sporting dark navy blue cotton boxer pants and a black tee shirt, Beast Boy was ready to go.

They arrived later to a quiet looking bagel place that was fairly empty. Beast Boy was glad that on the way there Robin hadn't spoken, he didn't feel like being pressed with questions. Robin ordered first, some kind off coffee and some crazy looking toast. Beast Boy ordered some herbal tea and tomato and spinach bagel; again he was glad that Robin made now comment.

A few minutes later they plopped down into a table. Beast Boy threw his basket with the bagel and condiments carelessly on the table as Robin slapped down a copy of the news paper and diverted his attention to doctoring his coffee. Beast Boy glanced down at the paper as he fumbled with a package of dairy-free cream cheese. Robin looked at the paper to and picked it back up coffee in one hand and flicked his wrist unkrinkling the paper so he could read it. Beast Boy grabbed the paper with a crisp crunch and began to tug it away from Robin.

"What the-?" Robin stammered juggling the coffee as Beast Boy wrenched the wrinkled paper from him. Beast Boy slammed a hand on the table and shot out of his seat bumping the table causing the surprised Robin to spill more coffee.


It was on the front page. A picture of a smiling girl under the bold headline Missing Girl- Finally reunited with overjoyed family. Following the picture was a full article on the return of this girl. A few smaller photographs pictured the girl and her family outside what was apparently her house. Underneath it the address. Such a happy story. Even happier was the returned girl.

On the front page was a beautiful picture of Katie. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Beast Boy was out the door of the bagel place. Robin remained inside sopping up his mess of coffee. Beast Boy found himself running down the streets, glancing from the paper to street signs and back to the paper again. He couldn't believe it.

He ran up to the house pictured, ran up the steps up past the porch and to the front door. He lifted the knocker.

"Beast Boy," said a calm, questioning voice from behind him. He whirled around to a small, blonde girl in the process of rising from where she was seated on a deep red bench swing.

It was Katie. She grinned at the startled Beast Boy who was apparently lost for words. Her teeth were straight and white just as before, but not vampires' teeth, plus she was out in the morning light. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the red jewel he had put in there. He lifted it and showed it to her and it glinted in the sun. She smiled and flipped back her golden hair, revealing a two silver chains, one of them had a handsome green emerald clasped to it.

"It represents the broken spell," she whispered as she removed one chain, taking the red gem from Beast Boy palm and attaching it to the chain then looping it over his head and around his neck.

"That's the tear I shed," she began then indicated toward the one that hung around her neck. "And" but Beast Boy cut her off.

"That's the one I left for you," he said pulling her close to him. He understood perfectly now. She needed to find someone that trusted her, breaking this curse and returning her to a human again.

They stood together on her new porch for quite some time. Happier than ever. Finally, Beast Boy went in for a kiss. Her lips were full and warm, just as he had last experienced it. Her heart also beat lively and quick as it hadn't in at least 300, long years, waiting for someone right to find her. . .

~*This is dedicated to a friend of mine who encouraged me and maybe believes in MidLight too*~