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The Love of an Angel

Chapter 11

The first thing that he was aware of was the sound of water; it reminded him of when the river near his home had once flooded and the waters had been crashing over the rocks thunderously. The second thing he noticed was that his wings hurt so much that he could hardly bear it. Hoping desperately that the bone hadn't broken again, he reached a hand over to where his broken wing should have been. Instead, he touched a damp, sandy surface. Where was his wing? That was when he remembered.

Ryou's eyes flew open, and he saw endless water spread out before him. The roaring sound he was hearing was the water crashing in swirling waves onto the wet, sandy surface beneath him. He stared in awe at the blue horizon for a few moments, then abruptly attempted to sit up. His attempt failing, he carefully lay himself back down, trying to keep the spasms of pain under control.

"Bakura?" he managed to whisper weakly. He heard a groan somewhere near him, and rolled over slowly to come face to face with groggy garnet eyes. The dazed eyes blinked at him, and then realization dawned on the demon's face.

"We're here?"

Ryou could only nod, scooting in and resting his head against Bakura's chest. He felt the demon's arms encircle him, and he felt warm darkness begin to creep into his consciousness once again. Ryou tried to fight against it for a few moments, but was so tired that he could barely keep his eyes open. The pain in his back faded into a dull throb, and he gradually gave in to sleep.

Not very far away, their destination being the same beach that Ryou and Bakura had ended up on, were two young men walking leisurely down the sidewalk. They held hands, stealing adoring glances at each other every so often. At first glance, the two looked like brothers, if not twins. Their hair spiked outward in black and ruby, jagged gold bangs framing their faces. One was slightly shorter than the other, his usually shy eyes a brilliant violet. The taller one had deep crimson eyes that could be piercing and sharp, but were only gentle when around his shorter look-alike.

They soon saw the sea stretching out before them, and Yami slipped an arm around Yugi's waist. The two had developed a particular fondness for the sea ever since a morning one year ago when Yugi had reached Earth from the White Land of the angels. Yugi rested his head on Yami's shoulder, sighing happily.

Yugi's adjustments to Earth had been… interesting, to say the least. The household appliances of Earth were not a common thing in the ancient community of the White Lands. At present, Yugi understood the concepts of electricity and indoor plumbing, and had immersed himself in Earth literature. He was currently working his way through William Shakespeare, which resulted from asking the local librarian what her favorite books were. Yami had graduated from high school only a few months after Yugi had come to Earth (miraculously catching up with his classes after nearly a month in the hospital), and they began living together in the closest apartment that they could get to the sea.

During those months before Yami graduated and moved out, Yugi mostly stayed with Yami's friend, Jounouchi, who already lived in his own apartment with his sister, Shizuka. Yami had been planning to take Yugi to the hospital first for the wounds to be treated, but they had healed amazingly fast in only a few days, and there was never any need to. Thus far, only Jounouchi, Shizuka, and Jounouchi's boyfriend Seto (who came to the apartment so much that he eventually found out) knew where Yugi was really from. It had been hard to believe at first, but Yugi's complete lack of knowledge of Earth's history and the modern world was very efficient at convincing them.

Yami was pulled out of his memories as Yugi suddenly stiffened and his stride slowed to a stop. He frowned slightly, staring intently down the empty walkway to the beach.

"Yugi?" Seeming to come back to reality, Yugi blinked, and looked up at Yami.

"I…" he started, then looked back at the direction they were walking in. "I… I feel something…" he eventually said in a soft voice. "But… but that couldn't be…" he said, more to himself than to Yami, who was becoming confused.

"What is it?"

"It feels like…" he paused for a moment, his frown deepening, "…like… another angel…"

Yami's heart skipped a beat. "You're sure?" he asked immediately. "I mean, you can feel other angels?"

Nodding, Yugi said softly, "Yes, an angel's aura feels different from that of a human, even after they've come to Earth and lost their wings. And…" he paused again. "It feels like there's… something else. It's not a human, but it's not an angel, either. The aura is… darker…"

Yugi fell silent for a moment until Yami asked, "Do you want to keep going?" Yugi bit his lip, then nodded slowly. "Yes…" he said. "If there's another angel on Earth, I want to know who it is."

The angel began walking again, his steps determined. The beach had already been close when they had stopped, and they reached it in less than five minutes. Yugi led Yami down the beach to a more secluded, rocky area, following the feelings of this strange aura. They came around the corner of some of the sea-washed rocks, and came to a sudden stop.

Lying there in the sand were two people, one holding the other in his arms. Both of them had snowy white hair, damp with sea spray, and trails of blood were slowly coursing down each of their backs. It was only then that Yugi realized what the darker aura was; it was a demon. He had never encountered a demon before, and had only heard stories about them from his grandfather that described them as once being honorable creatures that were simply of a darker power, but had eventually fallen into savagery. Angels had been warned to stay away from them, as well as the border between the White Lands and the Black Lands.

This in mind, Yugi backed up a step when the demon shifted slightly. Suddenly, tired garnet-colored eyes looked up at him and Yami, staring at them dazedly for a moment. His eyes widened slightly as they met Yugi's violet orbs, gazing into them for a moment, and then he somehow pushed himself up on his elbow. The demon began to shake the shoulder of the angel beside him, trying to wake him up.

"Ryou," a hoarse whisper escaped his lips. "Ryou…"

Yugi was rather confused; the demon was concerned for the angel? This contradicted everything that he had been told about demons, but he detected a sincere note in the demon's voice. The violet-eyed angel slowly took a few steps forward, and kneeled down beside the two. The demon's head snapped up, garnet eyes hardening as he protectively put an arm around the unconscious angel's shoulders.

"I'm not going to hurt you," Yugi said as gently as possible. He smiled reassuringly at the demon, then asked, "Will you let me help you?"

The demon frowned apprehensively, his eyes occasionally stealing a look at the white-haired angel beside him. Inside, he was uncertain; could this human with an angelic aura be trusted? Just then, Ryou moaned in his sleep from the pain of his lost wings, and he curled up towards the warmth of Bakura's body.

Watching Ryou shiver from the dampness and his face contort in pain, Bakura felt his heart twist painfully. He reluctantly looked up at Yugi and nodded. Yugi smiled again, then looked over at Yami. "Would you carry him, please?" he asked, gesturing at the white-haired angel. Yami blinked, still not sure what was going on, but went over to the limp angel and carefully took him into his arms.

Yugi took one of Bakura's arms and placed it around his shoulders, then helped the demon to his feet. "What's your name?" he asked. The demon was silent for a few moments, then said softly, "Bakura." He then jerked his head in the direction of Yami and the unconscious angel, and said, "His name is Ryou."

Ryou slowly opened his eyes, blinking a few times to get his vision into focus. Gradually remembering where he was, he sat up in his bed. Beside him, Bakura was still asleep, late morning sunlight streaming in through the window and onto his relaxed features. Ryou smiled, brushing a few stray strands of hair out of Bakura's eyes.

They had only been on Earth for two and a half weeks, and Ryou had to admit that it was stranger than he had expected. Light would come out of what was called a "light bulb" if one just flipped a little switch, and there was a box for storing food that was somehow cold without any ice. Ryou and Bakura had been living with Yugi, the angel that Ryou had once heard about that had left the White Lands for Earth, and Yami, the human that Yugi had fallen in love with.

Just like Yugi, the wounds from Ryou and Bakura's lost wings had healed very quickly. Yami was relieved at this, as it would have been extremely difficult to explain why the wounds looked as if some extra limb had been removed from their backs and why neither Ryou nor Bakura had any previous records at all. Thus, they had been taken care of by Yugi and Yami until the healing process was complete.

As Ryou was reflecting on the past week and all the rapid changes that had occurred, Bakura awoke and turned his head to look at the former angel. He reached up to run his fingers over Ryou's lily-soft cheek, and soft green eyes shifted to look down at Bakura.

"Good morning," Ryou said softly. Bakura smiled sleepily up at him, and replied, "Good morning." There was silence for another several moments. Ryou lay back down and snuggled up against Bakura, who put his arm around his angel. The former demon stared at the ceiling, wondering if he should bring up a subject that had been bothering him lately. Without really making a final decision, his mouth began working of its own accord.

"Ryou?" he asked quietly.


"Are you going to miss it?"

Ryou frowned, then pushed himself back up on his elbow and looked Bakura in the eye. "Miss what?"

"Your home."

The white-haired angel blinked, and thought for a moment. "Yes," he said after a moment. "I will miss it. The White Lands were beautiful outside of the cities. It was a wonderful place to live."

Turning his eyes back to the demon, Ryou saw that Bakura's eyes were downcast. It was only then that he realized what was bothering the garnet-eyed thief. Ryou gently pulled Bakura's chin up so that their eyes met, and he said softly yet firmly, "I will miss my home, Bakura, but being able to go back to it would mean nothing if I couldn't be with you. I came to Earth for a reason, and that reason is you. I want to be with you, and I want to love you."

Bakura's eyes shifted in another direction, and Ryou saw that the demon still wasn't convinced. "Look at me, Bakura." Garnet eyes slowly met soft emerald, and Ryou continued. "If we had gone back to the White Lands, we never would have been able to live in peace. The demons were able to get past the borders between the lands to capture me, so why couldn't they do it again? The Demon Lord would always be looking for us, and we wouldn't be able to run forever."

Ryou leaned in closer. "He can't find us here. We're safe here. Being with you in peace is all that I could ever, ever want." The angel leaned down to place a soft, chaste kiss on the demon's lips. "I love you," he whispered softly.

Apparently speechless, all Bakura could do was stare at Ryou for a few moments, and then he swiftly put his arms around the angel and snuggled up close to him. "I love you, too," a slightly muffled whisper escaped the demon's lips.

The angel just smiled, and closed his eyes. He listened as Bakura's breathing became slow and steady, feeling the demon's warm body next to his. /An angel and a demon…/ he thought to himself suddenly as he started to drift off to sleep again. /What a strange match we are…/ And with that thought, he was asleep.

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