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Dueling Master's Tournament

The Duel

Honey Belden stood silently in the mass of students. It was hot and sticky and the air was filled with excitement. An essence of excited expectation shrouded the atmosphere. The excitable energy wove throughout the air casting a heavy cloud over the group of students wedged tightly into the room. They lined themselves along a long raised catwalk waiting expectantly for the spectacle to begin. Their voices rose in the echoing room in their eager anticipation.

Honey glanced around her prime location at the end of the platform, twisting her head to glance around at the exits. The growing roar of excitement swirled around her as well as her friends as she tapped her foot against the stone floor.

"Lets go." She muttered impatiently.

There was to be a dueling contest and she wondered whom it was that was going to be fighting. Dueling contests were rather rare and the students were eager to see a real fight. This were to be professional duel too, not a student training lesson. That fueled the student's ardor with the need to see and feel power in a primal yet restricted form.

That and the rumor that it was to be two of Hogwart's own Professors.

A sudden hush fell over the crowd as the great wooden door swung inward and two strong-featured men stepped onto the raised platform. One strode and the other glided.

Honey grinned and tugged the person's sleeve next to her gaining the dark haired girl's attention.


Both sets of eyes turned to the men and Honey heard a sigh from her friend.

"Professor Lupin." Violet sighed heavily as the sandy haired man took the stage first.

"Oh, Please.Professor Snape will wipe the floor with him." Honey grinned as she watched her hero take the stage after Lupin. His dark eyes scanned the gathered throng of students with a scowl and she smiled in knowing that Severus Snape would and could beat any man out there.

"Geez, Honey.I swear you should have been sorted into Slytherin.get a grip."

Honey glared at her best friend before tossing her honey colored mane. "Like you have room to talk Violet Morgan.Just look at that moony face you have over Lupin."

"Least Lupin is a nice guy, that Snape.he's meaner than a grizzly." Violet shuddered, as she happened to look towards the man in question to see him staring at her with a glare. "Oh, Shit. I think he heard me."

Honey chanced a glance at the tall dark man and saw the expression he gave her friend.

"I'd say you were right, so I'd keep out of the way of wayward hexes if I were you." Honey chuckled to a shocked Violet's expression.


Honey laughed again and nodded turning a grin to her hero. She gasped silently when she saw that he was looking at her. She felt her face turn hot when he nodded to her, acknowledging her faith. She knew he knew whom she was voting for and she grinned inward.

"Snape will win.no doubt." She reiterated with confidence.

"Wanna bet?" A new voice popped up and she looked up into the eyes of a red headed seventh year.

"What do you have, Weasley." She smiled up at the tall boy.

"Five Galleons." Ron pulled out the coins and held it up for all to see. Voices around them falling as they listened to the bet being placed.

"Five it is." She pulled out five coins and handed them over to Violet to which Ron followed suit handing his coins over as well. The dark haired girl sighed dramatically and folded her hands over the coins.

"Oh, Fine.but if Professor Dumbledore finds you two are gambling."

"Bah.don't worry, Violet.Its not like Snape will win you know."

Honey sniffed and turned back to the stage. "You just wait, Ron Weasley."

"Snape lover." She heard Ron chuckle softly into her ear and she jabbed an elbow into his stomach.

"Bugger off Weasley. I want to see Professor Snape win."

"When pigs fly." Weasley rubbed his stomach returning his gaze to the stage.


Professor Severus Snape chuckled inwardly at the bets going on around them. Not only were there the one between Miss Belden and Mr. Weasley but also in every corner were the sounds of coins being exchanges and bets being made. Nothing new in his experiences as these duels carried on over the years.

He reached up and unclasped his cloak shrugging it off with a flick of his shoulder. He knew he made an impressive figure up on the stage in his stark black clothes tailored perfectly to his lean frame. He rolled his head side to side eluting a loud pop as he shook his arms to release the energy building up in him. He needed to be relaxed, calm, cool and collected. It wouldn't do to get all tensed up before a duel. After all.He flicked his eyes back over to Miss Belden and noticed her eyes widen as she watched him. He would hate to disappoint his only fan.

It was odd to have a Ravenclaw so enamored with him. But secretly he relished it. Never had a student been so taken with him in all his years of teaching. The other teachers yes, but never him. Students never had crushes on the dark, scary potion's Professor.

He chuckled inwardly at that before turning his mind back to the task at hand, back to the man at the opposite end of the walk. He sneered. Remus Lupin simply nodded his head in return.

This was a long time coming, Severus thought as he strode to the center of the walk towards the other man. Lupin.Oh how he despised the wolf. The man that had made his life hell in the last few months, the wolfman that had stolen his job yet again.

The voices died away as the two men faced each other as another figure climbed up to the platform.

"Salute." The man spoke loudly over the excited voices. Both men raised their wands before them glaring at each other.

"Turn and walk five paces." Albus Dumbledore stepped back out of the way as the men both turned as one and strode five paced, swirling back into a fighting stance.

"Wands at the ready." The Professor spoke again, moving more down from the catwalk and more into the safety of the crowd.


Snape was the first to yell out flicking his wand towards the opponent.

"FURNUNCULUS!" His voice bellowed as the tip of his wand burned bright and a white orange light flashed out towards the other. Lupin immediately brought up his wand and with a flick, the spell was redirected elsewhere.

"AVIS!" Lupin roared as all eyes widened at the abrupt arrival of a vast flock of small white birds. Severus cursed as they dive-bombed him pecking and clawing him through his cloak.

"Low blow.Lupin.you know I despise Finches." Severus raised his arms to protect his face as he other arm raised his wand back to the other. "TARANTALLEGRA!"

The spell hit Lupin, square in the chest, spinning him around in a circle. His face fell in an astonished look as his legs began a difficult tap dance number. Laughter and applause erupted from the crowd as none realized that the irritating flock of birds had disappeared leaving an amused Severus watched the entertainment.

"I.didn't know.I had it.In me." Lupin gasped as his legs continued to move against his bidding and flicked his wand back to the other man, who unfortunately wasn't prepared after watching the show. "RICTUSEMPRA!"

Snape felt the blast as he was thrown to the ground where he felt the cold hard wood slap against his cheek. Gasps came from all around him as he struggled to turn over, to get to his back. An incredible urge sprouted from deep inside of his chest and he bit down on his inner cheek painfully to fight off the impulse. He struggled against the curse for as long as he could before it pulled forth the unfortunate results.

First, his shoulders started to shake uncontrollably as odd little sounds began to emerge from him. They started low.a small tittering. Then to the crowd's astonishment, he rolled over clutching onto his side. The sounds becoming something that the students never ever thought they would hear from the mean and angry man.


Severus rolled on the floor trying to get his act back together, trying to regain a certain amount of decorum while unsteadily bringing himself back to his knees. Took one more look at the ludicrous sight of the dancing dueler and Snape had to bowl over with another streak of mirth filled laughter.

Both men were in utter dismay.none could control their actions and before anyone could do anything Albus Dumbledore returned to the stage and uttered the ending hex.

"Finite Incantatum."

Immediately both men stopped as the curses were lifted, each looked menacing at the others feeling the stark indignity of their actions.

"Well played.my friends.well played.Duel is over." Albus spoke and made to leave the stage.

"But, no one won Albus." Lupin replied wiping the sweat from his brow that his haphazard dancing had brought.

"Oh I don't know." Albus grinned and with a sweep of his robed arm at the crowd of students who were laughing loudly at the spectacle that was their teachers. "I think the students won."

Severus glanced down at Miss Belden and shrugged. He was amused when he read her lips.

"You should have blasted him."