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Chapter three

Trustworthy friends, no seduction

"Oh Gods! I don't believe it! He chose you! Snape, chose YOU to go with him to the States?" Violet's high-pitched voice exclaimed for the hundredth time as they climbed the stairs to their house dormitory. The three friends, Diana, Honey and Violet walked along the hallway, dumbstruck by the events of the evening. "All that way alone, just you and him? That is. is. TOTALLY unbelievable."

"I know! I'm still floored. I never dreamed. never thought. and Las Vegas. I have never thought I would ever be able to go there, all the way to the United States. This is so completely unbelievable." Honey couldn't stop the smile that continued to spread across her face. In her mind, she continued to see Professor Snape asking her to accompany him and tying her hair up in his ribbon. She felt her face flushing in both pleasure and anticipation.

Violet paused at the Ravenclaw's door and leaned against the portal's guardian portrait, ignoring the muffled curses coming from the green suited leprechaun. The Irish painting's angry little man started tossing gold coins at her from the pot of gold he was supposed to be guarding. She absently flicked the tiny irritations away and frowned, nodding her head back the way they had came. "The Slytherin's are fuming. I don't think I have ever seen them so angry. Did you look at Draco? My gods. I never thought his hair could turn red too. He was so pissed."

"Draco? Hell, Vi, I was too busy watching Pansy. If her eyes could kill, I'd be dead right now." Honey shook her head pulling Violet away from the portrait giving the Leprechaun an apologetic grin before uttering the password. "Einstein"

Violet laughed as the portal swung open and the echoing complaints of the leprechaun faded into the distance as the three approached their room. Violet opened the wooden door that they shared along with their more silent roommate, Vicky.

"She's in love with him too you know." Diana stated softly and crossed to her bed. Her soft voice complemented her soft features. "Pansy, I mean. ."

"Love?" Honey scoffed with a shake of her head. "Like she knows what love means. and.." She stopped in mid sentence realizing what Diana had said; swirling around she gave her roommate a glare. Her hand firmly placed on her hips. "What do you mean by. too?"

Diana tossed her roommate an 'oh please' look and sighed dramatically. "Oh, don't kid a kidder, Honey. We all know you are hopelessly in love with Snape. It's not like you have been able to keep that hidden very well"

"I have never said." Bugger that.

"Honey, it's all right." Violet held up her hand to stop the protest. "We don't mind. I mean, sure he's old and a bit of a.. well, not a nice man, but I can see that you see something in him. I can't pretend to know what it is that you see. But it's obvious it's something."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Honey frowned crossing to her dresser to take inventory. Her friends were starting to get on her nerves with their badgering. Unfortunately, once they had their claws into something, they rarely let go until she threatened them with a hex of her choice. "I just think he's more of a nicer guy than what you all give him credit for, that's all. I happen to see someone with potential."

"Oh please. All you see a nice shag with an actual man." Violet laughed out loud causing Diana to blush slightly and Honey's mouth to fall open in astonishment.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE, Violet Truesdale. . I.. I would never. ." Honey's face flushed at the thought then shook it free from her head. "Besides, Dumbledore wouldn't allow him to take me all the way to Las Vegas unchaperoned if he didn't think Snape was. honorable. Nothing will happen"

Violet chuckled and shook her head at her best friend. "I'm just kidding you, Honey. Calm down. We both know that it's unlikely that Snape's going to take you all the way to the States and have his way with you. I mean, he may be mean and snarky, but he still has principles. He's one man that lives by the book." She detailed while sitting across from Diana. "Unless. "

Diana giggled covering her mouth with her hand.

"Unless.what?" Honey gave her a cautious look.

"Unless he was seduced." Violet let out a rip-roaring laugh and fell face down onto the bed.

"Like THAT is going to happen. Oh! Just Grow up!" Honey yelled at her two friends. She slammed her dresser shut, grabbed her robe and towel and headed to the bathroom with a head full of steam.

Seduced.like she knew how to do that.


Severus sat with a half smirk on his face. He was currently reclined comfortably in a black leather chair across from the headmaster. His long, lean legs stretched out before him, crossed at the ankles, appearing completely relaxed. He regarded the elder wizard under hooded eyes. There was something going on in the Headmaster's mind and the curiosity was killing him. Severus knew something was up. He just had to bide his time before all was revealed, or in some cases, spilled. He brought the glass of wine to his lips and sipped, waiting and watching.

Albus knew he was being studied and refused to let the grin that he hid behind a glass of cabernet, emerge. No matter what the man sitting before him uttered, he knew exactly what he meant instead. It was his curse, or blessing whatever way he chose to define it. He finally lowered his glass and gave Severus Snape a scrutinizing look, trying to look a bit displeased and not accomplishing it from the lopsided smirk on Severus's face.

"Are you nutters? I think you have finally gone over the deep end, Son." He finally spoke.

Severus chuckled giving the man before him a rare grin, leaning forward he placed his drink on the desk. "I do seriously think I have gone completely over the edge, Albus." He allowed his lips to retain his smile as the man before him simply shook his head. "But I don't regret my decision. She is the only student here that I feel comfortable with."

"You do realize that this will lead to some serious house rivalries. The Slytherins will not like you choosing someone outside of your house to accompany you."

Severus' eyes darkened slightly at the comment. He didn't like being told what to do, especially by snotty nosed students that he had the misfortune to teach. Just because he was head of Slytherin, didn't give his house the right to tell him who he should chose to spend time with outside of the school even if it was only a student/teacher relationship. This was a tournament, a combat situation, which he had to concentrate on. If his mind was on something else, he could get seriously hurt. He had no time for stupid lust crazy moves that one, Pansy Parkinson, would certainly try once out of Hogwart's. Truth was that he trusted Honey Belden.

"The Slytherin students do not rule me or this school, Albus. I choose whom I prefer. That is all. Miss Belden is the perfect choice. She is the epitome of grace and elegance. I feel she is the perfect choice for this adventure." He sighed and leant back into the leather chair, closing his eyes. "Plus she is trustworthy. I won't have to worry about fending off her advances."

"Are you sure of that Severus?" Albus's grin emerged, unable to keep it at bay any longer.

Severus opened one eye and gave his friend a lopsided grin with a slight nod. "She may have a little crush on me Albus, but she's to smart to let that interfere in this trip. She's a proper lady, and as such she will not act upon any romantic feelings that she may think she has towards me."

"You have a very high regard towards her."

"She is a very intelligent woman. I have a great deal of respect for her." Severus regarded him with a raised eyebrow. ".. and that is all, Albus."

"I see. Very well, I will owl her parents for their approval in the morning and then get started on your travel plans."

"That will be fine. I will speak with you more tomorrow on the subject. Right now, I have tests that need preparing before this field trip. Good night, Albus." Severus stood to his feet.

"Good evening Severus." Albus nodded and watched as the tall man swept out of his office. He grinned as he swirled his drink, deep in thought, mischievous thoughts.


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