Hi, this isn't a chapter update, and I'm terribly sorry. This is just a note of explanation to all those wonderful people who reviewed, and who are now probably upset that I ignored them or didn't update! I'm so so so so so sorry! I'm not finished with this story, but I've been terribly terribly bussy, and uninspired for a while, and though I have written another chapter, it was mainly a Jack and Ana focus, which is not where I wanted this story to go. This is because I've been writing another story for a very long time, that is just reached a conclusion and has been sucking all my inspiration and time. So you see, I can't write another chapter till I finish this other story, because otherwise it would veer off in a direction I don't want to take this story: Bottom line, it was becoming too serious, and I wanted this to be a light and bubbly fic.

I do want to finish this story, because I love writing it, it's so much fun, and I've been thinking that I want to make it a dory and Jack fic, even for a little while, but I'm just so short on time at the moment, that I don't know when it's possible for me to do it. I never meant this story to be more then three chapters, but I've just loved writing it. I will update, but possibly not for a while, but I will write any suggestions or wishes into it, just because I feel so terrible for leaving this story hanging here.

PLEASE DON:T HATE ME!! Blame exams, and Christmas, and having to go get a job and those crazy beings called boys! I've never left a story for so long before, believe me, usually I'm much more reliable, but time has just gotten away from me. Stupid time: I KILL YOU.

Love sincerely Tinkabelle21