My Knight - A Play by R. Heartilly
Thank You Page
By PasifikStar

* All Standard Disclaimers Apply: I do not own Final Fantasy or it's characters.

I'd like to thank everyone for reading and reviewing the story! It's all very much appreciated. I wanted to answer any questions and address comments and stuff from the reviews, as well as thank all the reviewers for their insight and time. So here goes!

bembem - Thanks for reading and reviewing and...Please update your fics soon. PLEASE?
Legendary Super Candyce - Thanks a bunch for reviewing! All the comments really help.
Yori Kiri - It's always good to hear from you! Thanks for reading and I hope I was able to help with those italics. ^_^ Thanks for reviewing all the chapters! I always look forward to your reviews because they tell me so much. Take care!
remote mine - Hi once again! Yes, I like torturing Squall. It's just that he seems so tense some times, it makes him such a good target. I also like abusing Seifer 'cuz he's so darn cocky. He's just asking for a kick in the butt.
Quistis88 - Thanks for reviewing! I hope you enjoyed the story over all. Thanks again!
BerlinBrownEyes - I love that saying too, some guys at my dorm used to say 'it's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean' all the time. (snickers evilly)
Sickness in Salvation - Thank you for your detailed reviews! They're always fun to read and I'm glad you liked the Seiftisness of it all.
Almicene - I'm very glad you enjoyed it! And trust me, when it's May and UCB is out for the year while the rest of us quarter system UCs are still half way through our 3rd quarter, we'll be envying you guys. Thanks for reviewing!
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The Finely Tuned Fiend - I have to say, that I like your penname. I hope you enjoyed discovering where Seifer was 'discovered'.
Magic Anime Goddess - Thank you!! :::HUGS:::
Tai+Lisa = Squall=Rinoa - That is SUCH a CUTE name, by the way! I'm honored to have been the first story you read on I hope you enjoy many more of the fics on and maybe write and post some of your own. Thanks for reviewing! I really appreciate it!! And thanks you for the good luck wishes, I did fine. ^_^

And extended thanks to: S.a.D. (thanks for dropping a note!), Black Demon567 (Keep up the great work on your fic, by the way! You're off to a good start! And say hi to David for me!), dragochic (I like your penname! ^_^), Kikyou, Quizer, Selphie-Almasy14, gauntlet challenge (I'm glad the story was funny. I have to admit, picking on the characters was all too easy and fun!), Ghost140, Rizza426, Cloud-123, frost, nexi (thanks for defense by the way, I agree with you there ~_^), Sheylan (I'm glad someone noticed the gothic lolita description! And I thought Seifer would look good in all black and leather, too.), lanesa (I'm glad you enjoyed the humor! I had fun picking on the guys. ^_^), the-[a]colyte (Laughing is good! I'm glad you enjoyed chapter 5 so much. Thanks for r&r-ing), lps, Angelprinczess29, Duncan Hay (Yes, I know. ^_^), Black Twilight (thanks :3), Ling-san, Thugstra (I like your name), TLLest, serpent, La Senioriza (thanks for the review! I'm glad you were able to visualize it because I was afraid that I wasn't too clear on that part), dee (Seifer+accident = good stuff...but not in the bad way...really...^_^), Lenathebornadventurer, twenty-four-cent (thanks a bunch and don't worry, I never kill off the main characters. But I like roughing them up a bit...), lilsingin'gem (thanks for the reviews! They're very much appreciated!), FantasyWolf (I like your name...where does everyone come up with their names?).

I'm pretty sure I got everyone, but just in case a big THANK YOU and HUGS to everyone!! On a side note, thanks to everyone who wished me good luck on my finals. I think I did fine. ^_^ Lots of hugs to everyone!!! And I'm sorry it took so long for the last chapter. I was recovering from the horror that is finals. Until next time!
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