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Chapter 8

The stars shown like glittering gems placed haphazardly on a crushed velvet sky. They were flying so high, Kagome was sure that if she reached up she could pluck them from the sky. It was so clear and utterly amazing that she could see the fine dusty trail of the Milky Way. Here in the feudal times, there were no pollutants hindering this natural beauty,

She turned her attention to the ground. The moon was not yet full, maybe in another night, maybe two. Did it matter? No, it didn't for Kagome as she absently thought. Where they flew over villages she could see the intricate – yet carefully planned- rice fields. From this height they didn't appear to be water but rather like big pieces of a broken mirror. It reflected so perfectly the night sky.

Kagome was drawn away from her wandering thoughts when they flew straight into a cloud. The mist chilled her but it at least was refreshing. Kagome smiled despite her current situation.

Even though Sesshoumaru held an ironclad grip around her waist, Kagome in her mind, was a million miles away. Who wouldn't be by the supreme beauty of all the natural wonders that surrounded them? Kagome closed her eyes to relish the onslaught of wind blowing into her face. It was so surreal. The only time she felt like this was when she was with…

Kagome's smile disappeared, as her thoughts grew bittersweet. She closed her eyes as memories claimed her. It was only with Inuyasha did she ever feel this carefree and happy. Like the times she rode on his back. She could feel the wind against her face. If the wind chilled her too much all she needed to do was cling a little tighter. His strong body offering comfort and all the warmth she needed. To her, he was home.

Even as she was thinking this, the arm around her waist held her just a little tighter as they hit some turbulence. The familiarity was tearing her heart apart. Inuyasha used to do that. She loved it when he did that.

Being in such close proximity with Sesshoumaru, she could now pick up on his unique odor. He smelt just like Inuyasha except his musk was more feral and menacing. Kagome wanted to cry because the smell was so reminiscent of happier times. Like the first time she and Inuyasha first made love.

It was a beautiful spring day. The sky was filled with fluffy clouds and warm breezes. The air fragrant with spring blooms. It was absolutely perfect.

They had just finished making love. Kagome could remember exactly how Inuyasha looked. He was flush and his forehead was beaded with sweat. He was exhausted but smiling though. He looked down at her with sweet adoration. He was stroking her face so lovingly. Even as he moved to lie beside her, his eyes never lost that sparkle of joy.

"Kagome," he would sigh. She missed how he said it, like some scared prayer.

He pulled her closer as a breeze swept low over their exposed bodies. Idly he prop his head on his hand while the other kept busy by pulling leaves and grass out of her hair.

"I love you Kagome," He would say. He always seemed to blush a little harder when he said that. In turn she repeated that same thing with absolute conviction.

At this time she snuggled closer. With her nose pressed upon his chest she would inhale deep. He wrapped his arms around her bringing and entwining their bodies closer. With this new access to his neck she would again take another whiff. She loved it! He smelt so masculine and strong.

"Stop that," he would gruffly tease. "That tickles."

"I can't help it," she would say in her defense, still smiling.

"Why do you do that anyway?" Following that question came a soft kiss to her forehead. He knew this always brought a shy smile from her.

"You smell good."

He raised an eyebrow, curious. "Like what?"

She took this time to play with his prayer beads. "I don't know. Like something wild. Like the forest, and…" She giggled as she trailed off.

He pressed his nose up against her nose and goaded her. "And?"

"You smell like me." She admitted sheepishly.

He sniffed her. "Hmm…" He said disapprovingly.

"What?" She was startled and a bit scared of his tone.

"You don't smell enough like me." With a playful growl he claimed her lips.

Sesshoumaru reposition his arm and in doing so pulled her more to him. Kagome couldn't stand it anymore. She pushed roughly away from him. "Don't!" she cried. At this he let her go. He kept watching her to be sure she hadn't lost her mind while he wasn't looking.

She moved away to sit on the very edge of his mystical cloud. She held her knees as she cried bitter tears. Sesshoumaru looked down at her with contempt. He just couldn't understand her flippant nature. One minute she was content the next she fell into a bout of tears.


They had arrived at a strange location. It was the very foot of two conjoined mountains. To the naked eye, it only appeared to be a giant crease between the two. Pink slate meeting a blacken cobalt. When Sesshoumaru touched the seam, it rippled and slowly a pathway was revealed. Kagome was over whelmed by the formidable power that lay beyond its entrance.

Every fiber of her being told her not to go in. Sesshoumaru took a hold of her arm and forced her ahead of him, giving her no choice in the matter. Almost immediately Kagome was filled with nausea. It was too much. Her body, let alone her mind could just barely tolerate the place. Whether it was the power of her so-called miko abilities or the power of the Shikon No Tama that resided in her body, it gave her just enough strength to endure the absolute agony of trespassing.

The course rounded corner after sharp curve. It was like a bizarre zigzag between the mountains. At one point Kagome was sure they made a 360° a couple of times. Sesshoumaru kept on going, unrelenting. He didn't give her a chance to catch her bearings or her breath. The overbearing presence of the place left her weak and made her rely heavily on Sesshoumaru's firm clasp.

Before Kagome could ever wonder how long the path went, the paths stopped short of a leafy end. Sesshoumaru let go long enough to push back the florae for her to enter through before guiding her into the source of this sacred place.

It was beautiful.

Kagome was dumbstruck buy the unadulterated beauty of this place. Even at this time of night she could tell how green and how colorful the flowers were just by the glow of the moon. But just as it was beautiful, it was deadly silent. The hum of insect and nocturnal animals was absent. It was eerily calm. Kagome took an unconscious step closer to her unwavering captor.

Despite him being an arrogant jackass, he was very calm, and scarily respectful of his surrounding. To her observant eyes, she watched him only step on the stepping stones and no where else. Quick to follow suit, she mimicked his every move, lest something bad happen to her.

They followed yet another path that led downward to a small pond. Where the cobblestones ended, so did Sesshoumaru. For a long while they stood there. She watched him eye the water with wary scrutiny.

When he spoke, Kagome was slightly startled. He didn't raise his voice or anything of that nature, yet the place was so quiet it only amplified his voice. Sesshoumaru's tenor voice reverberated on all the surfaces and reflected back onto them with a twisted velocity.

"You have questions." His golden eyes never left the water. "I could tell you the answers but you would never believe them, as you still consider me your enemy." He released her arm.

Kagome took this chance to step away. Her gaze was torn between him and the water. She got mixed emotions about the water. In her gut she felt an overwhelming sense of evil, and yet at the same time the same sense of extreme holiness. Over all, as a mortal, she knew it wasn't something she should take lightly. To be honest, she knew she shouldn't be here.

"Look into the water…" he commanded her. Kagome frowned. There was no mistaking the underlying tone of anxiety. In all her time of knowing him, he never gave her that impression before. To witness that now, at that time, well it scared the hell out of her.

He pushed her forth, "Go."

Kagome had no choice now. She went forward, her questions over flowing in her mind. She stood at the bank, before the swirling waters. She took a deep breath and looked into the pond.

Inuyasha awoke from beneath a canopy of vines. He blinked several times to be sure he wasn't dreaming. He was covered in a thin layer of dew and from the looks of things been there for a while. Instantly he gripped the hilt of his sword- nervousness causing him to grip tighter.

Something was wrong. He wasn't supposed to be here. One minute he was making his way to Keade's village in search of his friends and the next thing he knew, he was here.

As he searched around he noticed many petite footprints and all too familiar scent. Hell, he was covered with it. Inuyasha touched his mouth when he discovered that he could even taste it.

He was disturbed by the thought.

But why?

The more his mind tried to make sense of his current predicament, the more the headache grew. It was such a wearisome battle that he grew dizzy. He laid back into the hard earth and closed his eyes. In the distance he heard the rustle of leaves being crushed under foot. The sound was familiar and didn't hint of danger. Against better judgement he fell into a deep slumber.

As Kikyo neared, Inuyasha was practically unconscious. She knelt beside him, her eyes soft as she looked down at him. She touched his face. With utmost tenderness she brushed his bangs aside. There on his forehead she placed a kiss.

"Together at last… This time I won't be denied." She whispered to him as one would to an endeared lover.

She reached behind her for her quiver of arrows and pulled out just one. With both hands she raised it far over head and stabbed it down hard.

To her astonishment the arrow seemed to shatter at the moment of impact. 'But why'? She questioned. Then there she spotted a flicker of gold just beneath the firerat robe. It shimmered there on his neck with a magical glow. Kikyo pushed the cloth down to see a gold chain and at the bottom dangled a heart shaped locket. Etched on it was the character for protection.

Kikyo grew angrier the longer she looked at it. Jealousy and envy radiated through out her being. The moment she tried to snatch it away, powerful jolts pulse through her as if she was struck by lightning. It was so strong that it actually threw her back.

"Why!" She screamed. "WHY WHY!" She pounded her fist into the dirt. For once her calm façade disappeared. This long held agony erupting at last but leaving her empty and feeling foolish.

"Even now that imposter lays claim on you!" Tears she wished she had didn't come in her moment of need. "Even now, Inuyasha, you still betray me…"

Frustrated she stood to leave. She didn't bother to look back at her former lover. It was too painful. To escape the pain she shut down and drifted away. Like a small stone descending into a bottomless lake. Deeper into darkness… alone and cold… an endless, pointless journey.

Sesshoumaru stood motionless as a sobbing Kagome ran past him. She ran desperately toward the exit. Whether it could have been by the horror of her vision or the unbearable truth that propelled her speed, Sesshoumaru didn't know but followed at her heels. Once they cross the barrier Kagome tripped and landed roughly to the ground. Her hand holding her over abused ankle. Her hair fell around her face hiding her anguished expression. Her body shook as she silently sobbed.

Like before, the enchanting scene beheld him. Almost drawn to her grief he knelt beside her. He went to touch her but she viciously slapped it away.

She said nothing but her eyes burned with fury, hatred and deep emotional turmoil. Her frantic running had left her hair in wild disarray. Small tendrils fell in her face making her appear more untamed and desperate.

It was such an alluring image.

He reached for her again. Kagome shrank from his touch both in disgust and fear. "Get… away… from… me…" She snarled in abhorrence.

She was doing it again to him. Stirring his blood, his desire…

The more she resisted the more he wanted her. In a white blur he was there, and then the next thing she knew he was towering over her. He leaned over her so much that Kagome had no choice but to fall back onto the soft ground. It didn't take much for him to restrain her hands above her head. By the time she found she couldn't escape she went into another bout of hysterical sobs.

He tilted his head to the side and very gently licked away her tears. He could tell she was expecting the worst. He slackens his grip on her wrist that he held over her head. With exceptional thoughtfulness he began to softly suck on the salty wet trail that made their way into her hair. They were slow and deliberate.

"Why do you enjoy my pain?" She questioned him. Even though what he was doing was on the contrary.

He pulled back so he could look her in the eyes. "This isn't about you." He reminded her.

At this admonishment Kagome erupted into mad laughter. It was filled with bitterness, fatigue and vague insanity. "Of course not. I'm just another pawn in your grand scheme of things. I'm your last resort in this torrid family affair."

He waited patiently. He could tell his calm was upsetting her more. Her eyes became dark with malicious intent and the curve of her pink lips turned vindictive.

"Inuyasha is and will always be better then you," She boasted. "For someone as powerful and smart as you, you still lost an arm to a un-trained hanyou with no knowledge of handling a sword." She grabbed the stump to emphasis her point.

Again he simply didn't respond.

"Inuyasha took down countless opponents and Naraku! You couldn't even do that!" She spat.

He looked down her for a long moment. He smiled then, unfazed.

"I'll forgive you of your ignorance." He admonished. His tone neither condescending nor angry. More or less like a teacher calmly correcting his pupil.

Kagome was enraged. "Fuck off you goddamn son of a bitch!"

This seemed to draw a smile to his face. He really was enjoying this. He drew his face closer to her, which made her uneasy. "You understand so little… but that's to be expected. Your not suppose to see the whole picture, as you said before, your just a pawn to be used."

"How dare you!" He could see new tears beginning to spill out. Deep down he hit a nerve.

"Be grateful I took you under my tutelage." He let his eyes drift close as he rubbed his nose against hers'. "Who else would want you? The hanyou Inuyasha that you beheld so high has abandoned you. All your beloved friends have forgotten you. I'm sure by now Inuyasha would have had plenty of time to assemble all these so called friends to come to your rescue. Where are they Kagome?" He asked her seriously.

"Where are they?" He asked again. All she could do was swallow as she nervously thought up an excuse. He cut her off before she began.

"I gave them the benefit of a doubt and stayed far too long in one place. If they were to come they would have done so already." On this matter he spoke truthfully and she knew it too.

"As for your beloved wolf leader," he let his perverse smile show thorough, "It goes without saying Kagome, you are far better off being my pawn."

Kagome blurted out before thinking, "He loves me!"

"Your naivete is astounding." His eyes became dark and foreboding. "Are you capable of killing Rin? Or any of your kind for that matter?" He asked suddenly.

Kagome was dumbstruck by the question. Her mind flashed back to Rin. How the little girl would sometimes rub her scars, as if the old bite wounds still hurt her. Seeing that in her mind, it scared her to the core.

"It will be expected of you."

Kagome looked off to the side unable to answer. She wanted to say that he was just the same in that regard. She wanted to ask him if he would expect the same thing from her. However, it became clear that anything she said he was going to twist it and throw it back at her. She turned to look back at him.

"Why?" She pleaded. "Why take someone like me into your keeping?" It was this question that kept popping up in her mind. Every time it did, it made her increasingly upset, angry almost. In her heart of hearts, everything depended on his answer. Before anything progressed she had to know.

"As you said before, you are my last resort…" He brushed his lips over hers. That very act might have put Kagome into a permanent state of shock if it weren't for the next thing he said. "…In more ways then you can imagine…" He admitted almost bitterly. He deepened the kiss. Kagome on the other hand neither protested nor got angry.

She was so overwhelmed that she let him caress her and kiss her all he wanted. He began to slowly lower himself unto her. His hand urgently stroked her upper thighs, inadvertently drawing up the fabric. Her body began to respond to the pleasurable sensations but her mind was far away. It was numbed beyond all reasoning. So she let herself slip into a comfortable cocoon and let her body do all the reacting. Sesshoumaru wasn't aware of any of this; he was too busy getting off. He continued with a fervor that shocked even him.

He pulled back so he could see the pleasure glittering in her eyes. He was completely stunned to see that her eyes were blank. There was no light of anger or fear, not even awareness. She blinked every so often but that was a normal bodily function. Her breathing evened out from its heightened state and the flush color quickly dissipated. For all facts and purposes, she was still alive but completely catatonic.

Sesshoumaru stiffly moved off her and sat to the side. He closed his eyes as he calmly breathed in and out. Both to calm his anger and the overwhelming lust. It was frustrating. He was unbearably hard and the need to finish what he started was burning him up inside. However, he wasn't going to stoop so low and just take the sex. Women had always thrown themselves at him and so will she.

He opened his eyes in shock. What was he thinking? Was he seriously considering bedding down with a human wench? That proposition had been haunting him for days now. And always he kept pushing it to the back of his mind. Right now, it had to be dealt with. He turned his focus to her.

She merely lay there with her eyes open but she didn't see anything. Her hair was spread out around her head in soft looking curls. She stilled held a youthful glow and ripeness that was begging to be caressed. His gazed settled on her swollen red lips. They glistened with his wet kisses. She was there but at the same time not. She had escaped him and that drove him crazy.

Her beauty was unique and quite rare. However it wasn't enough. He wanted her vivacious attitude, her idealistic reasoning, but most of all her defiance that made her a force to be reckoned with. Without any of that, what was the point?

He couldn't stand to look at her anymore. He sat in his customary thinking position. That consisted of him resting his arm on one propped up knee and him staring ahead with a slight scowl.

This wasn't the plan he thought. The plan was to get the Tetsusaiga, then trade insult and lastly but not least kill that damn Hanyou.

Fucking the human had no place in his scheme. Breaking her yes, but any further action was stupidity on his part. Also, didn't it also go against his tightly held belief that human bitches were nothing but trouble? Many a great demon had fallen because of them. It's as if humans infected Youkai with their emotions and unrealistic romanticism.

But more then anything, it bothered him the most to know that his father, so strong in might and mind had died because of one weak mortal. His father had no equal, so why? Why did he allow that woman to weaken his rationale? How could he be corrupted with pity for humans? Sesshoumaru had dreamed of one day defeating his father and taking his place in the world but instead his father died. He died protecting a consort and bastard child.

Sesshoumaru was filled with contempt that he was actually following down that same path. That's why more then ever he had to stick true to his self-imposed rule. Human bitches with off limits.

He made the mistake of glancing back at her. She looked so disturbingly beautiful, and frighteningly alluring. He could feel his resolve weakening. The longer he stared at her, the more his inner desire became despaired. It was disappointing in a way. The time that he spent with her, he had a pretty good -idea how she would be in bed. Like a real wildcat, she'd be insatiable and exciting. Her petite body will be writhing in pleasure with his. Her voice calling out in urgency. Not to mention how she will ride him like a…

Sesshoumaru growled in agitation. Damn his luck, he was hard again. It was beginning to become painful. This wasn't the time or situation to be aroused! He had to think of other things. With great difficulty, he thought of his highly regarded rule. For the life of him he couldn't think of one good reason why he shouldn't take her. It seemed his mind went completely blank.

There was a conspiracy brewing within his mind. The warning bells were going off but he didn't understand why. Then an idea hit him like a jolt. It was so profound that it actually caused him to rethink his rule.

Many Youkai frown on relationships with humans. However, many were guilty of pillowing with them. Some actually admit that it's better and easier to occasionally bed them. As many know, many female Youkai had a tendency to be violent and arrogant. It seemed raping and devouring humans were their only real purpose for a demon.

Also he had to consider that his father had a great fondness for all humans. And so, perhaps that was the root of his father's demise. Sesshoumaru still found all humans repulsive and annoying. If his father had only debauched with human wenches without falling in love maybe he would still be alive. Maybe the real weakness was letting emotions and hormones get the better of logical thinking.

He glanced at her, then away and back at her again. He had to make a conscious decision about what he was considering. Would bedding with her really be all that bad? Once again the silent conspirator words worked their way through his brain and he made a sad effort to ignore them.

Maybe, just maybe, seducing her would actually make her more docile and efficient in his quest to kill Inuyasha. Wouldn't his brother just hate it if he managed to get Kagome to crave only his touch? He could imagine how devastating it would be for his little brother. He smiled a wicked smile on that image.

Once that was decided he turned his full attention to her. He kissed Kagome's plump red lips with a silent promise of deviance later. As a last note, he added that it was a good thing in more ways then one. He wouldn't have to travel to the illustrious Youkai teahouses to sate his carnality. On these trips he often had to leave Rin alone and he never liked that absence. With skillful planning, Kagome would be near at hand and available to his wanton tendencies.

With one last kiss he picked her up. He was beaming with an immoral eagerness. She might have escaped him now but next time she wasn't going to be so lucky.

To be continued…

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