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Several years have passed since the opening of the gate leading to the surface. Humanity was once again able to step on its home soil to renew their lives once again. After living in the darkness of the underworld for so long, they are now up into the light.

But the battles continued...

As humankind returned to the surface, so did the corporations that reigned over them. Their battles continued and their wars were waged on the surface. Power was taken and grown along with their ambitions. But the corporations weren't the only things that came up to the surface. There was another faction as well.

The Ravens...

As corporations fought, Ravens were summoned to fight. With their battles now taking place on the surface, these mercenaries became as valuable as before, working for whomever they choose for whatever missions. Many fought for money and power. Some fought for the thrill of battle or personal vendettas. Few fought for honor and understanding. But whatever the reason, Ravens were once again a force to be reckoned with.

This is a story of a few of these mecha-piloting warriors...


AC testing area

Two machines stood within the enclosed area. One was colored in white and blue. It was mid-heavyweight in design, with its right arm equipped with arm missiles. Its left arm was equipped with a large energy blade, the famous Moonlight blade. On its back were extra boosters, capable of giving it increased speed. Its shoulders were also equipped with directional booster, which give it quick turns. The second one was a red and black. It was equipped with a machine gun on it right arm and a howitzer on it right. The legs were high-speed hover legs. On it back were a set of powerful vertical missile warheads. The two machines seemed to be glaring down at each other.

"Alright, Chaos. You ready?"

"Sure thing. Let's go."

Chaos suddenly zoomed off to the side and began firing round of bullets at the white AC. The white AC flew out and away from the fire, but made no move to attack itself. Chaos continued the fire, but his bullets weren't doing much.

"Come on. You have to use your locks better than that."

The pilot inside Chaos growled and sped toward the white AC this time, still shooting off rounds. The white AC continued to fly away, but a sheer of energy was growing on its back. Chaos recognized it immediately.

'He's going for overboost.'

The white AC shot toward him with lightning speed and Chaos turned his fire at him. A few shots hit him, but suddenly the AC flew up in the air, leaping right over Chaos. Chaos half-panicked and twisted around with more continual fire.

"Take your time." the pilot of the white AC commented.

Chaos didn't seem to listen as he fired a howitzer blast. The compact bomb exploded before the white AC and Chaos stood in front. 'Alright, I got him good.'

But that proved to be a fatal mistake as the white AC suddenly flew out of the flames with its blade ignited. Chaos tried to veer away, but it was too late.


"Arghhh! Damn!"

The blue-white blade had slashed Chaos across the upper core, damaging the generator. Chaos shot back, but was in no condition to fight now. The white AC saw this as well and set his blade down.

"That's enough for today."

The pilot of Chaos sighed, "I guess so.

The white AC moved toward him, "Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. It takes time."

"I don't think I'll be able to get it."

A grunt of disapproval was heard, "Not if you have that kind of attitude. Come on, Elijah. Let's head back."

The two ACs strode out of the testing area. The red machine Chaos, with its pilot, Elijah. The other, the white AC, Glaive who was one of the Ravens that made up the powerful Armored Core team known only as...

The Hands of God…