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I had the BEST idea while online today!! An inuyasha fanfic. . .where they're all CHIBIS! ^-^ I thought that'd be AWESOME!! So here it is: Chibi Inuyasha



Chibi Inuyasha grinned evilly and stuffed the cookie in his mouth. When Kagome's mother entered the room, hands on her hips, and looked at Inuyasha, he just smiled and said, his mouth still full of cookie,

"I dishn't shake shny cookshie!"

"Inuyasha," Kagome's mother (aka Mrs. H), "How many times have I told you not to take Kagome's cookies?"

"BUT I SHIDN"T SHAKE SHA SHOOKIES!" Inuyasha yelled, as cookie crumbs flew from his mouth.


Mrs. H sighed. "Inuyasha didn't throw up Kagome. . . "

"Yeah!" Inuyasha said. He had finally gotten rid of the cookie. . . but where. . . ?

"Inuyasha? What did you do with your cookies?" Mrs. H asked.

Inuyasha grinned and said: "I threw it away."

"Inuyasha. . where did you put the cookie?" She said again, slowly.

Inuyasha's grin grew even wider. "I gave cookie to kitty!!"

"BUUUUUYOOOOOO!" Kagome wailed.

"INUYASHA!" Mrs. H cried, as she went to retreive the chewed up pieces of cookie. She came back confused. "Inuyasha. Where EXACTLY did you put the cookie?"

Inuyasha started laughing.

"You didn't. . ."

Inuyasha laughed harder.

"INUYASHA!" Mrs. H ran off.

"Where did oo put da ookie, inooasha?" Kagome asked.

Inuyasha grinned and said, "Buyo's sandbox!"


"Okay, kids, guess who came to play?" Mrs. H said, smiling.

"Oo?" Kagome and Inuyasha asked at the same time.

"It's Sango and Miroku!"

"YAY! HI SANGO!" Kagome cried.

"Hewow Kagome," Sango said, smiling.

"Inooyasha?" Miroku asked. "What is you doing?"

"I am paying with the pay dough," Inuyasha said, as he smeared it on the wall.

Kagome gasped. "INUYASHA! THAT BAD! Oo are gonna get it twooooble!"

"Nuh uh Kagome!" Inuyasha said. "Cuz it's PWETTY. Your mommy will like it!"

"No she won't," Sango said. "It's UGLY."

"IS NOT!" Inuyasha yelled.

"IS TOOOOOOO!" Sango yelled back.

"Children, what's with the---INUYASHA!" Mrs. H cried, as she entered the room. "What did you do?!"

"I made pictuwe!" Inuyasha said proudly.

Mrs. H sighed. This was gonna be a loooong day.


"Snacktime, you guys," Mrs. H said, bringing in some crackers and juice.

"YAY! SNACKS!" Miroku cried, scarfing down everything on his plate. "Nummy. . "

"Meerookooo!" Sango said. "Save some for us!"

"Fine," Miroku sighed. "Hew."

He threw some crackers at Sango.

Sango started crying.

Kagome started crying.

Inuyasha hit Kagome with a blow-up hammer.

Kagome cried harder.

Inuyasha hit Kagome with a pillow.

Kagome cried even louder.

Exasperated, Inuyasha raised a jack-in-the box above Kagome's head. . .



"Thanks for watching Inuyasha for us," Inuyasha's mom said, gratefully. It was 4:00 and Inuyasha's parents were off of work.

"No problem," Mrs. H said. "He was an. . angel. . "

"Yes, thank you for taking care of Miroku."

"And Sango."

"No problem," Mrs. H said. "They were all wonderful and very well behaved!"

Three weeks later, after Mrs. H had started watching Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku every day, would she laugh histarically at what she had said that day.


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