Another Chance

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling (JKR), various publishers of the Harry Potter (HP) series. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: An accident in the Potions classroom turns Snape, McGonagall, and Dumbledore into 17 year olds. Flitwick, Sprout, and Hagrid are left to run Hogwarts.

Chapter 1 – Emergency (uploaded 11/7/03)

Colin Creevy came running up to Professor Dumbledore in the hallway. He was having a conversation with Professor Flitwick and Hagrid. "Professor Dumbledore," he gasped to catch his breath, "fight (panting) in potions."

Dumbledore rolled his eyes and told Hagrid, "Call Minerva to the potions classroom." The white haired wizard rushed toward the dungeons. "Filius, stay on standby," he called back.

When he got to the classroom, it was total pandemonium. There was a pile of bodies in the middle of the room. At the bottom of it all, Potter and Malfoy were at each other's throats. Not literally, their wands were out but controlled by their opponent's free hand. Dumbledore waved his wand, and layer by layer, students bodies flew unceremoniously into the hallway. Professor McGonagall arrived and ordered the other students out into the hallway, as well. "Nobody move! You are all on detention."

Dumbledore pulled Malfoy and Potter apart. They seethed as they glared at each other. Dumbledore looked around the classroom, "Where's Severus?"

Potter volunteered, "Someone else hit him with a petrification spell."

Malfoy huffed, "I think he fell down behind his desk."

Dumbledore ran to Snape's prone body and waved his wand. "Finite Incantatum!" Snape woke up stiff and groggy. Dumbledore chanted, "Ennervate!" The potions master, regaining his senses, instantly turned to anger, literally flying over his desk (Dumbledore stood in his way so he couldn't run around it) and lunged toward the two seventh year students. Dumbledore quickly followed the professor, trying to pull him back, holding him from behind and keeping control of the potion master's wand hand.

The snarling dark haired professor was thrown back toward his desk, with Dumbledore and McGonagall standing between himself and his students. Dumbledore walked forward, "Severus, please calm down. We still have the rest of your students to deal with. They're milling out in the hallway." Snape looked toward the door and saw a dozen eyes peering into the crack of the door. He nodded and took a deep breath.

Dumbledore turned toward the two potions students, pulling Malfoy to stand next to his Head of House. McGonagall had a firm grip on Harry Potter's shoulder. "Gentlemen, I would be very disappointed to have to expel both of you so close to graduation." Malfoy opened his mouth to protest, but quickly closed it upon receiving a not so gentle slap on his ear from Snape. "I will leave it to Professors McGonagall and Snape to sort out your punishments. If they recommend expulsion, I hardly have grounds to disagree, seeing that a professor was attacked. However," Dumbledore looked at the Hogwarts teachers, "if one is expelled, they are both expelled."

Dumbledore opened the door to look into the hallway. Hagrid had everything under control. Gryffindors were lined up along one wall, and Slytherins were lined up against the other. Everyone was quiet and awaiting their punishment, though dirty looks were being exchanged between the two houses. Dumbledore stepped out while conversation started in the potions classroom. "Gryffindors will have detention with Mr. Filch. You will be refinishing the tables and benches in the Great Hall this weekend. Dismissed." They turned filed up the stairs. "You lot will be collecting saplings in the Forest and replanting them for a conservancy project. Get up early Saturday morning, Hagrid will be supervising. Dismissed. Thank you Hagrid."

"Need any help in there, Perfesser?"

"I believe it's under control, Hagrid. Do call Filius and Pomona down here after their classes."

Dumbledore walked back into the classroom to check on progress. As he did, beams of light shot out of wands. It happened so fast, he couldn't tell which spell went where. One of the spells hit the side of a cauldron, causing its contents to boil over and explode into the air. Dumbledore took the biggest dose in his face and over the front of his robes. McGonagall, the next closest to the cauldron, and Snape instinctively shielded their students from the explosion and were splashed from behind. Dumbledore wiped his face with the cleanest part of his sleeve, "Oh, dear. My beard."

Snape and McGonagall slowly uncurled from their take-cover position over their charges. Potter and Malfoy stood there with their mouths hanging open, looking from one teacher to the other. Snape covered his mouth, his eyes clearly communicating his shock.

Before them a tall, thin young man, by his looks 17 or 18 years of age, stood where Dumbledore had been standing. He wore Dumbledore's robes and pointy hat, but his hair was auburn and only fell just past his shoulders. He had no beard. He took the reading glasses off the tip of his nose and held it up to the light. "Hmm, it seems these are of no use to me." Looking at Professor McGonagall, "Minerva, you should see yourself."

McGonagall also took the reading glasses off her face and tucked them into an inside pocket of her robes. "Albus, how old?"

"I would venture to say about as old as your graduation picture." They turned toward Snape, "Please remove your hand, Severus. We'd like a look."

Snape sneered but dropped his hand and his head. He didn't look that much different, but he was certainly 20 years younger, putting him at 16 or 17. The lines on his forehead, etched by years of sneering and scowling, were gone, as were the bags under his eyes. Dumbledore's eyes danced with amusement. "It seems we have a little dilemma." Out of curiosity, Snape peeled back the sleeve on his left arm and took a little peek. His expression remained unreadable, results unknown.

There was a knock on the door. Snape looked at Dumbledore, who nodded. "Enter," Snape said customarily curt. Professors Flitwick and Sprout dropped their jaws when they stepped into the classroom. Dumbledore asked, "Please close and lock the door."

Snape raised his already drawn wand and said, "Evanesco." That cleaned the mess around the work benches and chairs. Dumbledore waved his wand over himself, then Snape's back, then McGonagall's back to remove the potion remains from their robes. Dumbledore paced and tugged on his chin as everyone stood back and listened. "Filius, you will take over the duties of Headmaster until I have recovered. Pomona, you need to fill in as Deputy Headmaster. Classes will continue uninterrupted." McGonagall and Snape opened their mouths to protest but were stopped when Dumbledore raised his hand. He continued to pace. "However, you will change your format to a peer-lead discussion and help group. We only have a month left of classes and the children must prepare for their exams."

Dumbledore stopped and looked at the ceiling. "I will send an owl to the Ministry and request additional adult supervision. Mr. Potter and Mr. Malfoy, you will not disclose our present circumstance to anyone, is that understood? That goes for everyone else in this room." They all nodded. "Good," Dumbledore rubbed his hands together, "this second go round could be fun."

Snape shook his head, "NO, no, no, no. I am perfectly satistfied leave my first childhood well behind me."

McGonagall smiled, "Come on, Severus. It's temporary. How long can this last? A week? A month at the most?"

Dumbledore agreed, "I quite agree, Minerva. I think, though, in order to keep this from the rest of the school population, we will have to use different names. Minerva and I look quite different from what the students have come to know, but I think you will need to disguise yourself better, Severus."

Minerva grinned like a cheshire cat and took the headmaster's elbow in her own. "I agree, Albus. Don't you think a lighter, blonder look would look good on him? Perhaps a bit shorter." She tilted her head.

Now Snape started the pacing. "I think I'll see if this washes off. Then I'll get to work on the antidote straightaway."

Flitwick asked, "Don't you have any aging potion available? It's not like you to have students work on a potion without having an antidote handy."

Snape stopped, then craned his neck to look behind his desk. "Yes, well unfortunately it's ruined. It would take a month to grow the main ingredient to a useful potency."

"It's settled then," Dumbledore concluded. "I will go by, hmm, Percival Wulfric, I think."

McGonagall, still staring at Snape, said, "I haven't gone by Minnie in a very long time. Yes, I will use Minnie Stewart. Severus?"

Snape hissed, "My name issss Severussss."

Dumbledore chuckled, "Severussssss, if you don't choose a name for yourself, I will choose one for you, Slick."

Snape's face scrunched around his nose, "Don't call me Slick. I think, I think I'm partial to Alan. Yes, it's Alan."

"Very good. Professor Flitwick, erm Headmaster, if you would be so kind as to lighten and shorten Alan's hair?" Dumbledore said a bit too cheerfully.

"Oh, my pleasure, sir." Flitwick swished and flicked his wand several times before announcing his satisfaction. Snape sat back on his desk, closed his eyes, and crossed his arms, clearly unhappy. "Sev, I mean, Alan," Flitwick advised, "Do try and lighten your demeanor as well so you don't etch those nasty concentration lines on your forehead."

Malfoy couldn't contain himself, he busted out laughing, but stopped when Snape's long arm allowed an 'accidental' contact between his hand and the back of Malfoy's head. Potter had a huge smile and was stomping with silent laughter, behind McGonagall and Dumbledore, of course.

"Headmaster, please announce at lunch time that Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape have taken sick leave. I will select substitute teachers for Charms, Transfigurations, and Potions. Why don't the three of us ride to the Hospital wing on stretchers, just for show."

"Sir," Flitwick interrupted, "Charms?"

"Yes, Filius, I think you'll be busy enough with the Headmaster's duties. Alan, have you thought of a last name? And do you have anything else to wear?"

"Snape! I don't want another name, I don't want other clothes." the potions expert spat.

Malfoy offered, "You can use Malfoy. Come in as my cousin. I have an extensive wardrobe you can choose from, umm, Alan." Snape looked in pain, he grabbed his head, running his fingers through his straight, light brown hair, which now barely reached his collar.

"No, yes, no, arrrghh," Snape resumed pacing, "I don't know. I'll think about it over a hot bath. Excuse me."

"Not so fast, Alan," Dumbledore warned, "We still need to go to the Hospital wing via the Great Hall, where everyone is now having lunch. We'll lunch there and lay low for the rest of the day. Boys, help move our bodies to the Hospital wing."

Dumbledore configured three stretchers, which hovered in front of them, in mid air. "Be thankful, Severus, at least we're overage and fully qualified wizards. Our authority will remain in effect, at least in writing." They climbed on and covered their bodies and faces for the ride. Flitwick charmed the stretchers to follow him, as Malfoy, Potter, and Sprout accompanied the stretchers.