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Hilary was not an obsessive person, or at least she tried not to be, but there one thing, or rather one person she couldn't help being obsessive about. She'd first met Tyson in the eighth grade and the first impression she'd gotten of him was an obnoxious jerk so full of himself he scarcely had room for anything else. He was her least popular person in the entire world. In truth, Hilary was not being to wonder if she'd been jealous. Tyson had an army of friends as his disposal, hanging around him like some flock of sheep because he won some silly Beyblading tournament thing. She on the other hand scarcely had any. She just didn't think it was fair.

Maybe she had been a little hard on him for something that really wasn't his fault.

She watched him and Kai battle each other from across room, Dragoon and Dranzer smashing into each other, sparks of blue and red encircling their beyblades. Scratch marks coating the floor. They'd been in practise for an hour now, preparing themselves for the final battle with Ozuma and the Saint Shields.

Rei and Max watched them from the side lines, noting every move, attack, defensive action and mistake they made. Kenny had his lap top out, recording the battle for analysis later. If it hadn't been for Tyson, she'd have never had met these guys, would never had become their friend. She owed him big time for that, even though she would never say it out load.

Tyson had been so irritating, the way he laughed, the way he slept in late all the time, the way he never took anything too seriously, the way he kept turning up late for class with that goofy smile. That innocent child like smile that kept making her feel warm. She sighed, putting her shoes back on and slipping out the door without them noticing. Her recent revelations were not letting her think straight. She needed to get some air before siding on any kind of action. Why on Earth had he got to be so cute?

Tyson Grandfather was in the garden since the boys were using the gym to practise. The infamous kendo stick in his grip, used to smack Tyson on the head with if he wasn't looking.

Just another fun person she'd never had met if Tyson hadn't opened up his dangerous, but exciting world to her.

"Hilary?" Some one asked from the gate. The brown haired girl looked up to see another of Tyson's coming in. Dressed in canvas yellow shorts and an Hawaiian pink shirt. Long neon blue hair and fait emerald green eyes. A Beyblade launcher tied to his belt.

"Hey Zeo." She said with half a sigh. The Beyblade Trainee blinked in surprise at her flat tone.

"You ok?" He asked, trying to get a glimpse of her eyes since she was hanging her head.

"Just peachy," She replied in the same tone of voice and marched past him and out the gate. Zeo was left staring after her with a surprised look on his face, scratching the side of his cheek with one finger in puzzlement.

"Go Dragoon!" Tyson yelled and the Bit beast emerged in a blast of neon blue lights, screaming fury as he lunged toward the Red Dranzer as Zeo came in after taking his shoes off. Kai smiled evilly, his fingers tightening around his launcher.

"I don't think so, Counter attack Dranzer!" Kai's Beyblade swerved to avoid the blow, then came around the back of his opponent and smashed it's attack right into it. Dragoon wobbled slightly, but recovered and was ready in time to meet Kai's own bit beast as it emerged, wings of flame fanning out in a spectacular blaze.

"Your being too aggressive Tyson, your sacrificing recovery time." Was Rei's advice from the sidelines. Tyson nodded, focusing a compensation into his bit beast. Dranzer and Dragoon collided again, pitting their strengths against each other. Finally, they both gaze and both Beyblades went flying back to the hands of their owners. Tyson smiled.

"Good match Kai." As usual, Kai had nothing to say to that and resumed his almost meditative state, sitting cross legged against the wall to await his next match. Tyson groaned loudly and turned to meet his new guest. "Hey Zeo, what's new?"

"Not much." The younger Beyblade replied with a grin. "Hey, did you do something to upset Hilary again? She looked rather upset when I passed her a moment ago." Tyson looked a little taken back, to be perfectly honest, he'd been so caught up in the battle he hadn't noticed she'd left.

"Not that I know of." Tyson said absently. "Did you guys notice her go?" He asked the others.

"Sorry Tyson, no." Kenny replied for them all, looking up from his data. Tyson groaned, putting both hands behind his head.

"How upset was she?" He asked, giving Zeo a sideways glance.

"On the verge of "Cry me a river" upset." Tyson ringed. He liked to tease Hilary now and then, but he didn't like it when she got that upset. There was just something he hated seeing. Rei and Max would probably tease him for a life tie if they knew, but Tyson loved seeing Hilary's smile. Apart from Beyblading, it was the one thing that made him feel content. When he realised what that implied, he tried to get some advise. His dad was on another dig and unavailable, his grandfather's dialogue was so full of what he considered, "Hip talk" he couldn't understand a word. Kai… well let's forget Kai. The very idea coming out and actually talking to Hilary about it made his stomach fill with butterflies.

"I'll go see what's got her so upset." He announced, turning his cap around to his spikes of navy blue hair could lance out. "Think you guys can manage without me?" Kai chuckled slightly.

"Who needs you at all?" Tyson decided to ignore the remark and headed out to leave the others to their training. Slipping into his shows, he wondered briefly how he was going to find her? The answer came before his mind even finished asking the question. It was the one place Tyson knew of where Hilary went to clear her head and get some air.

Ozuma stood on the top of some buildings, the light sea breeze in his face, his arms folded and eyes closed. Having completed his physical training, he was deep in concentration, preparing his mind for the battle to come, and to eliminate the nagging feeling of guilt he kept getting at the bottom of his stomach. He knew it was his duty to seal the four ancient Bit beasts into the rock, to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and becoming a weapon of destruction. But even so, he didn't feel too proud of himself. He was stealing a Bit beast, so how did that make him any different from Team Psykick? Sure he was doing in for a noble cause, but that didn't make it right. Why was he having second thoughts now? When soon their mission would be complete?

He opened his eyes, narrowing them against the setting sun. It wouldn't be long now before the Saint Shields and the Blade Breakers confronted each other and he had every intention of winning that battle, despite his personal feelings. He would not neglect his duty.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ozuma noticed a familiar streak of brown down on the streets below. It was that girl, what was her name, the one that always hung around Tyson. With short brown hair and soft pale skin and red brown eyes. Wearing a light pink top and white skirt. Hillary, that was it. Ozuma wondered briefly what she was doing around her in this part of town, before forgetting it and going back to his meditation.

In his mind flashed vivid memories. The time we was handed his Beyblade to accomplish their assigned mission, the time when he first duelled Tyson under the name Mr.X, the time Dragoon defeated Cyber Dragoon and evolved into Dragoon V2.

A few minutes later, another familiar shape blurred below him. Looking down, to his unique surprise Ozuma saw Tyson. The long, blue haired youth who wielded the power of Dragoon. By the looks of it, he was going down the same path as Hilary. What luck, he wasn't with the others. If he struck now, Ozuma could catch Tyson off guard and easily over power him, taking Dragoon. A crude smile crossed his face, this could be the opportunity he had been waiting for.

To be concluded

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