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"What are doing now?"

"Talking…I think."

"Why are we whispering, they can't hear us from here" Rei leaned out from beind the side of a stone pillar that held the bridge over the river up to get a better look at the couple standing together on the far side. A few moments later, Zeo, Max and Kenny looked past him, trying to give themselves a better view. Their friend, whom they'd been following half the after noon.

"I think she kissed him on the cheek!" Kenny said with a hint of fear in his voice. They all looked at each other, and shuddered.

"And the plot thickens." Zeo muttered with a forged British accent.

"There they go." Max stated, watching the two of them walk together over toward the entertainment arena, the entrance labelled by a large banner over the entrance which said…Lover's special.

"This is too weird." Rei muttered. "It's like something out of the twilight or something."

"Just what do you guys think your doing?" Asked a sharp voice. They all stood up straight, arms pined to their sides of surprise. It was Kai standing behind them, his arms crossed and an angry look on his face.

"Er..Kai." They all said at once.

"We're supposed to be practising." He added before they could say anything else to interrupt him. "Or perhaps you like Tyson's grandpa to coach you guys instead of me?"

"Anything but that!" Max exclaimed loudly, face horror stricken.

"Good." Kai muttered with a satisfied look.

"Excuse me." A small voice said from behind him. Kai looked down, it was small boy probably only about four or five. His voice was slurred since he had his thumb in his mouth. "Aren't you Kai from the Blade Breakers?" He asked.

"I'd sign an autograph, but I'm kind of busy right." Kai said quickly, fans were the one part of fame Kai didn't really appreciate. Tyson was the one who liked all the attention, not him.

He turned back, only to find that they'd all disappeared. "DAMMIT!"


The sun was setting on the streets of Rome as the two member of Europe's best Beyblading team started to make their way back to the hotel.

"I'm surprised your not on line with the ladies Oliver." Enrique, a member of the Majstics Beyblading team said to his friend after he bid goodbye to more two girls Enrique had lured to his side with his charismatic charm. Oliver pressed his lips together, making a face.

"They all think I'm gay." He admitted with an angry sigh, brushing a few strands of green hair out of his eye. "Tell me, is it the green hair or the unicorn Bit beast?" Enrique blinked in confusion, his blue eyes staring up at the setting sun thoughtfully. The busy streets of Rome ran around them as twilight heralded the coming of night.

"Probably a bit of both." He said eventually with a grin. Oliver gave him an angry sideways glance. "I'm sure if you hang out with me a little more, the girls will be all over you." He added, putting his hands on his hinds, a large grin over his face. Oliver was about to lecture him about full of himself he was being when he realised he'd just be encouraging his arrogance even further so he let it drop.

While the two of them walked down the streets, interweaving through the crowds, a group of sinister figures, partially hidden in shadows watched from the rooftops of a nearby building.

"Two of them eh? I was hoping to take out the entire majestic team at once."

"Beggars can't be choosers Captain Saddler. We'll take care of Robert and Johnny later."

"Right, I'll let you and the boys take these two. I still have business in Japan, I'll meet up with you at Voltaire's celebration box social."

"Aye captain."


The sun had gone down behind the buildings by now, casting long shadows over the streets. Oliver and Enrique had turned into a deserted street which they'd hoped would be a short cut back to the train station. If they were late for training, Robert would probably have their heads.

Enrique was about to quote another one of his fine ventures in the field of romance for the seventh time, when without warning, two large men seemed to leap out of no where. It was almost as if they'd dropped out of the sky.

One of them was larger and muscular with an unshaven chin, a pair of squinting red eyes peering at the two stunned beybladers with evil intent. The other was dark skinned and skinny, armed with a pair of glowing red daggers, his eyes were green but filled with the same evil as his companion. Both of them were dressed in military type combat uniforms, with green pants and shirt, a pair of leather boots and, a little out of place, a pair of bracers on the side of their forearms.

The large one, without saying a word, turned on Enrique, drawing from a hidden pocket in his clothes, a cutlass sword.

Enrique dodged backward to avoid the swing. Years of perfecting his Beyblade technique had left him agile and able to move faster than most people. The blade of a cutlass sword slammed directly into the street before him, then wretched itself free as it's wielder angrily turned around, throwing a punch with his free hand in Enrique's direction.

The Italian Beyblade was caught directly in the face, the blow rendering him completely unconscious.

"Pathetic." He snarled, placing the sword back into his' scabbard. He looked over the Beyblader for a moment, before kicking him in the side, pushing him onto his front. As he did so, Enrique's Beyblade fell out of his pocket. Noticing it, his assailant bent down and picked it up.

The man looked strangely at the Beyblade for a moment, examining it, and then he caught sight of the Bit directly in the centre. He smiled, and then without hesitating wrenched the Beyblade apart. Pieces of metal, plastic and the remains of the attack ring. He continued until only the Bit was left in his hand, then he reached into his jacket and withdrew a straw metallic device, about the size of his palm. It was flat with a red screen and a few buttons on the left hand side. Gently, he pressed the Bit against the screen, the illustration of Enrique's bit beast face down. Almost immediately the device started up, a thin glowing red line surrounding the small pieces of metal. Within moments, it died down and the machine spoke with a monotone voice.

"All Bit beast Data…Successfully copied."

"Right then." He laughed, picking up the Bit roughly and tossing in Enrique's general direction. He gestured over toward his companion, who seemed to have lost sight of Oliver and was not happy about it. "Come on, we got what we came for it."

"I can't find the little Green haired runt." His smaller companion grunted.

"So what, just one's enough of us to earn that pay check."

"No one has ever gotten away from me before." He snarled, spittle forming at the edges of his mouth. His partner simply brushed past him.

"Oh yeah, and before I forget." He reached into his jacket pocket and produced a small note inside an envelope. Without another word he tossed it next to the unconscious Beyblader. It was a simple envelope, with the words, with love from Voltaire written on it.


"Ozuma, I'm tired." Dunga complained loudly, leaning back against the side of wall. Kevin and the Saint Shields leader were watching the Blade Breakers approach a couple from the other side of the river. "Miriam was right, you are obsessed." Ozuma snapped back, murder in his eyes. Dunga gained a large sweat drop. "Forget I said that."


Rei stuck his head out from behind a pillar holding up the opposite side of the bridge.

"Hey, where'd they go?" He asked, suddenly. They all looked out from behind him and indeed the couple had disappeared. There was a cough from behind them and they all jumped.

"Mind explaining this?" Tyson asked. He had Hilary had realized that they were being followed a few hours back and had been working around to catch them out.

"Ok Tyson, what's going on here?" Rei asked, gaining some courage. Tyson and Hilary simultaneously blinked.

"Well, er…" Tyson gave Hilary a side glance. She had the same unsure look in her eyes as he had in his. "Oh what the hell?" They both asked at the same time. Kai stopped to catch his breath, before he jogged up to meet them.

"Ditch me will you?" He asked, smacking them all one by one other the head.

"Well, you see. Hilary and I…" Tyson began, blushing.

"Are..well…you know." There was sudden silence amongst the blade breakers, and then suddenly all but Tyson and Kai started to burst out laughing.

Hilary stared at them defiantly. It took several minutes for them to regain control of themselves. She leant forward, eyes narrowed as she stared at them all evilly.

"Oh it's like that is it?!" With that, she whipped around and drew Tyson into a passionate kiss. Tyson's eyes shot wide open as it's intensity.

"I don't believe it." Rei said in an awed whisper, his Beyblade slipping from his fingers. Max didn't say anything, he simply stood there eyes wide and mouth shut. Kenny was sitting perfectly still, his mouth open in astonishment, his fingers frozen above the key's of his laptop. Zeo was frozen to the spot for a few moments before he sank into a sitting position. All of them had massive sweat drops. Kai tilted his head forward, his smile growing larger, chuckling evilly. Finally Hillary separated from Tyson, leaving him a peck on the cheek as a parting gift.

His eyes were diluted and he was drooling, emitting strange child like laughter. He lost his balance as fell over, landing on his back. He had a deliriously happy look on his face, anime like swirls in his eyes.

"What do you guys have to say now?" She asked, with an evil smile on her face. Zeo tired to state something but what he was trying to say turned into incoherent babbling. Max, Rei and Kenny were completely rigid, frozen to the spot like statues. "Good." She added, her smile improving. "Come on Tyson, there's a great view of the sunset from the bridge."

"Sure…" He said absently, stumbling to his feet and following her. They could almost see hearts floating up like bubbles.

"What the hell just happened?" Zeo asked after a few moments of confused silence.

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