Title: Happy Trails To You . . .

Author: J. Maria

Disclaimer: I own nothing of any HP or BtVS. .but I do own the Jane family, any schools besides Hogwarts, and all characters you haven't heard of before.

Rating: R (for violence and language)

Happy Trails To You. . . .

Chapter One: To Tell the Tale. . . .

Marina Jane never thought she'd make it out of school alive. Literally of course. Marina had attended Fitzhugh's School of Magical Elements since she was five, given her wand at ten, and graduating at eighteen. That was four short months ago.

Jane descendants had attended Fitzhugh's since Abarella Jane had helped found it nearly seven hundred fifty-eight years ago. Her ancestors had been there forever. Her sisters had gone there with her . . . until this year.

Father had reported the dire circumstances that ended the schools lucrative career in the training of the magically inclined. Thus resulted in the permanent closing of Fitzhugh's SME. That happened when the school was destroyed by a magical blast that destroyed the school, killed the principal and several faculty members.

But Marina had graduated . . . unlike her seven sisters, who'd have to go abroad for the rest of their schooling. They got to go to England. Marina, however, got to go to a magical college. In Burkesville, Ohio. To find the slayer. Her cousin. And to save the world from evil forces . . . again.

Well, she didn't begrudge Jillian anything at all. Because Marina might be up against vampires, demons, and a whole slew of evil things, but Jillian had to deal with their six younger sisters. She smiled to herself. Sometimes, life could be good

* * * * *

Life could be an evil bitch. The plane ride was unbearable, but Dad wouldn't let them use magic to get there. No, they had to use 'normal' means to get there. Dad, Edgar Happenstance, was a non-magic man, and Mom, the Moira Jane of the legendary Jane family, was the most powerful sorcereress on the entire Eastern Sea Board and Midwest. And yet, she still allowed herself to be bullied into doing things the 'normal' way. And Jillian hated it.

Her youngest sisters, Whitney and Britany were jumping around in their seats. Eleven-year-old nightmares, she thought bitterly. Dorothy was no help, flirting with the copper haired boy behind them. Twelve year old vixen. Kathleen had her nose stuck in a book, like usual. Fourteen year old recluse. And Ann-Marie - Ann-Marie was passed out. Sixteen year old sweetheart.

She shouldn't complain. Marina got the easier of the two tasks. Still, she wanted to see her cousins more than England.

This was supposed to be her year. Her final year at Fitzhugh's. But NO. The school had to self-destruct. And now she was forced to go off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

And Marina was off to see the slayer.