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Spoilers: Jackpot



"Is this my office?" Grissom stood in the doorway, looking rather startled.

Catherine smirked. "I could mess it up again, if you'd like."

"No...no...this is nice." He slowly stepped into the room, looking around as if this was his first time inside.

"You know, it was amazing. Underneath all that paperwork, you actually had a desk!"


"Yeah, nice, isn't it?"

Grissom chuckled.

"So you get your kit back?"

"Mmhmm." He held it up for her to see. "In one piece."

"That's good. Don't know what you'd do without your kit."

"I did ok, actually."


"Yeah, but I'm not sure what I'd do without you." He ran his hand over his desk. "Are you sure this is my desk?"

"Don't think flattery will do you good, Grissom. You still owe me big time."

"I know." He paused. "Do you keep secrets, Catherine?"


"Secrets." He repeated.

"Of course I do. A girl has to have her secrets."

"Hmm. You ever going to tell them to me?"

She smiled, getting up from his chair. "We'll see."

"Where you going?"

"Why? You got more paperwork you don't wanna do?"

He smiled sheepishly. "No. I was thinking about dinner."

"Dinner sounds good."

"Then it's set. Shall we?" He followed her out the door. "So you miss me much?"

She turned around to look at him with a surprised look. After a shake of her head, she laughed. "Probably not as much as you missed me."

He smiled. "Well you know how much I hate it when we're apart, my dear."