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Summary - The daughter of an important family is spending the holiday with her cousins, when a young boy is discovered washed up on the beach. After this her life will never be the same again. She has met with Jack Sparrow. Years later she will meet with him again, but in very different circumstances. . .


The guards are leering at me through the bars. It's clear what they're after. If only they knew who I was, who I used to be, they wouldn't dare. But then again, if they knew who I was, I wouldn't be stuck in this dirty grimy cell.

I'm going to die soon, death by hanging, don't sound so bad. I mean five minutes right, five minutes and it's all over. Judging by the dull sun that it as this moment pouring into my even duller cage, I have but two hours. Two hours left on this earth. Two hours to realise where I went wrong.

That's why I have decided to write it down, get it off my chest, like when bad people confess their sins to the bishop, and he pardons them in the name of God. I, too, want to be pardoned.

It's hard to know where to start such a long complicated story. I mean does it start when my parents first told me we were moving to the Caribbean, or when I watched my home taken by flame and my parents with it. No even earlier then that, when I first found Jack Sparrow, a young helpless boy, washed up on the shores.

Words conjure an image in a child's mind. I often listened to the visitors tales, back in England, of the rogues that plagued our seas, stealing booty that was not theirs, taking the innocence of women, and basically upsetting the entire justice system. But I got none of that, my first picture of pirates, were of gallant heroes, Robin Hood type figures, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, it did not matter that the poor was actually themselves.

But wait I do not have time to linger from the point, the sun is rising, and I have not long to live, not long to relate my tale before I too set out to meet my maker.

The guards are still there, watching every move I make. If only they knew who I was, they would tremble with fear. There is still time, I could still take up my old identity and be spared. But if I did that, all that I am, all that I stand for would be dead already. No I will die, unrecognisable with the dirt and grime of my life plastered across my once pretty face. I will die under the name Sparrow gave to me, and I will embrace my death with open arms.

I think it was a dying beggar who said this to my mother once, as we flaunted across the street in our fancy frocks. "It is not how you live, but how you die that counts."

My family, the height of nobility, lived with such standing in England, that people ran from my father's steps in fear. The same occurred in the over run town of Port Royal. My father was feared, he had such power, the power to help people, he could have achieved greatness, instead he used to crush his people, and destroy their lives.

If I reclaim the family I once turned from, I would receive a merciful beheading, or even a pardon. But as a common girl with no birth or fortune, or name, I must die without question. I am no longer part of a noble family, and in my opinion never had been. I mean what is it to be noble? It is not a birthright, something you are born into. It is something you achieve. And if I was asked, who, in my opinion, was the most noble person I had ever met? It would be Jack, Jack all the way.

But before I die, I have one last thing to do. This is my story, how I escaped my 'family', how I met up with Jack, how together we were free, and now how alone I shall die. This is my story, that I am writing in this grimy, forbidding cage with the hefty guards watching every flicker of my pen. A waste of ink they say. They wouldn't say that if they knew who I was.

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