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And so ends the account of my journeying with the infamous Jack Sparrow. Looking back over it all has certainly helped straighten it out in my mind, in more respects then one. It seemed to start from the moment I found that poor defenceless boy washed up on the beach. Since that moment Jack's fate and mine have been so intricately intertwined together, it would be impossible to pick it apart now. And then there is Roberto, after all, he too was there on the day I found Jack. And the discovery ruled his life as well as ours.

I sit and wonder, as the noise of those terrifying drums gets louder, where Roberto and Bobbie are. Poor Bobbie, may he understand yet that his mother loved him, and she would have left him for no other then Jack Sparrow. It is my only regret, leaving Bobbie.

It was fate that drew me to the soft, sandy beach that morning, and although it killed my parents, it was worth it. For I could not imagine living my life any different to how I have already lived it. Living without Jack, it is a prospect I almost dare not write. It's strange really, but whilst I was living it, it didn't seem so good. Jack's company has never been so desirous, so good, as when I am not with him.

And now here I am, with only minutes left before they come and take me away. Did I make the right choice? Choosing to die, rather then live without Jack. Because that's what stood at the base of my decision, one of us was going to be hung. I don't expect to see Jack waiting for me in the crowd, whether to watch me die or attempt a rescue. Nor do I expect to see Roberto or little Bobbie.

The guards would not leer at me, touch me in such a way if they knew who I was. If I told them about my marriage to the powerful Commodore Harping, they were not dare to come near me. But to accept that part of my past, would be to deny who I truly am. If I told them the truth, I might get off with a merciful beheading, or even claims that I didn't act on my own free will. But if I did that, all that I am would be dead already.

The navy officers have come to relieve the guards of their duty, one smirks at me as he waves goodbye. The key is turning in the lock, I have but seconds left, before I am dragged up to be hung in front of vicious, blood thirsty crowd.

I am glad I got to revisit my life, just one last time before I am to die. I shall hold my head up high, just like Jack told me to. I shall not cower or break down, begging for mercy, begging for my life. Who would want to live as a prisoner, when they have felt the freedom rippling through every inch of their body? Not I.

I shall bundle the papers together, and hide them behind a loose stone, in the hope that the next fretful prisoner will take some hope from these pages. Love can be found in the simplest of places. It does not have to be the wealthy halls of a commodore, or the gardens of an English mansion, it can be the hold of the lowliest vessel, with a man who has nothing but himself to give.

I am pulled roughly from the ground, but as I am Thomas stands up and snatches my hand.

"Thomas?" I exclaim.

"He's forgiven you Dora." He whispers, staring intently into my eyes. "He's waiting for you…" He says, softly, and slips me a knife through the bars. I stare at the knife before quickly concealing it in my clothes.

"Wait for Jack's signal." Thomas smiles at my amazement.

I have lost my breath, I can't think properly. Jack has forgiven me…Jack is waiting for me…and at last my eyes begin to water, but not with fear or sadness, as I had expected. Jack is waiting…I have had two seconds to adjust to this new turn of events. I was prepared to die, but there is now a chance that I might not…

"Thomas…" I can barely speak.

"And my name's not Thomas. It's Will Turner…"

Dora's Journal was discovered almost two hundred years later, when the old prison was being renovated for tourist purposes. Amazingly, it was hidden so well that it had remained perfectly dry and readable in that damp cell for over a hundred and fifty years. Curiosity spurred the historians on, and they started to delve through the history records of the Caribbean town.

However, they could find no records of Dora Sanchez's hanging, nor of her trial, or the final verdict. They, therefore, reached the conclusion based on the journal, that Dora escaped, and the navy deleted the files through sheer embarrassment. Further evidence to support this theory is the knowledge, that shortly after her hanging, Jack Sparrow resurfaced with a fearsome new partner, and the two were the most feared pirates of the century. Whether this new woman was in fact Dora cannot be proven, though it is largely accepted by the historians.